Ä [41] PODS Crystals, Gem, Gematra (93:9300/0) LAPIDAR Ä From : Tandika Star 93:9600/5 Tue

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Ä [41] PODS Crystals, Gem, Gematra (93:9300/0) ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ LAPIDAR Ä From : Tandika Star 93:9600/5 Tue 20 Apr 93 19:47 Subj : Aventurine ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ AVENTURINE SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION: Grayish, yellowish, brownish, or green quartz with small platy mica inclusions (hematite or geothite also) is called Aventurine. The hardness is 7 and the streak is white. ENVIRONMENT: Quartz is an important rock-forming mineral and developed in many different environments. OCCURENCE: Aventurine is found in Brazil, India and Russia. NAME: Unknown. LEGEND and LORE: Aventurine was revered by the ancient Tibetians. They used it to represent the "eyes" in sacred statues, thus symbolizing increased divinatory powers. MAGICAL PROPERTIES: This stone is considered to be a gambler's talisman. It is said that it will attract money. It is considered a "lucky" stone. HEALING: This stone is associated with the Thymus Gland. It has been traditionally used for improving eyesight and healing diseases of the eyes. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I use Aventurine as a Heart Chakra stone, to balance such stones as Rhodonite. In addition, I recommend it to those who are starting out on new paths or adventures because it is protective, but opens the eyes to "new horizons". NOTES: The yellow/brown form of Aventurine is from Russia. It is almost impossible to find anymore. -------bibliography------- 1. Scientific, Environment, Occurence and Name are from (or paraphrased from) "The Audobon Society Field Guide to North American Rocks and Minerals". 2. Legends and Lore, Magical Properties are from "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic", by Scott Cunningham. 3. Some of the healing information may come from "Color and Crystals, A Journey Through the Chakras" by Joy Gardner. 4. Personal Experience is from MY personal experience, journals and notebooks, by Tandika Star. ---


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