Dear Sir: Let's look at another +quot;The Day After+quot; scenario. It is the day after a

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2 Dear Sir: Let's look at another "The Day After" scenario. It is the day after a mutually verifiable nuclear and conventional disarmament agreement has been signed with the Soviet Union. Our government is preparing to send out contract cancellation letters to our defense contractors. We will no longer need military aircraft from Lockheed, Grumman, Northrop, Rockwell and General Dynamics and other aircraft manufacturers. The trucks and tanks and other automotive products will no longer be needed from Chrysler, Ford, GM, Caterpillar and FMC, etc. Orders to ammunition suppliers will be cancelled as well as orders to textile manufacturers for military uniforms, blankets, etc. Orders for missiles, ammunition, shells, guns etc. will be cancelled. The major defense contractors will in turn cancel sub- contracts held with thousands of their suppliers. Navy ships will be decommissioned and shipyards closed as well as hundreds of naval air and sea stations in the US and throughout the world. The troops will be brought back from Europe and the far east and discharged to civilian life. The Army, Navy and Air Force will release hundreds of thousands more from domestic service and close hundreds of domestic and foreign Army and Air Force installations. Millions of discharged military and defense industry civilians will join the unemployment rolls. Billions of defense dollars will disappear from the economy, not only in the US, but in those foreign nations whose economies we have been supporting for the last forty years. The world will see a depression that will make the 1930s seem like boom times. Eisenhower's fear of the military-industrial complex has become a reality. It is unlikely that anyone whose livelihood will disappear when peace occurs will be enthusiastic about reaching a disarmament agreement with the Soviet Union. This includes almost everyone in Washington and certainly everyone employed by any of the defense contractors country-wide. Our legislators in Washington seem aware of these terrifying consequences of peace, since few of them evince much interest in pursuing any policies which show promise of leading to a peaceful solution to our differences with the Soviet Union. Happily, there is another side to this coin. Thousands of scientists and engineers will be able to turn from military research and development to more productive labors in the civilian sector. The skills of thousands of technically trained ex-military GIs and civilians will become available to the private sector. Several hundred billion dollars can be diverted from the defense to providing training and employment to these liberated people as well as the millions of presently unemployed and under-employed persons. We can begin the reconstruction of our national infra-structure (roads, bridges, dams, sewage plants, public buildings etc.) We will have the opportunity to make a peaceful world that we can be proud to leave to our children. Pat Rankin 867 N Lamb #180 Las Vegas NV 89110 452-8684


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