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浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様融 The Official Erisian Heresy Newsletter Volume 1 of: MANY 麺様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様郵 Editor in Chief: Farrell McGovern 藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様夕 The Following is an adaptation of an APA (Amateur Press Association) Contribution for _The Messenger_ an Ottawa, Ontario, Canada local Pagan APA. If you want more info about ^ or about the upcomming publishing of the _Principia Discordia Canadiana Eh?_ or to get on the Mailing list of "The Official Erisian Heresy Newsletter" send E-Mail to FIDO 163/5, Data/SFnet. If you don't have access to E-Mail, then you can reach me via Post Offal and U.S. Snail at: Farrell McGovern P.O. BOX 11431, Station "H", Nepean, Ont., Canada.


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