FRATER PARZIVAL X Horus, Isis and Osiris in the Q.B.L. Charles Stansfeld Jones (well-know

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FRATER PARZIVAL X Horus, Isis and Osiris in the Q.B.L. Charles Stansfeld Jones (well-known as Frater Achad) remains one of the most influential modern Qabalists--his Liber XXXI held the key to The Book of the Law. As Parzival X he founded the first regular O.T.O. lodge in North America--Agap Lodge in Vancouver, British Columbia, from which the modern Agap Grand Lodge derives. While his Qabalistic teachings are sometimes ``unorthodox'' (the attributions of the Paths to the Tree of Life referred to in the following article are his own), they are unfailingly self-consistent--for example, the process described in this article may be followed using traditional attributions with interesting results. For an explanation of his system see his Q.B.L. (Chicago: 1923; reprinted New York: Weiser, 1969). The Equinox will carry selections from his unpublished writings in future issues.--H.B. LET US EXAMINE THE TREE OF LIFE again in order that we may further grasp its mystery, and how it comes about that the New Aeon is possible in Human Consciousness. We must use the language of time and space, but we shall be informed of the Spirit if our minds are open to the Truth. Horus, the Ever-Coming Son, is said to have appeared under many forms, as the Great Cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes progressed. The Complete Cycle is said to be 25,868 years; though in more ancient reckoning it was 26,000 years, when the year was taken to represent 360 days. 2,155 years represents one Sign of the Grand Zodiac, and every 2,155 years Horus appears in a new guise. About 11,030 B.C. he would have appeared in the Sign of Leo, as the Lion God. If we examine the position of this Path on the Tree, we find it unites Tiphereth and Netzach. It is my opinion that the consciousness of Humanity during that period would be particularly influenced by that Path, and that the flower of the race could not have held conceptions above Tiphereth. They may have obtained a glimpse of the Sun as Ruler of the Elements. About 8,875 B.C., Horus would manifest through Cancer, as the Beetle, and the summit of Human consciousness would be lowered. Thus, the age would seem one of retrogression, until Horus, dipping down to Yesod, re-ascended under the Moon's Influence thus entering Gemini. This seems indicated in the Tarot Trump ``The Moon'' where we notice the Beetle coming up from the Pool beneath the Moon. About 6,720 B.C. he entered Gemini and appeared as one of the Twins. Consciousness would balance that of the Leo period, and tend to ascend to Tiphereth. In 4,565 B.C. Horus entered Taurus, appearing as a Calf. Moses seemed to consider the worship of the Calf a retrogression, and we see that the Path of Taurus is again below Tiphereth. In 2,410 B.C. we find Him appearing in Aries, as the Lamb. This represented a distinct rise in the Race Consciousness, which however took on the Strong but Severe aspect of Geburah. This period was a Natural One, for the Consellation Aries, would coincide with the Sign of Aries in the Earth's Aura or Elliptic. The conflicting Time Cycles would be reconciled. Then in 255 B.C. we find him as the Fish, the Path balancing that of Aries, and having the Influence of Mercy predominating. Thus it was till 1900 A.D. when He appeared to enter Aquarius. But what a startling change. Suddenly we find Him on a Path uniting the Supernals of Wisdom and Understand- ing, and Their direct Influence made possible in the Minds of the Race. Not since the previous Golden Age 25,000 years ago had the Influence of this Path been felt. No wonder men looked to the Sun as the Father, and even in the Pisces period only understood the lower Aspect of Jupiter. Once again in this Aeon we are able to recognize the Great Mother of the Stars, and to discover the Secret of the Lost Father. There is also a Trinitarian Cycle of Father, Mother, Child, running parallel, so to speak, with this Tradition of the Evercoming Horus. It is the Natural Formula of Isis, Osiris, Horus, and is of Solar Origin. From 2,419 B.C. to 255 B.C. Isis the Mother was said to be the Predominant Aspect of the Trinity. Hers was the Office of Nature. She presided over the Natural opening of the Great and Little Years which both coincided. Then Osiris, Dead and Re-arisen, was the predominant object of Worship till 1900 A.D., and self-sacrifice and Renunciation were the principal esoteric formulae. In this present Cycle Horus is doubly predominant, so we see Him in his Dual Nature as Horus- Harpocrates. It is also interesting to note the character of Horus as Apophis the Avenger. The Isis, Osiris, Horus arrangement is quite the natural one for the course of events. Isis (The Moon) having taken the place of the Great Mother Nuit. But what of the Formula Iao, as Isis, Apophis, Osiris? If we make a list of several repetitions of the series thus: Isis Osiris Horus Isis Osiris Horus Isis. etc. and trace them back, we find the order Isis, Horus, Osiris, etc.; or Isis, Apophis, Osiris. Horus appears as the avenger Apophis to those who try to Go Back, or retrogress. He has to destroy them in order that they may be renewed. But as long as we go forward, we travel with the Ever Coming Son, who is after all our Destiny, since He is within each of us as the True Urge of our Being. This, then, is the secret of the Way of the Tao; step boldly out on the Path of Destiny, having aligned the personal with the Divine Will, and thus prepared ourselves for the acceptance of that Destiny. Keep ahead of the urge from behind, and it will not fret us. Then we become Free, Goers, Doing the Will of God upon Earth, Ever- Coming Sons of God. But if we attempt to lag behind to carry out some personal whims and wishes, Destiny catches up with us and forces us on. To those who willfully turn back and seek to avoid cooperating with the Divine Plan, Horus is the Great Avenger. Has he not said ``I am a God of War and of Vengeance. I will deal hardly with them.'' Thus at his Coming in 1904 he found the Race in a state of definite retrogression. ``Civilization'' met him as he advanced in triumph, and millions fell, without understanding what was happening. He still drives ahead in His Chariot, and millions more will feel his Force and Fire, until the Race recognizes that it must right about face, and cheer the Conquering Hero on. Then we shall have Peace and Rejoicing, and the Stern Warrior will seem as the Gentlest Child.


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