This is a Crystaline Journey, Your journey will bring you in touch with the healing stones

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This is a Crystaline Journey, Your journey will bring you in touch with the healing stones needed to align and balance your chakras. To prepare yourself for this crystaline journey you need to become very relaxed. Take a deep breath hold to the count of 3 and then release it slowly through your nose. allow yourself to breath normally but notice that you are becoming more and more relaxed with each breath. Consintrate on my voice and allow all noises and distractions to take you deeper and deeper into relaxation. (Pause) Imagine a beautiful white light surrounding your body, (pause) as the light baths your body it forms a protective bubble. Your body is becoming more and more relaxed as you feel safe and protected in your bubble of light. You are going to journey deep below the earths crust. To prepare for your long journey you may wish to first put on some special equipment. Imagine your self putting on any special clothing that you may need, you may disire to put on some work clothes, some heavy boots. take your hardhat along to protect your head. Take a leather backpack or sack and A light. Now you find yourself along a path leading to your crystaline cave. All around you are bright colors, the sky is deep blue and suns golden rays are touching you deeply. This is a very special place and you are glad that you are here. As continue on the path to the cave you may notice the green grass and the field of bright yellow daisys. You now find yourself at the enterence of the cave and it is time to begin your crystaline journey, so Turn your light on and test the beam. As you enter the cave you notice how dark it is, You are glad you have brought your light for it allows you to see your path clearly. You see a elevator shaft in front of you, and as you look more closely you realize there is an open sided elevator waiting to take you on your journey. As You enter the elevator it begins to move slowly down. You may notice as you look around all the different colors of the earth crust passing by you. As you go continue down you realize that you are going Down deeper and deeper under the ground, finally the elevator starts to slow down and then stops. You exit the elevator and start looking around, you notice that the air is fresh and the walls are dry and you feel safe. To the north you see a path carved through the rocks. You proceed to follow the path. As you walk through the cave you notice a light in front of you. As you approach you see the most beautifull rocks and crystals you have ever seen before, Stop and look around, (pause) Feel the energy and see the glow of the stones. You may see shining black stones covering the floor of the cave, on the walls you might notice some Garnet and Rhodonite or maybe you will see some smokey quartz. If your not sure of the names of the stones thats alright. You need of a few special stones for your base chakra. Look around and see what stones your attracted to. You have a strong desire to pick up these stones. What color are these stones and what do they look like.? Examine them closely and then place them in your backpack or sack. Continuing on you notice that there is more light ahead of you. This time your looking for stones for you your navel chakra. You may see Orange stones on the wall or maybe dark red stones to your left. You may see Citrine and Carnelian. Examine the stones closely and pick up what ever stones you are attrated to. Notice the color and what your stones look like then place them in your backpack or sack and continue through the cave. entering the next area you are looking for stones for your solor plexes. the light is even brighter than before, you see yellow and green stones all around you. Maybe you reconize Citrine the Peridot, if not what stones do you see and what color are they. Do you find a stone or set of stones that you feel would be good for your solor plexes? pick them up and place them away in your back pack and move on. As you enter this area the light is very soft and you realize your looking for stones for your heart chakra. Notice that the floor is covered with pink and yellow stones. you may see Moonstone and Green Adventurine or maybe you notice the rose quartz on the walls. Pick up what ever colors feel right for your heart chakra and place them away. Move forward now and enter the next area, you are looking for stones for your throat chakra. You may notice shinning blue stones, you may see turquoise or Amazonite or maybe you see Blue lace agate. Are you attarcted to a set of stones? What color are they and what do the stones look like. Find a stone or sets of stones that would be good for your throat chakra and pick them up and put them in your backpack. Moving on now, Notice how refreshed and energetic you feel, knowing that your backpack if full of these special stones. Walking along the cave you see stones of all shapes and sizes. do You may notice Purple or violet haze in the room. You are looking for stones for your Third eye. Do you see the sodalite or fluorite. What colors do you see? what do the stone look like? Place any of the stones that attract you and place once again in to your backpack. Your journey is almost complete Continue on the the next area and notice the light is very bright. in this room you will be looking for stones for your crown chakra, you may see clear crystal, golden stones, or did you notice the quartz on the walls. In This room you feel very light, and you notice a chair made from crystals in one corner. You may wish to sit down and examine the crystals in the room. As you sit down you notice some stones that attract you, what color are they ?and what do they look like? Pick them up and place them away securly in your backpack or sack. You feel very good and relaxed now so continue along the caves path. You notice a dim white light in front of you. As you approach it becomes brighter and brighter. Your eyes start to adjust to the light and you realize that you are coming back to this place and time. But before you fully return remember all the stones you have placed in your backpck or sack. You will be able to remember the colors, what your stones look like. You exit the cave and start to float back back back to this room to your body. You feel very good and you can remember your journey clearly.You may open your eyes slowly and move around as you feel it


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