14. On returning to East, strike Air three times before Tablet with dagger, then make a ci

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14. On returning to East, strike Air three times before Tablet with dagger, then make a circle with Invoking Pentagram of Air within it, then the sign of Aquarius for Air Kerubim in the center, intoning: 15. ORO YBAH AOZPY (EH-ROH EE-BAH-HAY AH-OH-ZOAD-PEE) VY PRYAZ OMAOAS DE ZONGON E VYN NONK DS KHYS GYGYPAH DE AR KYKLE. (VEE PAY-REE-AH-ZOAD OO-MAH-AH-ESS ZOAD-OH-NOO-GOH NOO AY VEE-NOO NOH-NOO-KEE DAH-ESS KAH-HEES GEE-GEE-PAH-HAY DAY AH-RAY KEE-KAH-LAY) 16. Replace dagger. Walk clockwise to North of Altar, take Pentacle, sprinkle salt three times before Earth Tablet, then circumambulate, intoning: 17. DOBYX YP ORS K KAOSG. SO AR ZYXLAY ADPHAHT AZYAZOR OD PAYD GOHOL AR YADNAH DE FABOAN. (DOH-BEE-EX EE-PAY OH-RAY-ESS KAH KAH-OH-ESS-GEE. SOH AH-RAY ZOAD-EX-LAH-EE AH-DAH-PEH-HAH-TAY AH-ZOAD-EE-AH-ZOAD-OH-RAY OH-DAH PAH-EE-DAH GOH-HOH-EL AH-RAY EE-AH-DAH-NAH-HAY DAY FAH-BOH-AH-NOO) 18. On returning to North, shake instrument before Tablet three times. Then make Circle with Invoking Pentagram of Earth within it, then the sign of Taurus for the Earth Kerubim in the center, intoning: 19. EMOR DYAL HECTEGA (EE-MOR DEE-AH-LAH HEC-TAY-GAH) VY PRYAZ OMOAS DE CAOSG Y VYN NONK DS KHYS BAYLE DE AR KYKLE. (VEE PAY-REE-AH-ZOAD OO-MAH-AH-ESS DAY KAH-OH-ESS-GEE EE VEE-NOO NOH-NOO-KEE DAH-ESS KAH-HEES BAH-LEE-AY DAY AH-RAY KEE-KAH-LAY) 20. Replace pentacle. Walk around Altar to West and then face East. Use thumb wand to make a Circle with both the passive and active Invoking Pentagram of Spirit within it, and intone: 21. EXARP, BITOM, NANTA, HKOMA (EX-AH-RAY-PAY, BAY-EE-TOH-MAH, NAH-AH-NAH-TAH, HAH-KOH-MAH-AH) VY PRYAZ OMOAS DE AR EMETGYS DE PYR, E VYN NONK MYKALZO DE MONASKY. (VEE PAY-REE-AH-ZOAD OO-MAH-ESS DAY AH-RAY AY-MAY-TAY-GEE-ESS DAY PEE-RAY, EE VEE-NOO NOH-NOO-KEE MEE-KAH-EL-ZOAD-OH DAY MOH-NAH-ESS KEY) 22. Make the Portal Sign of the Rending of the Veil. Stretch hands before you, then separate them sharply as if parting a curtain, then intone: 23. E VYN NONK, NOQUOY DE YAD YADON. (EE VEE-NOO NOH-NOO-KEE, NOH-KOO-OH-LAH DAY EE-AH-DAH EE-OH-EE-DOH-NOO) 24. Go to Northeast and intone: TA AOYVEAE KHYS AR LUKYFTYAS DE KAOSG. NOALN O SYSYON PA DE AR LUKYFTYAS DE PRYAZ AOYVEAE DE GAH. (TAH AH-OH-EE-VAY-AH-AY KAH-HEES AH-RAY LOO-KOO-EE-FEH-TEE-AH-NOO DAY PAY-REE-AH-ZOAD AH-OH-EE-VAY-AH-AY DAY GAH-HAY)


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