NAME Vulcan. Vulcanus. SYMBOL Volcano, Bonfire. (nope, no anvel.) IMAGE None, the guy with

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NAME: Vulcan. Vulcanus. SYMBOL: Volcano, Bonfire. (nope, no anvel.) IMAGE: None, the guy with the game leg that stands on Red Moutain is what they said Hephaestus the Greek god of smiths and magic looked like, the Roman God Vulcan that got shoved in with Heph when they combined things did not have a human image, be was thought of as a big fire being. HOLY BOOKS: None, the big guy was not much into reading, but there was a Son of Vulcan comic back in the 60's. HOLY DAYS: August 23ed, They called it Vulcanalia. PLACE OF WORSHIP: Outside, near a volcano if you have one. MAJOR TABOOS: As far as I can tell, not being carfull with fire, was prayed to mainly to ask that one's house not be burned down, or that the local volcano not act up. FORM OF WORSHIP: Believe it or not, throughing fishs into a bonfire, They did it every August 23ed. SYNODEITIES: Zeus, Huhueteotl, Peli, Crom. DETAILS: Despite the hammer and anvel on that our Vulcan has, the original Vulcan of the Romans has nothing to do with blacksmiths and was in fact one of the chief deity of the very early Romans, and hung on as such untill they started mixing with the Greeks, and the myths of Hephaestus got taged on to him, befour that there is not one myth dealing with Vulcan, as he was regarded by them as this mysterious unknowable being that lived in a Volcano and was prayed to only to be asked to please stay calm, and pro- tect ones home from fire. His only Holy-day was the 23ed of Aug.


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