1 Eulis Enochian SCRYING THE AETHYRS By JoAnne Baker, James Baker and AHG Methodology of t

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1 Eulis Enochian SCRYING THE AETHYRS By JoAnne Baker, James Baker and AHG Methodology of the scrying sessions Eulis Lodge in Atlanta, though it has experimented over the years with various forms of high magick, has pretty much avoided Enochian work in the past. In the Spring of 1990 e.v. I began to think about performing a series of Enochian Workings. At the time I held with the conventional wisdom that Enochian Magick was among the more dangerous schools of high ceremonial workings, certainly not for amateurs, and I embarked upon a year of meticulous research into the lore and literature of Enochiana. During this period Lisa Greenfield began the considerable effort to create a set of working Enochian magical tools. As a set of Watchtowers, Holy Table, Sigillum Dei Aemeth, etc. began to take shape, I was still thinking in terms of something analogous to the Tree of Life path and sphere workings, and the Thelemic chakra workings Eulis participants had done in the past. By the time I got around to conducting a preliminary workshop in the Fall of 1991 e.v., Eulis had inaugurated a new Temple and work space located in the Inman Park section of Atlanta. I shall leave to others to describe the somewhat iconoclastic two part workshop and the workings themselves, but even at that late date I had deliberately kept the format somewhat open-ended. What I proposed to do was to utilize a number of A.A. standard rituals (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Lesser Invoking Hexagram, Star Ruby, Mark of the Beast Ritual in a smooth flow) as a “pre-opening” to place the workings in a Thelemic Context, followed by an opening of the Vault of the Adepts as given by Aleister Crowley in Liber LXXXIX VEL CHANOKH; followed by giving the appropriate Call or Calls. As to the latter, I had studied both the written and recorded intonations of both Aleister Crowley and Israel Regardie still surviving, as well as utilizing my own intuition. After making sure that all present were provided with a protective talisman, my initial concern was to invoke the protection and guidance of the Four Great Holy Beings from the Linea Spiritus Sancti. Thereafter, the workings took on a life of their own, with several talented scryers coming forward from those attending. Each Wednesday, following the opening described, I approached the “principle scryer” seated in the East facing the shew stone (variously, a quartz crystal, a lead crystal or a lead crystal pyramid) and, making a cross over their Ajna Chakra, and utilizing a “laying on of hands” technique often associated with healing, I turned matters over to them. With the exception of one occasion early on in which Soror Jael acted as scryer, all of our scryers had limited knowledge of Enochian magick, and were either not initiates at all ( Chris and Gregory ) or, in the case of Frater Alex, Soror JoAnne and Soror Jana, initiates of modest degree. Yet the number of striking correspondences to classical Enochian scryings, including those documented in THE VISION AND THE VOICE, prompted me to read the appropriate section of the latter after many of the 30 sessions which followed. It should be pointed out that throughout the many months I continued to invite newcomers. We did have a core of `regulars’ but a number of people came and went throughout the long course of the workings. After discussing the matter with the Lodge Tyler, Frater James, we agreed to perform an exorcism at the end of each session, regardless of the reputed “benign” or “malevolent” nature of a given aeyther. Thus, all sessions conformed rather strictly to the protocols of classical ceremonial magick. AHG How I spent my Enochian vacation By James Mitchell Baker When Eulis Lodge began its 30 week sojourn into the Enochian Aires no one involved knew what to expect. Though none of us wished to trivialize the dangers, always implicit in the system, we also had other worries: What if we were in over our heads and had to stop after only a few weeks? Or, worse yet, what if we got no Results at all? We need not have worried. During the intense 30 week experiment we never failed to get Results. We found that not only did the scryer undergo a unique experience, but so, often, did the spectators. In the early Aethyrs the scryer would visit the plane in question while some onlookers reported strange phenomena from within the temple itself. One first time visitor (who would later become one of our most prolific scryers) complained, after the 30th Aethyr, that he experienced nothing. Only later in the evening did he comment, “By the way, did anyone else notice the bearded man in a cloak walking around the room?” Several people did notice him. It was our custom to place the Watchtower Tablets on the Holy Table in their proper quarter. After some experimentation we discovered that removing them before the Call of the Aethyr not only helped the scryer “arrive” at his or her destination, but minimized such in temple phenomena. Not that such occurrences disappeared altogether. Onlookers routinely reported seeing the scryer physically transform, or occasionally vanish entirely. Physical occurrences were also common. One evening only moments after giving the License to Depart the entire neighborhood experienced a blackout. Scryers, and some nonscryers, reported odd synchronicities in their lives, revolving around particular sessions. A word of explanation before we proceed. While we did some very good magick here, we were very poor scientists. The job of scribe was rotated on a volunteer basis; and so, many of our notes on the early Aethyrs are sketchy, vague, and in some cases unreadable. Luckily, though late in the game, someone donated a tape recorder, and the last 10 workings are preserved forever. That being said, it’s clear that a detailed recounting of the series is impossible. Instead I will be giving some highlights based on the memories of both scryers and observers. Our scryers were chosen on a volunteer basis, with special consideration for anyone who felt “called”. With a single exception each person who tried quickly got “hooked” and within a very few weeks we had a core of four very capable and talented scryers. After each session we always read from Schueler’s brief summary as well as Crowley’s experience in The Vision and the Voice. With few exceptions the number of similarities outweighed the differences. It should be noted that while all the scryers were practicing Magicians of varying degrees of experience, none had any background in Enochian Magick, and none had read The Vision and the Voice. One point of concern was the much-dreaded 10th Aethyr. The potential dangers of this Aethyr are well known. However, just as the opening of the ritual was completed, the sword fell from the altar onto the Watchtower of Water. Taking it as a sign, that Tablet was left in place and Jana, our scryer, was able to use it as an anchor, preventing her from going beyond the Rim of the Abyss. All of our scryers felt that they had been through an ongoing initiatory experience, in which they were more than visitors, but key participants. For instance, JoAnne, another scryer, had tea with Choronzon (12th Aethyr), made love with Our Lady Babalon (7thAethyr), and received her magical name (2nd Aethyr). Both male scryers, Chris and Gregory, experienced Orpheus-like dismemberment/resurrection. As an interesting aside, all of the scryers reported encounters with the Egyptian Goddess Maat, though only one called her by that name during the session. We performed two experiments towards the end of our journeys. The first involved an inexperience scryer, Alex, attempting the 5th Aethyr with the more experienced Joanne acting as a guide. Not only was Alex able to penetrate that deeply into the “spiritual plane” with no previous experience, but he and JoAnne were able to share the experience and interact within the Aethyr. Our final experiment involved 4 scryers - Jana, Chris, JoAnne and Alex, Gregory being absent - traveling together in the 1st Aethyr. Again the companions were able to share the experience; seeing, touching and hearing identical visions. More than that, as the session progressed the 4 eventually established a group mind - perfect unity. When they reestablished their individuality each discovered they could shape & mold the primal matter of the 1st Aire to their Will. On returning, the three most experienced scryers described it as a “graduation” of sorts. If this is the case, then hopefully it will be a commencement toward further exploration of this fascinating system. JMB


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