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V I D E O S ~~~~~~~~~~~ ----------------------------------------------------------------- {1} VIDEOS ON MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS ----------------------------------------------------------------- (VM1 $18.00) 1) INTRODUCTION TO VIPASSANA MEDITATION by Joseph Goldstein 2) GUIDED MEDITATIONS by Jack Kornfield and Howard Cohn -- offers chanting (VM2 $18.00) by Christopher Titmuss 1) INSIGHT MEDITATION INTRODUCTION 2) MINDFULNESS OF BREATHING 3) EXPANDING TO FULL AWARENESS ----------------------------------------------------------------- {2} VIDEOS ----------------------------------------------------------------- JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (VJG1 $18.00) 1) BUDDHA'S JOURNEY TO AWAKENING the significance of the Buddha's life in our time 2) CONCEPTS AND REALITY looking at self-image, ownership, time, age, gender & self (VJG2 $18.00) 1) PURITY OF ACTION, PURITY OF MIND how to lay the groundwork for meditation practice 2) THE WAY OF THE TAO the meaning of emptiness, why there's no one way to be THE GENEROUS HEART (VJG3 $18.00) Part One: revealing the difference between desire, enchantment, and the blessing of metta Part Two: understanding the many faces of love through the wisdom of non-attachment JACK KORNFIELD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (VJK2 $18.00) 1) SACRED JOURNEY explains the deep process of undertaking a spiritual journey 2) THE SEVEN FACTORS OF ENLIGHTENMENT living with the courage to investigate our hearts/minds (VJK3 $18.00) 1) OUR LIFE OF EXPANSION & CONTRACTIONS noticing how our lives are always new 2) BRINGING THE PRACTICE INTO EVERYDAY LIFE supporting what we value through practice (VJK4 $18.00) 1) KARMA exploring the sources of karma, how it unfolds and ways to work with karma and the heart 2) NO SELF AND TRUE SELF understanding the development of true self and the awakening of no self (VJK5 $18.00) 1) EIGHT FOLD PATH discovering the timely relevance of the Eightfold Path 2) TRUE CHARACTERISTICS facing the impermanence & difficulties of life for freedom's sake LARRY ROSENBERG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLAYING WITH FORM (VLR1 $18.00) each method of practice is a commitment to a certain form and usually brings with it attachment and narrowness of view. In this video, a variety of forms in Zen & Vipassana will be examined. Can we learn to use these forms without being imprisoned by them? SHARON SALZBERG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (VSS1 $18.00) 1) OPENING METTA cherishing each moment through the craft of meditation 2) LOVING OURSELVES -- ABANDONING THE HINDRANCES strengthening our loving attention to letting go (VSS3 $18.00) 1) THE NATURE OF THINGS nurturing a deep appreciation for all of life as we live it 2) THE POWER OF INTENTION recognizing that the true power of any action is the motivation behind the deed STEVEN SMITH ~~~~~~~~~~~~ (VSSM1 $18.00) 1) THE NATURE OF METTA the possibilities and power of pure love 2) EQUANIMITY: KEEPING IN THE MIDDLE OF THINGS cooling down to conscious balance CHRISTOPHER TITMUSS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (VCT5 $18.00) 1) MATERIALITY AND SPIRITUALITY recognizing how materialism, and the fear it generates, deadens our vital connection to life 2) IN THE PRESENCE OF SOMETHING releasing subtle addictions that blind us to our own liberation (VCT7 $18.00) 1) ALONENESS reaffirming aloneness as the heart of the spiritual life 2) END OF THE PATH the Vipassana journey: a perfect example of its own lessons CAROL WILSON ~~~~~~~~~~~~ (VCW1 $18.00) 1) FOUR FOUNDATIONS OF MINDFULNESS stripping away layers of identification 2) RIGHT ATTITUDE how to relate wisely to situations through VIPASSANA VIDEO RETREAT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We developed this 10 day video retreat for people who are unable to attend a retreat at one of the Insight Meditation centers. Included are 10 videos, filmed during a Vipassana Meditation retreat, and a set of instructions. This video retreat is appropriate for beginners, but we advise finding organizers with previous retreat experience. The videos come as a set for $150.00 or individually for $18.00. VRD1 - VIPASSANA RETREAT - DAY 1 1) OPENING TALK WITH INITIAL MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS (Carol Wilson) an introduction to Vipassana meditation as the profound investigation of the true nature of lasting happiness and peace VRD2 - VIPASSANA RETREAT - DAY 2 1) MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS WITH QUESTION AND ANSWER (Sharon Salzberg) detailing the 3 stages of a walking meditation practice 2) THE ART & SCIENCE OF MEDITATION (Joseph Goldstein) the art of mindfulness leads us to a deep investigation of the nature of our mind/body reality VRD3 - VIPASSANA RETREAT - DAY 3 1) MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS WITH QUESTION AND ANSWER(Joseph Goldstein) developing the 2 foundations of mindfulness through one-pointedness: connecting with an object and sustaining attention 2) THE PATH (Sharon Salzberg) connecting the humanness of the Buddha, and his quest to end suffering. with our own lives VRD4 - VIPASSANA RETREAT - DAY 4 1) MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS WITH QUESTION AND ANSWER (Carol Wilson) allowing the mind and body to settle into the breath 2) OBSTACLES TO CONCENTRATION I (Joseph Goldstein) understanding how desire and aversion, two classical obstacles, stand in the way of our developing a one pointedness of mind VRD5 - VIPASSANA RETREAT - DAY 5 1) MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS WITH QUESTION AND ANSWER (Sharon Salzberg) allowing your practice to unfold with balance and calm 2) THE FOUR FOUNDATIONS OF MINDFULNESS (Carol Wilson) developing understanding through awareness of the body, feelings, mind and contents of mind VRD6 - VIPASSANA RETREAT - DAY 6 1) MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS WITH QUESTION AND ANSWER(Joseph Goldstein) beginning with a guided meditation and moving into questions and answers 2) OBSTACLES TO CONCENTRATION II (Joseph Goldstein) examining our identification with the remaining three obstacles: sloth and torpor, restlessness and worry skeptical doubt VRD7 - VIPASSANA RETREAT - DAY 7 1) MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS WITH QUESTION AND ANSWER (Carol Wilson) directing all of our being toward mindfulness 2) THE FORCE OF METTA: LOVINGKINDNESS (Sharon Salzberg) seeing our lives as a force for bringing happiness and peace to ourselves and others VRD8 - VIPASSANA RETREAT - DAY 8 1) MEDITATION INSTRUCTION WITH QUESTION AND ANSWER (Sharon Salzberg) beginning with a guided metta meditation and moving into questions regarding the experience 2) THE FIVE SPIRITUAL FACULTIES (Carol Wilson) practicing the art of balancing the 5 qualities of mind: faith, energy, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom VRD9 - VIPASSANA RETREAT - DAY 9 1) MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS WITH QUESTION AND ANSWER (Joseph Goldstein) beginning with questions arising from experiences of the retreat and moving into a meditation experience 2) DEEPENING HAPPINESS (Joseph Goldstein) opening to all the possibilities of happiness that come with our commitment to mindfulness VRD10 - VIPASSANA RETREAT - DAY 10 1) CLOSING TALK (Sharon Salzberg) recognizing that our highest happiness is peace [end]


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