+quot;Summoning Lucifer+quot; background. The following two conversations were captured by

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"Summoning Lucifer" background. The following two conversations were captured by (0:103/503:0) on January 2, 1987 around six in the evening. The messages in UPPER CASE are from the sysop, David Rice, and the messages in lower case are from Marvin (last name withheld here). The purpose of the exchange on my part (David) was one of amused tolerance at first, and moved into a psudo-counselor as I realised he was serious. I have no doubts AT ALL that Marvin has in fact tried to "summon" Lucifer, though his sucesses I think were doubtfull. If he did indeed summon these entities, I feel confident that they were created in his mind only, and did not actually take on physical form. The complexities of his answers are an interesting collection of well-known magick Lore and wishful make-believe. Note the lurking hostility and "I don't care of the concequences" that shadow the whole conversation (besides outright hostility at first). This is probably how he thinks a "wizzard" should be, and may not actually represent his true self.


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