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T A P E S ~~~~~~~~~ * * * Contents ~~~~~~~~ {1} THEMES OF PRACTICE {2} COLLECTIONS {3} INDIVIDUAL TEACHER OFFERINGS {4} BARRE CENTER FOR BUDDHIST STUDIES {5} MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS * * * ----------------------------------------------------------------- {1} THEMES OF PRACTICE ----------------------------------------------------------------- WORKING WITH THE HARD STUFF SET (HARD1 $40.00) * Working with Sloth, Torpor and Restlessness (Joseph Goldstein) -- looking at seductive states that contract the mind into the prison of self * Desire, Aversion and Doubt (Sharon Salzberg) -- opening in simplicity to the tunnel vision effect of hindrances * Wise Understanding of Emotions (Jack Kornfield) -- emptiness into form, reclaiming your heart and body * Working with the Hindrances (Sylvia Boorstein) -- looking at the difficult obscuring energies of mind * Working with Difficult Mind States (Anna Douglas) -- coming into harmony with the way things are * Taking the Ache Out of Attachment (Larry Rosenberg) -- seeing directly into the nature of strong emotions COMPLETE METTA RETREAT (METTA RETREAT $45.50) -- Coming together in love, compassion, joy, and equanimity * Opening Talk: Refuges, Precepts and Guided Metta (Joseph Goldstein) -- welcoming, laying the groundwork and asking, what is metta? * Intention (Sylvia Boorstein) -- clarifying our intentions of the heart: knowing where you are going * The Spirit of Metta (Sharon Salzberg) -- bringing loving kindness to our practice and our lives * The Five Hindrances (Joseph Goldstein) -- understanding the forces of desire, aversion, sluggishness, restlessness and doubt within the mind * Special challenges to Loving (Sylvia Boorstein) -- developing unanimous lovingness * Morality & Happiness (Sharon Salzberg) -- having an eye made quiet by the deep power of harmony and joy * Carrying the Practice into the World (Joseph Goldstein) -- making our lives our practice * * * ----------------------------------------------------------------- {2} COLLECTIONS ----------------------------------------------------------------- STEVEN ARMSTRONG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SERIES ON HAPPINESS (B40 SET $45.00) Happiness of Generosity -- developing a generous heart capable of sharing what we have places us in the embrace of a loving, appreciative community Happiness of Ethical Conduct -- lives guided by conscience and modesty: recognize and esteem our value as human beings and protect ourselves and others Happiness of a Pure Mind, Part I and II -- recognizing the predominant clouds in the mind and working with them, results in clear, lucid knowing: "the pure mind...a jewel beyond all price" Happiness of Absorption in Love -- developing love for ourself and all other beings arouses an ecstatically joyful and subtly tranquil happiness uncommon in our pursuit of pleasure Happiness of Peace -- the Buddha said "there is no higher happiness than peace." We can glimpse this happiness when the obstructions of mind are progressively uprooted SYLVIA BOORSTEIN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DAY OF METTA (SB27 $20.00) An in-depth experience of metta meditation 1) metta means boundless well wishing and perfect happiness 2) continuing instructions in the art of lovingkindness 3) cultivating Metta; instant first aid for the mind CHRISTINA FELDMAN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MEDITATION (CF135 SET $45.00) Aloneness Seeking the Sacred Inspiration & Contentment Taming Our Demons The Story of Hui Neng Wise Effort Development of Samadhi Attentiveness Insight & Emptiness PERSONAL MYTHOLOGY AND REVELATION SET (CF 146 $20.00) Personal Mythology & Revelation Set, Part I -- awakening from the false through discovering what is true Personal Mythology & Revelation Set, Part II -- reclaiming our own stories, lives an journeys Being free with our stories -- what does it mean to be free within our stories JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOVE: GENEROSITY OF THE HEART (JG102 $13.80) 1) Love: Generosity of the Heart I -- revealing the difference between desire, enchantment and the blessing of metta 2) Love: Generosity of the Heart II -- understanding the many faces of love through the wisdom OBSTACLES TO CONCENTRATION (JG122 $13.80) 1) Obstacles to Concentration I -- understanding how desire and aversion, two classical obstacles, stand in the way of our developing a one pointedness of mind 2) Obstacles to Concentration II -- examining our identification with the remaining three obstacles sloth and torpor, restlessness and worry, skeptical doubt COMPLETE VIPASSANA MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS (M2 ALBUM $15.50) two tapes of complete progressive experiential instructions in the art of Vipassana JACK KORNFIELD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE EIGHT FOLD PATH FOR THE HOUSEHOLDER (JK68 1-8 $42.00) focusing on the Eight Fold Path from the perspective of the householder right understanding, thought, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration THE ROOTS OF BUDDHIST PSYCHOLOGY (JK140 $39.00) Tapes 1-3: Unskillful Strategies: Grasping & Greed; Anger & Aversion; Delusion & Denial Tapes 4-6: Skillful Strategies: Non-Delusion; Non-Greed; Abundance; True Strength TEN PERFECTIONS (JK160 $63.00) series of talks on the Perfections of Buddha and how these can be awakened in out hearts and developed in our lives The Perfections of *Generosity *Patience *Integrity & Virtue *Truthfulness *Renunciation *Determination *Wisdom *Lovingkindness *Vitality & Energy *Balance & Equanimity PERSPECTIVE ON DEATH (JK214 SET $13.50) 1) Mindfulness of Death -- honoring the profound and powerful shift into timeless identity 2) Death as an Advisor -- remembering the preciousness of unfolding life PATH WITH HEART (JK223 $80.00) Related talks and guided meditations referred to in Jack Kornfield's "A Path with Heart" Take the One Seat -- just stay in your chair and see it all Healing -- sensing the precious mystery of being alive as heartfelt awareness leads us to healing Developing Awareness of Feelings -- stabilizing the mind, heart, and body through awareness of feelings in feelings Mindfulness of Death -- honoring the profound and powerful shift into timeless identity No Self, True Self -- understanding the development of true self and the awakening of no self Compassion & Co-dependence -- honoring the importance of disharmony within the circle of caring compassion Peace -- what does it mean to be at peace in our hearts, with oneself, and with nature? Spiritual Maturity -- honoring spiritual practice as a lifetime's work in becoming intimate with one's self Introductory Meditation Instructions -- a discussion of calm & wisdom; instructions in sitting, walking, eating; guidelines for retreats Space/Sound Meditation -- a guided meditation that approaches the practice from the perspective of space and sound rather than breath and body Bell Meditation -- "simply listen" Metta Meditation -- the act of forgiveness is an act of mercy to yourself STORIES OF THE JOURNEY (JK227 $13.80) Nachiteka: Story of Initiation -- symbolic food for a masculine journey Feminine Face of Dharma -- dharmic inquiry with a feminine perspective MICHELE MCDONALD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BALANCING OUR UNDERSTANDING OF INTERCONNECTEDNESS AND EMPTINESS (MMSET $14.00) 1) Metta (Lovingkindness): The Foundation of Life 2) Opening to the Joys an Sorrows of the World with Wisdom Understanding how the practice of lovingkindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity provides a container (our heart that can experience being interconnected with all of life) for our understanding of emptiness (wisdom) that we learn in the mindfulness practice LARRY ROSENBERG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ANAPANASATI SET (LR120 $??) A condensed approach exploring the full awareness of breathing, body and feelings 1) learning how to really pay attention to something simple 2) seeing change in each breath moment: a door to freedom 3) each breath feels differently: a guided meditation into Vipassana INTIMACY AS PRACTICE SERIES (LR125 $33.50) Exploring "our path as the practice of intimacy" Intimacy as Practice #1 -- what is intimacy Intimacy as Practice #2 -- noticing immediate listening and when it's impeded Intimacy as Practice #3 -- drawing close: intimacy and understanding Intimacy as Practice #4 -- unifying our experience and rejuvenating our lives Intimacy as Practice #5 -- being awake wherever you are SHARON SALZBERG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BUDDHIST ETHICS: A SERIES IN 3 PARTS (SS64 SET1 $20.00) 1) Planting the Seed 2) Connecting to Life/Karma 3) The Peacefulness of Morality STEVEN SMITH ~~~~~~~~~~~~ GUIDED MEDITATION SERIES (SSM SET 1 $31.50) Guided Metta Meditation -- weaving words of wisdom with quiet spaces to soften the mind and heart Guided Compassion meditation -- beginning with an ember of compassion in our hearts and moves to the glowing warmth of full, open compassion Guided Equanimity Meditation -- encouraging us to find our sense of balance amidst the vicissitudes of life Guided Sympathetic Joy -- releasing envy and jealousy through the joyous appreciation of another person's accomplishments THE GREAT JOURNEY SERIES (SSM66 $27.50) Meeting the urge for authenticity and liberation in totality The Great Journey -- Part 1 -- Practicing with a delightfulness of mind and faith The Great Journey -- Part 2 -- Sati: seeing the soft focus of pre-verbal awareness The Great Journey -- Part 3 -- Samadhi: gathering, collecting, and unifying the mind The Great Journey -- Part 4 -- Wisdom: cultivating our environments so that wisdom grows and ripens CHRISTOPHER TITMUSS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE EMPTINESS SERIES (CT250 SET $33.50) Emptiness & Compassion -- seeing emptiness and compassion as fields of wisdom Emptiness of Desire -- discovering the wanting mind Emptiness & Mindfulness -- what is the significance of mindfulness? Emptiness & Samsara -- wandering on from one thing to another Emptiness of Dharma -- "If we cherish the teachings, we'll never see the emptiness" Emptiness of Perception -- exploring our assumptions and interpretations Emptiness of Finite Existence -- understanding the lack of substantiality in our lives Emptiness and Trust -- appreciating the Buddha's basic teachings QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FROM BODH GAYA (CT267 SET $33.50) A series of intimate discussions and inquiries between Christopher and practicing yogis. Questions & Responses #1 -- the promise of joy, addictive behaviors, identification, attachment, more Questions & Responses #2 -- change, assembly line meditation, the pain factor, more Questions & Responses #3 -- counting breaths, bare attention, sleep and consciousness, dropping the concept of meditation, more Questions & Responses #4 -- rebirth, loneliness, meditation and sexuality, enlightenment, more * * * ----------------------------------------------------------------- {3} INDIVIDUAL TEACHER OFFERINGS ----------------------------------------------------------------- Teacher Support ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The teachings offered by the Insight Meditation teachers are freely given. Teachers receive transportation and room and board for each retreat, as well as a token 10% on the tapes sold. Traditionally, students offer financial support. If you are moved to help, you may send a donation to IMS or to Dharma Seed. Make check out to the teacher. Royalties from these tapes support the teachings of the Dharma. Individual Teacher Catalogs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you would like to receive a teacher catalog, write and tell us which teacher(s) and we will send it to you. GUY ARMSTRONG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FEAR (GA1 $6.00) Investigating this powerful and fundamental movement of mind STEVEN ARMSTRONG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "THE WHEEL IS TURNING": DEPENDENT ORIGINATION (B6 $6.00) identifying each of the 12 links in the chain of causality which keeps us bound to the wheel of endless circling in desire and ignorance and the weak link broken by insight practice THE HAPPINESS OF PEACE (B40-7 $6.00) the Buddha said "There is no higher happiness than peace.": the "supreme silence" of the unconditioned. We can glimpse this happiness when the obstructions of mind are progressively uprooted by accessing the four stages of enlightenment COMMENTARY ON JUMPING MOUSE (B43 $6.00) offers commentary on a children's story reflecting the similarities in Native American and Buddhist understandings of the spiritual quest JAMES BARAZ ~~~~~~~~~~~ (JB11 $7.50) 1) BALANCE OF EFFORT: arousing the "right" amount of effort, without tension, without laziness 2) LEARNING TO OPEN: being willing to look at oneself with forgiveness and openness SEVEN FACTORS OF ENLIGHTENMENT (JB17 $6.00) the development of the wholesome, skillful factors of mindfulness, investigation, energy, joy, calm concentration, and equanimity leads to the arising of wisdom and compassion TRANSFORMING SUFFERING INTO HAPPINESS (JB22 $6.00) cultivating an open heart through the Dharma CLEAR COMPREHENSION (JB25 $6.00) building the bridge of clear comprehension that connects our practice of "bringing attention' to our full spiritual development FAITH (JB38 $6.00) supporting our journey into the unknown with this powerful antidote to doubt FEAR AS PRACTICE (JB46 $6.00) letting go of what we never had -- control WHAT REALLY MATTERS: THE PATH OF AWAKENING (JB48 $6.00) encountering the vision of clarity in our lives SYLVIA BOORSTEIN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE FOUNDATIONS OF MINDFULNESS (SB5 $6.00) honoring and exploring the traditional wisdom found in the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness STRENGTHENING THE PRACTICE (SB8 $6.00) inspiring suggestions that encourage self confidence and support zeal in the practice THE FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS & THE EIGHT FOLD PATH (SB9 $6.00) using Buddha's unique response to the fundamental problem of human existence -- pain, change, loss -- to face the truth about how life really is PRACTICE IN THE SPIRIT OF METTA (SB19 $6.00) softening the heart is the enabler of Vipassana practice WORKING WITH THE HINDRANCES (SB21 $6.00) looking at the difficult obscuring energies of the mind INTRODUCTION TO VIPASSANA PRACTICE (SB22 $6.00) embracing the interrelationship between Vipassana and metta practice PATIENCE (SB26 $6.00) enduring discomfort without bitterness INTENTION (SB28 $6.00) clarifying our intentions of the heart: knowing where you are going HOWARD COHN ~~~~~~~~~~~ WHAT IS THIS I? (HC7 $7.50) exploring our incredible creative display of memories and ideas ATTITUDE (HC8 $6.00) living with the direct freshness of "Don't Know" awareness RUTH DENISON ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ACCEPTING YOURSELF (RD1 $5.00) developing mindfulness in order to see what is true about one's self DISCONTENT (RD2 $7.50) remembering that discontent flows from striving and wanting RON DeHART ~~~~~~~~~~ DHARMA BOOGIE (MRD1 $6.95) These light, Dharmic lyrics combine with popular music forms to gently touch the hearts and minds of people who do not know it is possible to stumble along into awareness. Love Will Leave Ya Treat Yourself Well Don't Mean a Thing Turnin' It Over Don't Know Man Changes DHARMA BOOGIE ALSO (MRD2 $6.95) conscious rock-a-billy with a taste of Dharma and a smile. Side 1: Before I Die Side 2: I'm Wearin' Down Remember This Makin' Footprints Chasin' Your Tail 19 Sixty Something ANNA DOUGLAS ~~~~~~~~~~~~ USING RETREAT FORM WISELY (AD9 $6.00) how the retreat environment supports the process of learning and cultivation of insight into the nature of consciousness RECOGNIZING SUFFERING (AD13 $6.00) acknowledging the unavoidable pain within life HEALING SEPARATION (AD15 $6.00) inner experience of renunciation: healing the "abyss that separates us from ourselves" REMEMBERING IMPERMANENCE (AD16 $6.00) allowing the reality of impermanence to pervade out consciousness and influence the way we live our lives CHRISTINA FELDMAN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (CF19 $7.50) 1) PRACTICE OF CONFUSION: seeking what lures the mind from accepting actuality, looking at expectation, fantasy, future thought 2) SELF ACCEPTANCE: freeing ourselves from the belief systems and models we hold for ourselves, discovering the essence of ourselves WOMEN'S SPIRITUALITY (CF31 $6.00) discovering our own spirituality as women, looking at traditional forms that may inhibit its expression (CF99 $7.50) 1) THE NATURE OF OUR BELIEFS finding the pathway through our beliefs to a true sense of self 2) GRACE understanding grace -- that spontaneous and profound moment that holds all moments HAPPINESS (CF123 $6.00) celebrating the essence of the path: happiness and freedom COMPASSION (CF127 $6.00) dissolving the separation of heart and mind into a profound vision of interconnectedness EQUANIMITY (CF130 $6.00) opening and balancing our hearts to pain without being lost in reactions FAITH, MOTIVATION AND VISION (CF132 $6.00) reflecting on the possibility of freedom and liberation while trusting ourselves FREEDOM (CF139 $6.00) embracing liberation within the context of our pain, confusion and unhappiness ACCEPTANCE & CHANGE (CF144 $6.00) nurturing the mother of transformation and wisdom GIL FRONSDAL ~~~~~~~~~~~~ SELF, NO SELF (GF1 $6.00) embracing this core of the teachings without abandoning personal responsibility MINDFULNESS OF BODY (GF2 $6.00) remembering and forgetting one's mind, body and experience JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS (JG2 $7.50) discovering the heart of the Buddha's teachings FACTORS OF ENLIGHTENMENT (JG4 $6.00) cultivating and bringing to maturity mindfulness, investigation of the Dharma, energy, joy, calm, concentration and equanimity COMPASSION (JG26 $6.00) seeing how compassion arises from openness and awareness of suffering FIVE HINDRANCES (JG65 $6.00) recognizing and learning to work with desire, aversion, sluggishness, restlessness, and doubt THE BUDDHA (JG76 $6.00) the significance of the Buddha's life and the Four Noble Truths in our own practice and in our contemporary times VIPASSANA JHANAS: THE PATH OF FREEDOM (JG91 $6.00) looking at the deeper levels of practice when one explores impermanence, suffering and selflessness with one-pointed concentration BARE ATTENTION (JG103 $6.00) arousing the power of mindfulness by learning to see in a clear, direct, and simple way DESIRE (JG134 $6.00) looking at what happens when our mind gets lost in the enchanted forest of desire WORKING WITH FEAR - PART ONE (JG144A $6.00) recognizing the depth of conditioned fears that keep us closed to our clearest relations of our mind and body WORKING WITH FEAR - PART TWO (JG144B $6.00) understanding the nature and causes of the fear of dying RADIANCE OF MIND (JG145 $6.00) beginning to grasp the vastness of the Dharma and the depth of joy of our journey DEEPENING HAPPINESS (JG149 $7.50) opening to all the possibilities of happiness that come with our commitment to mindfulness THE WHY AND HOW OF PRACTICE (JG154 $6.00) understanding the motivation for our practice FREEDOM FROM DIFFICULT EMOTIONS (JG156 $6.00) working with intense emotions from a Dharma perspective RECOGNIZING EMPTINESS (JG157 $6.00) perceiving beneath the concepts: the meaning and experience of emptiness UNDERSTANDING SELFLESSNESS (JG166 $6.00) exploring the most puzzling aspects of the Buddha's teachings THE HINDRANCES: AVERSION, SLOTH & TORPOR (JG168 $6.00) seeing the causes of suffering in our world and in our minds THE BUDDHA'S JOURNEY (JG172 $6.00) the meaning and significance of the Buddha for our lives today CARRYING THE PRACTICE INTO THE WORLD (JG175 $6.00) making our lives our practice NARAYAN LIEBENSON GRADY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASURE, PAIN, JOY (NL17 $6.00) opening to all experiences in an intimate way CONTENTMENT (NL38 $6.00) transforming our sense of deprivation into contentment GAVIN HARRISON ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ANGER, SELF-HATRED & THE POWER OF LOVE: PART I (GH13 $6.00) what is whole hearted and true calls forth the entire range of ourselves in beauty and anger ANGER, SELF-HATRED & THE POWER OF LOVE: PART II (GH14 $6.00) learning how to appropriately relate to our anger reduces suffering and allows the power of love to bloom TRANSFORMING THE LEGACY OF ABUSE (GH16 $6.00) what ultimately is the legacy of abuse, how to frame an abusive history, working with the legacy in meditation URGENCY, CONTENTMENT & THE EDGES OF LOVE (GH18 $7.50) uncovering the roots of suffering and the path to wholeness JACK KORNFIELD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE SACRED JOURNEY (JK5 $6.00) explains the deep process of undertaking a spiritual journey WHY MEDITATE? (JK68-1 $6.00) a good introduction to meditation -- the only tape of the householder series available individually ON FORGIVENESS (JK80 $6.00) nurturing the opening of our hearts (includes a guided meditation) (JK83 $7.50) 1) SPIRITUALITY AND SEXUALITY 2) SEXUALITY AND RELATIONSHIPS a thought-provoking look at our attitudes toward sexuality; an encouragement to incorporate sexuality and our relationships into our practice and as such to deeply explore the physical, emotional. psychological and interpersonal aspects UNDERSTANDING KARMA: THE POWER OF INTENTION (JK100 $6.00) explore the sources of karma, how it unfolds and ways to work with karma and the heart OPENING TO THE CONTRADICTIONS OF LIFE (JK145 $6.00) learning to walk through the temple of life with open eyes and heart HEALING (JK158 $7.50) sensing the precious mystery of being alive as heartfelt awareness leads us to healing THE ONE WHO KNOWS (JK162 $6.00) discovering what puts us to sleep, what awakens us. and what allows our Buddha nature to shine WAKENING IN THE MIDST OF LIFE (JK165 $6.00) enjoying the full gamut of life, even amidst sorrow, with the gifts of your heart WHAT CHANGES THE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY BRINGS (JK173 $6.00) reflecting upon the transforming power of spiritual opening LISTENING WITH OUR WHOLE BEING (JK174 $6.00) exploring the central quality of spiritual life: the human capacity of listening DEVELOPING AWARENESS OF FEELING (JK180 $6.00) stabilizing the mind, heart, and body through awareness of feelings in feelings SOUND/SPACE MEDITATION (JK187 $6.00) a guided meditation that approaches the practice from the perspective of space and sound rather than breath and body WHO ARE YOU, WANDERER? (JK188 $6.00) accepting and honoring the totality of ourselves A WISE UNDERSTANDING OF EMOTIONS (JK192 $7.50) emptiness into form, reclaiming your heart and body ADVICE FROM THE DALAI LAMA (JK194 $6.00) stories from the Dalai Lama gathering which offer perspective on universal practice FINDING THE INNER LIGHT (JK199 $6.00) healing ourselves with forgiveness and openness PEACE IN THE MIDST OF CHANGE (JK209 $6.00) resting within impermanence INTENTION TO AWAKEN (JK217 $6.00) the power of conscious purpose in our lives LIGHT IN THE DARK (JK222 $6.00) a journey of healing ERIK KNUD-HANSEN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FREEDOM TO BE (EKH8 $6.00) recognizing how we confuse the object of our attention with the experience of the moment HEARTFUL LISTENING (EKH10 $6.00) listening to that sense of heart that prompts action in spite of our thoughts MICHELE MCDONALD SMITH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF FORGIVENESS (MM28 $6.00) practicing forgiveness as a process that honors the hurt we have felt and allows us to organically move toward the healing reality of oneness JOY: MAKE YOURSELF A LIGHT (MM37 $6.00) opening to the many forms of joy that arise from the courage to be in the moment GRATITUDE (MM50 $6.00) understanding how gratitude is based on our interdependence with all of life WHY ARE WE NOT MORE HAPPY? (MM57 $6.00) letting go of ideas about freedom and peace: becoming an open mirror for life THE EXPERIENCE OF FAITH (MM64 $6.00) seeing the relationship between the experience of faith, doubt, and wisdom BEING AT HOME IN THE WORLD (MM77 $6.00) cultivating our inner home of awareness UNTANGLING THE TANGLES (MM78 $6.00) by gently and steadily applying a non-judgmental and careful attention to any difficult karmic knot, these knots gradually untangle themselves THE STORY OF SINGING STONE: DEVELOPING FAITH AND UNDERSTANDING (MM79 $6.00) by having the courage to listen deeply to the ups and downs of our own unique lives, our life becomes our Teacher JOHN ORR ~~~~~~~~ DEATH (JO16 $6.00) insights into death and our attitudes toward it (JO37 $7.50) 1) CHANTING traditional Buddhist chants 2) SMILING INTO THE BODY guided meditation through the body, bringing light and the smile of the Buddha throughout the body FORGIVENESS (JO43 $6.00) practicing forgiveness to free ourselves from bondage to the past CHANTING THE NAMES OF GOD (JO55 $6.00) Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Sufi chants (with harmonium accompaniment) (JO72 $7.50) 1) FEAR AND LOVE beginning to see self-judgment unworthiness and fear; allowing us to embrace our own heart and experience the heart's natural love and compassion 2) FORGIVENESS MEDITATION offering forgiveness to ourselves and others (JO74 $7.50) 1) ENERGY MEDITATION a guided meditation which uses color imagery to generate and radiate energy throughout our being 2) METTA MEDITATION a guided meditation encouraging deep relaxation and an experience of "smiling into your body" (JO77 $7.50) 1) VOICE OF FEAR, VOICE OF TRUST opening to our voice of fear gives our heart courage to listen to our voice of trust and faith 2) BEING HUMAN, BEING DIVINE only by fully embracing our humanness will we be able to perceive our divinity INSPIRING FAITH (JO80 $6.00) the experience of doubt in our practice MARY ORR ~~~~~~~~ FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS (MO10 $6.00) exploring the "far out" basic teachings of the Buddha THE FIVE HINDRANCES (MO11 $6.00) working with the naturally arising difficulties of the mind JOSE REISSIG ~~~~~~~~~~~~ SCARCITY SYNDROME (JR6 $6.00) examining the personal perception that there is not enough to go around MARCIA ROSE ~~~~~~~~~~~ THE JOY OF IMPERMANENCE (MR2 $6.00) seeing the natural marvel of change TRANSFORMING THE HINDRANCES (MR3 $6.00) shrinking the dark obstructive energies of mind with the light of awareness LARRY ROSENBERG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (LR40 $7.50) 1) NATURALISTIC OBSERVATION looking at nature, life, and ourselves with a certain affection, openness, and an allowing quality; permitting whatever we are observing to unfold in its own lawful way 2) THE SUPREME ADDICTION exploring the endless tendency of the mind to dwell on itself; examining the many images we have of ourselves, especially the image of "meditator" CONSCIOUS BREATHING I (LR68 $7.50) through the practice of conscious breathing, the mind becomes stilled and in stillness becomes nourished with joy CONSCIOUS BREATHING II (LR69 $7.50) using the Buddha's 16 contemplations on breathing as a rich source of inspiration and practical approaches for our practice TAKING THE ACHE OUT OF ATTACHMENT (LR94 $6.00) seeing directly into the nature of strong emotions, like anger and fear, through the practice of mindfulness ANAPANASATI: FULL AWARENESS OF BREATH SERIES (LR110 $7.50 each tape) 17 talks combine to create a complete teaching on the 16 contemplations of meditation with the breath. You may buy the talks individually, but we advise sequential purchase, as each talk builds on the previous one. All tapes combine questions and answers with a talk or guided meditation. HINTS ON THE ART OF MINDFULNESS (LR116 $6.00) instructions in attentiveness (LR120 $7.50) 1) FREEDOM FROM SELFING I recognizing and making concrete; the process of attaching me and mine to phenomena 2) FREEDOM FROM SELFING II healing ourselves from the fundamental disease of ignorance and attachment ORDINARY DHARMA (LR124 $7.50) seeing our lives as practice SHARON SALZBERG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MINDFULNESS (SS38 $6.00) peeling away the layers of myth, preconception, and misunderstanding through mindfulness, the need for continuity of awareness INTENSIVE METTA PRACTICE (SS52 $12.00) several guided metta meditations; questions and answers regarding metta practice TWO STREAMS OF MEDITATION: CONCENTRATION & INSIGHT (SS65 $6.00) looking at the Buddha's 40 objects of meditation and 8 stages of concentration that allow for a successful continuity of mindfulness LOVING OURSELVES (SS76 $6.00) seeing without judgment LETTING GO OF ATTACHMENT (SS86 $6.00) learning to transform desire into love by letting go of what is incomplete and unfulfilling in our lives SEPARATION & CONNECTEDNESS (SS89 $6.00) understanding the dynamic between opening to our own suffering and connecting to all of life REVOLUTIONARY ACT OF HAPPINESS (SS93 $6.00) discovering a deep and abiding happiness that illuminates our life with a natural radiance DESIRE, AVERSION AND DOUBT (SS116 $6.00) opening in simplicity to the tunnel vision effect of hindrances QUALITY OF MUDITA (SS117 $6.00) appreciating the remarkable expression of sympathetic joy HAPPINESS (SS118 $6.00) discovering a deep and abiding unconventional happiness RESPONDING TO LIFE WITH EQUANIMITY (SS125 $6.00) greeting the changes in our lives with balance CORRADO PENSA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE FASCINATION FOR THE EGO (CP39 $6.00) giving up the idea that our existence is a "special case" THE POETRY OF EQUANIMITY I (CP40 $6.00) seeing the difference between conditioned calmness and equanimity THE POETRY OF EQUANIMITY II (CP41 $6.00) balancing the receptiveness and flexible strength of equanimity EVENING CHANTING AND GUIDED METTA MEDITATION (CP42 $6.00) Side 1: Evening Chanting -- taking refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha Side 2: Guided metta meditation -- a guided meditation into the heart of lovingkindness SOFTENING UP: PART 1 (CP43A $6.00) developing an interest in working with what is unpleasant in our lives SOFTENING UP: PART 2 (CP43B $6.00) examining the hardening process of identification SOFTENING UP: PART 3 (CP43C $6.00) letting go of the judging mind DHARMIC MARRIAGE (CP44 $6.00) examining relationships within practice SHARDA (formerly Henrietta Rogell) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FAITH & SURRENDER (HR6 $6.00) surrendering to the truth of your own experience -- having faith to let go into the unknown TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT OURSELVES (HR9 $6.00) settling into the rhythm of how to be with ourselves THE FLOWERING OF WISDOM (HR11 $6.00) the spiritual journey is not about becoming better EMPTINESS & FRIENDSHIP (HR12 $6.00) delving into the sweet taste of emptiness -- where do we look? SHEDDING THE LAYERS OF FEAR (HR14 $6.00) seeing resistance as the root of suffering STEVEN SMITH ~~~~~~~~~~~~ AWAKENING OF FAITH (SSM73 $6.00) how the venturing spirit of faith guides us out of spiritual slumber into attunement with Dhamma -- the natural order of things PERFECTLY PUT TOGETHER: THE NATURAL MIND -- SAMADHI (SSM74 $6.00) through the collected, unified mind in accord with Dhamma: both buoyant and powerful, responsive to life and able to transform the myriad manifestations, we begin to glimpse the vast, empty, lucid nature of mind. THE BANYAN DEER WITHIN: CARE AND DETACHMENT (SSM75 $6.00) opening to different levels of suffering and denial with compassion and balance -- empowering and liberating the heart. WISDOM: A RESTING IN SUCHNESS (SSM76 $6.00) freeing the mind of clinging, even to wisdom itself, dispelling all doubts of duality and coming to rest in the middle, in the suchness of things as they are. LET THE MUSIC PLAY ON ITS OWN (SSM77 $6.00) the power of form as the way and possibility...skillful means and compassion as a practice form leading to the formless truth: relinquish all views and cultivate an attitude of detachment do that Dhamma "plays on its own" through our lives. RODNEY SMITH ~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENEROSITY (RS11 $6.00) moving from the difficulties of beginning our practice towards the generosity and joy we all contain SELF DOUBT (RS15 $6.00) learning to trust the moment as it holds the true fullness of who we are THE MIND'S I (RS16 $6.00) examining meditation as the awareness of internal and external perceptions THE SHADOW (RS17 $6.00) vulnerability as an ally in the field of transformation INTEGRITY (RS25 $6.00) aligning your mind, body and heart in a single unobstructed way AJAHN SUMEDHO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INVESTIGATING THE FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS (SUM30 $7.50) learning to use all of life as an opportunity for self understanding, growth, and freedom ANICCA, DUKKHA, & ANATTA (SUM32 $7.50) learning to investigate with courage; to really look at the way things are and to trust what you realize to be true THE RETURN TO THE SOURCE (SUM47 $7.50) taking refuge in Buddha's way of knowing the truth of reality through a reflective, observing mind AJAHN SUCITTO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A BILLION KALPAS (AEONS) OF BLISS ARE NOT ENOUGH (AMAR5 $6.00) learning how our perceptions prevent us from experiencing life just as it is CULTIVATING FREEDOM THROUGH DIFFICULTIES (AMAR6 $6.00) cultivating the ground of our mind so that the seed of the Dharma may sprout REFUGE FROM WORRY (AMAR7 $6.00) fulfilling our human potential by keeping the practice light and flowing LIFTING THE HEART FROM HABIT (AMAR16 $6.00) trusting the buoyancy of the mind FREEDOM (AMAR24 $6.00) what does it mean to be free? AMARAVATI OFFERINGS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AMARAVATI CHANTING (SSU2 $6.00) a peaceful, calm tape of chanting CHANTING (AMSIS21 $6.00) Sister Candasiri leads women's voices in chanting the songs of practice LIBERATION IS A NATURAL PROCESS (SUM54 $7.50) by Ajahn Amaro -- releasing judgmental negativity in order to see the fundamental reality of peacefulness CHRISTOPHER TITMUSS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (CT60 $7.50) 1) DYING AND DEATH looking into death, understanding living more fully 2) TIME how time conditions us, how our ability to love is affected by our relationship to time (CT109 $7.50) 1) LOVE AND SEXUALITY the importance of respect for relationships, commitment, and trust in one another; the need to open to feminine principles; the difficulty of sustaining relationships; responsibility in relationships 2) SEXUALITY: TO MEN becoming aware of the privileges which have been given to men and which are taken for granted, looking at power and domination in its blatant and subtle forms, seeing how self-interest precludes sensitivity to others (CT138 $7.50) 1) DO WE NEED A TEACHER a discussion of the traditional and contemporary roles of spiritual teachers: examining the usefulness of a student/teacher relationship in the contemplative life 2) WHAT ABOUT THE PRESENT freeing ourselves from hanging onto the forms of the present so our beings may find peace SEARCH FOR THE SACRED (CT156 $6.00) keeping alive the true spirit of the search for that "which is without measure" -- going beyond the methods A BREATH OF FREEDOM (CT161 $6.00) respecting our relationship to all aspects of ourselves through the focus of the breath FREEDOM FROM CERTAINTY (CT170 $6.00) seeing the underlying insecurity about ourselves and our lives that gives rise to the need for certainty ALONENESS (CT179 $6.00) "Each person is the guardian of solitude." (Rilke) reaffirming the true value of aloneness as the heart of the spiritual life DOES SPIRITUALITY TRULY EXIST? (CT185 $6.00) penetrating the alternatives to a religion of materialism and consumerism (CT189 $7.50) 1) THE DEPTH OF FEELING exploring the gap between our way of being and speaking in the world and what is really happening inside of us 2) THE CESSATION OF MIND AND BODY looking at the pitfalls of viewing the Buddhist tenets of impermanence and change as an ultimate truth INTIMACY (CT197 $6.00) exploring the relevancy of intimacy and love to our Buddhist practice CHANGES OF CONSCIOUSNESS (CT214 $6.00) recognizing the context of fear and how it isolates us from all that is passionate and real WHAT IS MEDITATION? (CT239 $6.00) who will you rely upon? moments of conscious life THE SUBSTANCE OF THIS WORLD (CT249 $6.00) transforming the weight of habitual patterns U PANDITA ~~~~~~~~~ SATIPATTHANA I (UP106 $6.00) beginning with an overview of this series that reveals the meaning of each aspect of Satipatthana NOT THINKING (UP111 $6.00) controlling the restless mind through the practice of Satipatthana HOW TO GET INSIGHT (UP126 $6.00) an elaboration of the causes that result from following the teachings of the Buddha * * * BENEFITS OF PRACTICE -- A Series of talks which inspire * * * practitioners to develop mind and cultivate knowledge BENEFITS OF PRACTICE #1 (UP159 $6.00) recognizing the completeness of the practice BENEFITS OF PRACTICE #2 (UP160 $6.00) purifying distorted views from the mind BENEFITS OF PRACTICE #3 (UP161 $6.00) freeing the mind from distorted views of self MIXED & UNMIXED PLEASURES (UP169 $6.00) exploring the pleasures which arise when transforming consciousness ARINNA WEISMAN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UNDERSTANDING KARMA AS EMPOWERMENT (AW9 $6.00) touching ourselves, investigating the universal dynamic of karma HOLDING OUR PAIN (AW10 $6.00) living with the reality of inner and outer suffering VIMALO ~~~~~~ SELF ACCEPTANCE (V46 $6.00) coming to grips with our patterns of reaction (V53 $7.50) 1) LETTING GO releasing both positive and negative experiences in order to open up to what is happening at the moment 2) SELF-ACCEPTANCE AND ANATTA understanding how negative self concepts undermine the infinite possibilities we have for growth and learning THE CONTEMPLATION OF BREATHING: ANAPANA-SATI (V59 $6.00) exploring the 16 aspects of Anapana-sati, one of the most important forms of meditation taught by the Buddha GUIDED MEDITATION INTO THE FULLNESS OF ANAPANA-SATI (V60 $7.50) Side 1: Longer version; Side 2: Shorter version HOW TO DEAL WITH THE NEGATIVE SIDE WITHIN US (V66 $6.00) learning to accept, integrate and transform our dark sides allows us to see conflicts as an integral part of inner development and an essential aspect of enlightenment LEARNING TO DECONDITION THE MIND (V77 $6.00) recognizing the force field we create around our minds EXPERIENCING THE BREATH (V78 $6.00) experiencing the breath throughout the entire body HOW TO BRING ABOUT INNER TRANSFORMATION (V80 $6.00) employing one's mind wisely and developing the art of open listening FRED von ALLMEN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TRUST (FV3 $6.00) faith and confidence in the Dharma DEATH & IMPERMANENCE (FV9 $6.00) how to live with the reality that death always catches up THREE PRINCIPLES OF SPIRITUALITY (FV18 $6.00) embracing the most important elements of the spiritual life: letting go, compassion, and insight PRACTICE AS CELEBRATION (FV21 $6.00) seeing our practice as an altruistic celebration of life CAROL WILSON ~~~~~~~~~~~~ GRASPING (CW1 $6.00) seeing how preconceived ideas create conflict with ourselves others. and what is RIGHT ATTITUDE (CW4 $6.00) removing the barriers between practice and non-practice, between our spiritual life and daily existence THE FOUR FOUNDATIONS OF MINDFULNESS (CW7 $6.00) developing understanding through awareness of the body, feelings, mind and contents of mind NON-GREED/DANA (CW12 $6.00) surrendering to the paradox of opening simultaneously to immense suffering and immense joy FAITH (CW13 $6.00) the art of balancing the intuitive experience of faith with wisdom USING ALL EXPERIENCE AS THE PATH (CW17 $6.00) looking at our willingness to use everything that comes our way as part of our spiritual practice WORKING WITH DIFFICULT SITUATIONS (CW22 $6.00) relating to adverse situations in a way that turns them into our path INNER CONTENTMENT (CW36 $6.00) paying attention to the habits that block our natural progress toward inner contentment REFLECTIONS ON FAITH (CW46 6.00) the qualities of radical trust and acceptance that support our practice BRINGING THE MIND HOME (CW48 $6.00) making the conscious choice for our own happiness and well-being ----------------------------------------------------------------- {4} BARRE CENTER FOR BUDDHIST STUDIES ----------------------------------------------------------------- LAMA SURYA DAS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTRODUCTION TO DZOG CHEN (SCSD1 $7.50) 1. Guided Meditation -- bringing one into the spacious awareness practice of the innate great perfection 2. Dharma Talk introducing the non-dual tantric teachings of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism GEORGE BOWMAN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE DIAMOND SUTRA (SCGB3 $16.00) bringing open-heartedness to the moment and to our practice JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NATURE OF THE MIND (SCJG1 $16.00) Part 1: combining guided meditation and inquiry into awareness of mind "truth discerning awareness" Part 2: questions and discussion on the subtle empty timeless nature of awareness Part 3: "the practice of freedom is the practice of stabilizing awareness" CORRADO PENSA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TEACHINGS OF MAHA BOOWA (SCCP1 $22.50) understanding the teachings of an important master of our time 1) setting the scene: the flavor of Maha Boowa 2) there is nothing wrong with our minds 3) the purity of ultimate ease and Nibbana ----------------------------------------------------------------- {5} MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS ----------------------------------------------------------------- BASIC MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS (LR18 $7.50) by Larry Rosenberg understanding meditation as a way of life in every situation at all times formal instruction in sitting, posture, breath, free attention, and walking meditation MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS -- AN OUTLINE (CT18 $7.50) by Christopher Titmuss 1) how giving attention to the present moment leads to greater self knowledge, instructions in working with the breath, with walking 2) THE GUIDED BODY MEDITATION -- a guided meditation on the breath and the movement of attention through the body INTRODUCTORY MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS (JK51 $7.50) by Jack Kornfield a discussion of calm & wisdom instructions in sitting, walking, eating; guidelines for retreats INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION (JK121 $53.50) by Jack Kornfield the whole course of meditation instruction including breath, body mind, eating walking & loving kindness practice, plus guided meditations in 5 parts COMPLETE VIPASSANA MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS (M2 SET $13.50) by Joseph Goldstein complete progressive experiential instructions in the art of Vipassana meditation: I. a guided journey exploring awareness of sounds, breathing and sensations II. mental noting without preference, resting in the silent awareness of the mind III. noticing intentions, the "about to moment" in the mind BIG MIND MEDITATION (JG78 $7.50) by Joseph Goldstein a guided meditation that encourages a mind of spaciousness and balance APPROACHES TO MEDITATION/GUIDED BODY MEDITATION (CF12 $7.50) by Christina Feldman 1) APPROACHES TO MEDITATION -- seeing into the belief in self so that our meditation does not simply enhance our belief in self and perpetuate bondage 2) GUIDED BODY MEDITATION -- a guided journey through the body, sensitively experiencing body as body, sensation as sensation METTA: LOVING YOURSELF (SS16 $6.00) by Sharon Salzberg developing lovingkindness, a talk and guided meditation GUIDED METTA MEDITATION (SS113 $6.00) by Sharon Salzberg a gentle guided journey using phrases that are personally meaningful and profound GUIDED MUDITA MEDITATION (MM61 $6.00) by Michelle McDonald-Smith a guided expression of empathetic and altruistic joy ENERGY MEDITATION/METTA MEDITATION (JO74 $7.50) 1) ENERGY MEDITATION -- a guided meditation using color imagery to generate and radiate energy throughout our being 2) METTA MEDITATION a guided meditation encouraging deep relaxation and an experience of "smiling into your body" FULL SITTING AND WALKING INSTRUCTIONS (B24 $6.00) by Steven Armstrong guided detailed sitting meditation and walking instructions BIG SKY MEDITATION by Steven Armstrong (B25 $6.00) a guided journey that encourages a tranquil and spacious mind METTA MEDITATION (SSM11 $6.00) by Steven Smith a guided meditation beginning with a short talk on the practice of caring for one's self with kindness and compassion as the first step in caring for others GUIDED MEDITATION INTO THE FULLNESS OF ANAPANA-SATI (V60 $7.50) by Vimalo Side 1: Longer version - Side 2: Shorter version [end]


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