09-19-1987 Sun in Virgo Moon in Leo THE ENOCHIAN RITUAL OF OPENING BY WATCHTOWER 1. Stand

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09-19-1987 Sun in Virgo Moon in Leo THE ENOCHIAN RITUAL OF OPENING BY WATCHTOWER: 1. Stand at Altar, facing East, announce: PROKUL, PROKUL, ESTE PROFANY 2. Perform the Enochian Pentagram Banishing Ritual, using either the Air Dagger or thumb wand. 3. Perform the Enochian Hexagram Banishing Ritual, using unicusal hexagram. 4. Go to South of Altar. Pick up Fire Wand. Wave it three times in front of Tablet or Sigil, hold above head, and move slowly around the perimeter of room, deosil (clockwise) intoning: 5. OD MYKMA, NONKF URAN MALPRYG PYRYPSAX ANANAEL. SOLPETH PRYAZ BYA PRGEL. (OH-DAH MEE-KAH-MAH, NOH-NOO-KEEF OO-RAH-NOO MAH-LAH-PEE-AR-GEE PEE-REE-PAY-SAH-EX AH-NAH-NAH-EL. SOH-LAH-PAY-TAY-HAY PAY-REE-AH-ZOAD BEE-AH PAY-RAY-GAY-LAH) 6. On reaching South, shake fire symbol three times before the Tablet or Sigil, then make a large circle, tracing Invoking Pentagram of Fire within it, then sign of Leo as Fire Kerub in center, intoning: 7. OYP TEAA PEDOKE (OH-EE-PAY TAY-AH-AH PAY-DOH-KAY) VY PRYAZ OMOAS DE HUBAR, E VYN NONK DS KHYS DE YALPOR KIKLE. (VEE PAY-REE-AH-ZOAD OH-MOH-AH-ESS DAY HOO-BAH-RAY, AY VEE-NOO NOH-NOO-KEE DAH-ESS KAH-HEES DAY EE-AH-EL-POH-RAY KEE-KAH-LAY) 8. Replace fire symbol. Go to West, pick up Water Cup, sprinkle a few drops in front of Tablet or Sigil, and circumambulate clockwise saying: 9. AR DE I LO TABA AR DS VAUL PRGEL, Y VNYG ZYLDA DE AR DRYLPY ZUMBY. (AH-RAY DAH-ESS LOH TAH-BAS AH-RAY DAH-ESS VAH-OO-LAH PAY-RAY-GAY-LAH, EE VAH-NEE-GEE ZOAD-LEE-DAH DAY AH-RAY DAH-REE-LAH-PAH ZOAD-OO-MEE-BEE) 10. On returning to the West, sprinkle Water three times before Tablet or Sigil, and with cup make circle, with the Invoking Pentagram of Water within it, then the sign of the Eagle as Water Kerub in center, intoning: 11. EMPEH ARSEL GAYOL (EM-PAY-HAY AR-SEL GAH-EE-OHL) VY PRYAZ OMAOAS DE DRYLPY ZUMBY E VYN NONK DS KHYS MYR DE AR KIKLE. (VEE PAY-REE-AH-ZOAD OO-MOH-AH-ESS DAY DAH-REE-LAH-PAH ZOAD-OO-MEE-BEE AY VEE-NOO NOH-NOO-KEE DAH-ESS KAH-ESS MEE-RAY DAY AH-RAY KEE-KAH-LAY) 12. Replace cup. Walk clockwise to East of Altar, take Air dagger and strike three times before Tablet, then circumambulate, intoning: 13. KARS PRGEL Y MOLVY DE MYAM TA GYGYPAH. NONYG PRGEL YPAM OD YPAMIS, TA AR AZYAZOR DE BYA. NONYG TA MALPRG DE OLPYRT, MATORB SO MYKAOLZ MYKALZO. (KAH-REES PAY-RAY-GAY-LAH EE MOH-LAH-VEE DAY MEE-AH-MEE TAH GEE-GEE-PAH-HAY. NOH-NEE-GEE PAY-RAY-GAY-LAH EE-PAH-ME OH-DAY EE-PAH-MEE-SAH TAH AH-RAY AH-ZOAD-EE-AH-ZOAD-OH-RAY DAY BEE-AH. NOH-NEE-GEE TAH MAL-LAH-PEE-AR-GEE DAY OH-LAH-PEE-RAY-TAY, MAH-TAH-AR-BAY SOH MEE-KAH-EL-OH-ZOAD DAY MEE-KAH-EL-ZOAD-OH.


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