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CULT 011 DOES THE UNIFICATION CHURCH (MOONIES) TEACH THAT MOON IS THE MESSIAH For a long time the Unification Church has been denying that they teach that their leader, Sun Myung Moon, is the Messiah or Christ. However, if you read through their "120 DAY TRAINING MANUAL", it becomes very obvious that what they say is very different from what they actually TEACH concerning their founder and leader, Rev. Moon. The following selections are taken from this "training manual". The numbers in parentheses, following the quotes, are the page numbers on which the quotes are located. THE QUOTES "God and Father. Father is visible God. Therefore, practically, True Parents must be the best leaders in the world." (362) "St. Paul was a great disciple because he testified to Jesus as the Messiah. We are going to witness, to testify to Father as the Messiah." (375) "Sooner or later, position will disappear. There isn't even a Messiah in the Kingdom of God; Father will be unemployed as Messiah." (381) "Even a wife or husband--don't think, she is my wife or husband. Before she is your wife, she belongs to Father. Even your blessed child belongs first to Father and next to you. Father gave everything, so everything belongs to Father. If you can be one with God, you don't feel lonesome, because the only way to restore everything is to be one with God. If you can be one with God, you can give everything to God. Then you can be one with God, and you can own everything again." (382) "Then the man who found the fall of man, the secret fornication between the angel and Eve, must have been sinless. Rev. Moon found this. The man who found this must be sinless. Then he must be qualified to be the Messiah. Unless people can understand that Father is the Messiah, they cannot move in." (400) "no one can deny, without someone saying directly, that Rev. Moon is Messiah, but they can understand the truth. The first meaning of Messiah for us is how great it is, therefore, some mystery surrounding Father's life is necessary." (400) Computers For Christ has on file the address of the author of this file, Dr. Moriconi. If there is a proven need from a caller to consult with the author, we will provide this address. Photocopies of the pages can be obtained by sending $.50 a page to this ministry to be forwarded to Dr. Moriconi. Computers For Christ 997-2790 - Data Phone


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