NAME Mammon. The Golden Calf. SYMBOLS a golden calf. $ (also signs for the Pound, Yen, Mar

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NAME: Mammon. The Golden Calf. SYMBOLS: a golden calf. $ (also signs for the Pound, Yen, Mark etc...) USUAL IMAGE: Mostly bovine, male calfs and Bulls. HOLY BOOKS: If there ever were any in the past they have been destroyed however a good god is hard to put down, so that he can be found in the Wallstreet Journal, The Financial Times, Sears & Robuck catalog, Wealth of Nations, Forbes. HOLY DAYS: Main one use to take place between Dec. 12 to Dec. 25, but his followers have stretched this out so that the images, icons, and chanting of their high holy day now starts around Nov. first. UNHOLYDAY: One of the rare one's that has one of these, takes place (at least in the U.S. so this one can be thought of as sort of like Thankgiveing,an American based (un)holiday) on April 15 PLACES OF WORSHIP: the market place, Malls, Banks, the `pits' on Wall- street and in like centers of worship. Also like few other uptodate deities Mammon has gone vidio and has a televised worship place, and just like some others are served by the 700 club or Mtv, he is served on the religious channel known as the Home Shoping Network. MAJOR TABOOS: Don't get caught. Don't live home with out it. Giveing a sucker an even break. FORMS OF WORSHIP: BUYING!. spending. hording. dancing around a graven image (as Golden calfs are hard to come by today, this has mainly been replaced by such things as large boats, BMW's, and other types of cars. SYNODEITIES: Baal, Rockefeller, Nephthys, Trump, Scrooge McDuck. DETAILS: Mammon is the all-american deity, though he is just as well liked and worshiped the whole world over, an interesting bit of synchronicity is the way that the bull image and related images turn up to day, in the past a common foe of some bull deities was a tiger, and as you go west this foe becomes a bear. and on Wallstreet we still have bulls and bears, and the new myths about the war between the bull (capitalism) and the bear (communism) are well known to every one.


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