Well, that was bizzare, to say the least. I did not wish to have another conversation with

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Well, that was bizzare, to say the least. I did not wish to have another conversation with this person, but my ideas (sometimes misplaced) of what the responsibilities of a system operator should do dictated that I at least acknowledge his request for chatting. After all, it may have been a reasonable request for some small SysOp-ly service I could perform. Sadly, it was more of the same as the past two sessions. I was very tempted to hang up on him, but felt this would push his already questionable mental state over the edge. Looking back with hindsight, I wish I had. Session three was a lot more interesting than the others, with his violently swinging state of mind. i.e. me starting as an "asshole" as in session one, to a special "relationship" and "friend" in the middle of session three, to hell bait at the end of session three. After typing in his last word "doom", he hung up. I feel this is a personality that is desperatly looking for a target. Someone or something that he can use to vent his lack of power over his life's events. I have seen people do anything, give everything, and dare anything to gain even a tiny victory- even if it destroyes them. Notice I said "lack of power" over his life. He shows a fixation on gaining power at any cost, with any means, even to "consuming" demons to get it. If I knew anything about mental illness, I should have known better than to tell him that his choice between "good" and "evil" were something between himself and his God, and that it didn't matter to me. I say this because I feel he very much wanted me to tell him to stop what he felt was "evil" activities, and when I said it didn't matter to me, he totaly lost control. I will refrain from any more contact with this person, and set his usage to my BBS at a low level, which will exclude the C)hat command. I hope I have heard that last of him. David Rice (0:103/503.0)


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