About .K.A.M., A Journal of Traditional Wicca Copyright 1987, .K.A.M. .K.A.M., A Journal o

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About .K.A.M., A Journal of Traditional Wicca Copyright 1987, .K.A.M. .K.A.M., A Journal of Traditional Wicca, is the official publication of the Keepers of the Ancient Mysteries (.K.A.M.). .K.A.M. is a fifteen year-old family of Covens existing for the purposes of the worship of the Wiccan Gods, general religious instruction, and the preservation of the classical Traditions of the Wiccan Religion. .K.A.M. draws from and has Initiatory Lineage through the Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Celtic and Eleusinean Traditions of Wicca, and practices as a Tradition in its own right, using forms drawn from all its roots. As Traditional Wiccans we believe in careful study, formal Initiation by a qualified Priestess, and the preservation of standards of the Craft, including respect for privacy and the traditional bans on publishing Initiatory material and accepting funds for teaching. The Journal exists as a means to communicate thoughts, feelings and imagination in harmony with the goals and methods of the Wiccan Traditions, including a love of the Earth, worship of the Old Gods, adherence to Wiccan norms of behavior and a strong sense of personal responsibility and commitment to growth. While the bulk of the Journal material is likely to be drawn from .K.A.M. Initiates and students, quality poetry, prose and artwork in harmony with our principles of action will be gratefully accepted. Copyright reverts to authors after publication. Please write for submission guidelines. Letters to the Editors are not encouraged at this time, as we feel they have not served the Craft well in the past. Well thought out articles within the scope of the Journal are welcome. Advertising is accepted if relevant to the Journal's readership interests, but .K.A.M. in no way warrants or recommends the goods or services listed. If you have a problem with an advertiser that you cannot resolve with them, please let us know at once. Subscription in 1988 is $5 US for our current two-issue year. Beginning in 1988 the Journal will be published on or about Beltaine and Hallows. .K.A.M. will exercise its right to limit subscription to exclude individuals and organizations we believe to be harmful to Traditional Wicca. Persons desiring additional information about Traditional Wicca or .K.A.M. are encouraged to write at the address below. We reserve the right to respond selectively to inquiries. .K.A.M. P.O. Box 2513 Kensington, MD 20895 U.S.A.


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