ROSTER OF FAIRIES Taken From 'The Real World of Fairies' By Dora Van Gelder AIR FAIRIES Ar

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ROSTER OF FAIRIES Taken From 'The Real World of Fairies' By Dora Van Gelder AIR FAIRIES: Are of 3 general types. First are the sylph-type beings who inhabit the clouds and work with them.these are the sculpters of the fairy world. Next,there are the air fairies who are associated with the wind and storms. These air fairies are generally some 4 or 5 feet high, very shapely and beautiful. And last, there are the immense air spirits who live at high altitudes,who resemble great dragons with huge heads,long bodies and a long tail. They are centers of energy and power of some sort. ANGEL OR DEVA: These great angelic or radiant beings have markedly great intelligence. angels or devas help guide nature by their understanding of the divine plan. They direct the energies of nature and oversee the lesser faries under their care,such as those who might be in charge of wind or clouds, or of tree sprits, etc. EARTH FAIRIES: consist of four main types. Earth fairies are both on the surface and underground, which further divides the groups. On the surface, these fairies range from the physically embodied tree spirits to the small common garden or woods fairies. Rock fairies, or gnomes, are one of the types of underground fairy. ELEMENTALS: Are, literally, spirits of the elements. The creatures evolved in the kingdoms of elements-air, earth, fire and water-according to the kabbalists. They are called gnomes (of the earth), sylphs (of the air), salamanders(of fire), and undines (of water). h.p. blavatsky,in the theosophical glossary, explains that all the lower invisible beings generated on the 5th, 6th and 7th planes of our terrestrial atmosphere are called "elementals" including fairies, elves, leprechauns, dwarfs, trolls, kobolds, peris, devas, djins ,sylvans, satyrs, fauns, brownies, nixies and pixies, goblins, moss people, mannikins, and others who belong to this classification. FAIRIES: Are of four major divisions-air, earth, fire and water. there are those of the mineral kingdomes as well, such as the gnomes or rock fairies which would actually be classified as earth spirits or fairies. Fairies range in size from the tiny butterfly-size to 12 inch and 2 foot ones, up to the great sylphs and tree spirits and all sizes in between. FIRE FAIRIES: see salamanders. GARDEN FAIRIES: a most common kind of earth fairy. GNOME: an earth fairy, such as one who inhabits rocks. NATURE SPIRITS: Those creatures of the devic kingdom who care for the different categories in nature such as the air and wind,the growing plants, the landscape features, the water and the fire. ROCK FAIRIES: Sometimes called gnomes. Such fairies are to be found both above and below ground. The great rock fairies of the grand canyon are found no where else in the world. SALAMANDERS: are the form known as fire fairies. Some salamanders inhabit the underground volcanic regions as well as being involved in lightning and fires above ground. SYLPHS: Are a form of air fairies or beings who inhabit the air. They are large in size though not as evolved as those other great beings-devas. Cloud sylphs are involved with hurricanes. TREE SPIRITS: Are larger than woods fairies; tree spirits have a more physical body. UNDINES: The more classical or kabbalistic name for water spirits or fairies. WATER BABIES: Is a nickname for those small, happy creatures who are found near the shore and in the surf; water fairy, but different from those that live further out in the deep ocean, as well as those who dwell near streams, lakes or ponds.


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