LAShTAL A Journal of Thelemic Magick in Theory and Practice Official Organ of Eulis Lodge,

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LAShTAL A Journal of Thelemic Magick in Theory and Practice Official Organ of Eulis Lodge, OTO VOLUME FOUR, NUMBER ONE - SUMMER, 1992 e.v. IV e.n. Contents copyright (c) 1992 by the OTO. All rights reserved. MAGICK IN THEORY, MAGICK IN PRACTICE Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Especially if you are not particularly familiar with ceremonial magick, the OTO, Eulis Lodge or our publication, please read this section before plunging into the depths (some might say “abyss”) of LAShTAL. Come to think of it, even if you ARE familiar with all this, you may profit from a few words of explanation. Eulis Lodge carries out the work of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis, or OTO in “the Valley of Atlanta, Georgia” as it has done for the last ten years. While experimental newsletters (“The Star and the Garter”) and published schedules existed prior to 1988 e.v., our efforts to develop a major journal began in that year with the publication of Volume One, Number One of LAShTAL. Since that time, the journal has appeared only haphazardly, this being the sixth issue. To date, the results have been uneven. Topics covered have included Crowley’s “Gnostic Mass” - the central celebratory ritual of the OTO, sexual magick, original rituals, rare materials by Aleister Crowley, very controversial short stories, a running interview with Erisian Kerry Thornley, reincarnation, ufos, etc. The OTO itself is a fraternal, initiatory “serious and secret body of initiates,” with an unbroken line of Grand Masters going back some one hundred years. The OTO is best understandable in theory by study of its basic documents, readily available in THE EQUINOX, Volume III, Number 10 (Weiser Books, 1990 paperback edition). In practice, Eulis Lodge and many other OTO groups in over 30 countries around the world organized into over 100 bodies, offer frequent performances of the Gnostic Mass and other educational and ritual events. We also offer initiation into the OTO. Our journal aims to both inform interested lay readers as to what we are all about, and to communicate with our fellow Thelemites (Thelema = Will) as well. In these respects we have thus far met with only limited success, and this issue represents yet another change in format. Your response will tell us if we are on the right track. Please be assured that mail directed to LAShTAL and its staff will be given serious attention. In this issue, magick in practice is represented by the rare material by Aleister Crowley and `updated’ with the report on Eulis Lodge’s recent and lengthy experiment with Enochian Magick. Who we are as an organization and a lodge is covered by the transcriptions of talks on “Aleister Crowley’s OTO In Legend and Reality” and “The Devil and Aleister Crowley” in this issue. Magick in theory is covered from its historical roots in “Notes On P.B. Randolph and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light” published here for the first time. While the OTO lays claim to the knowledge and wisdom of the great orders of antiquity, it took on its present form in the 1890s when the first OTO Grand Master, Karl Kellner(1850-1905), a freemason and initiate of the sexual magick of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light (H.B. of L.), integrated his knowledge with that of Karl Albert Theodor Reuss (1855-1923), who succeeded Kellner as Grand Master and who was a leader and heir of the Antient and Primitive Rite of Freemasonry. Our article on Dr. P. B. Randolph and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light is somewhat speculative, but it traces the roots of the “philosophical” aspect of OTO theory through Randolph (1825-1875) and his American Brotherhood of Eulis, and its European and Egyptian parallel, the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light. Dr. Peter Davidson, the head of the H.B. of L. in Scotland, migrated to North Georgia in 1890 and continued the H.B. of L. work until his death in 1915. The OTO today is also known as the “Fraternitas Lucis Hermeticae” or “Hermetic Brotherhood of Light,” and our Lodge in Atlanta is named for the enigmatic Randolph’s 1873 book, EULIS, which broke ground in that it opened the door of the sexual aspect of Magick to the Western World. Your comments on our efforts are cordially invited. Love is the law, love under will. —T Allen H. Greenfield, Lodge Master


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