Date 30-Mar-87 2335 MST Subj APin 03/30 Hoosier UFOs CORYDON, Ind. (AP) - A national organ

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Date: 30-Mar-87 23:35 MST From: Executive News Svc. [76374,303] Subj: APin 03/30 Hoosier UFOs CORYDON, Ind. (AP) -- A national organization that investigates unidentified flying objects is checking into some strange lights that have been popping up in southern Indiana in recent weeks. The UFOs, described as glowing and blinking lights, reportedly appeared almost nightly for more than two weeks near Mickey Shawler's house. James Delehanty, a field operative for the Mutual UFO Network, spent two nights last week in the Harrison County community, investigating the reports. He and other observers saw several airplanes pass over, but nothing resembling the lights that had been reported. Ms. Shawler said the lights did appear last Thursday night, but not until around midnight, after the observers left. "It's so frustrating," she said. "It's almost like they didn't want to come with all the people around." But the lights have been seen by enough credible witnesses to generate an investigation by Delehanty's network, a 4,000-member international organization based in Texas. The group was asked to check out the Corydon reports by the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle. Robert Gribble, a spokesman for the center, said his agency is a clearinghouse for UFO information in North America and uses the Mutual UFO Network as its investigative arm. Ms. Shawler said she first saw the lights several months ago. The lights also have been reported by policemen and journalists. Witnesses have reported seeing as many as six lights or objects at one time. They are described as blinking lights in the sky or glowing orange balls. Ms. Shawler and at least one other witness have reported that the phenomena have followed their cars. "Everybody says, `Mickey, you're crazy,"' Ms. Shawler said. "But once they see them, they don't say that anymore." Jackie Carpenter of the Corydon Democrat was one of the skeptics until she saw the lights two weeks ago. Ms. Carpenter said the lights "hovered, rose, lowered, went sideways, disappeared and came back." "It was really weird," she added. Delehanty, a traffic manger with the Kentucky Air National Guard, said he plans to continue his investigation. He said other reports of glowing orange lights have also come in recently from the Indianapolis area and from Spencer, near Bloomington. Delehanty said the Corydon sightings were initially classified as "nocturnal lights," but may be upgraded to "close encounter I" ranking. Classifications for sightings are: --Nocturnal lights: unexplained lights in the sky at night that do not have a fixed movement and are more than 500 yards away. --Daylight disks: unexplained objects more than 500 yards away and seen during daylight. --Radar visuals: any unexplained sighting on radar. --Close encounter I: unexplained lights or objects within 300 yards. --Close encounter II: a sighting that leaves physical evidence, such as broken tree limbs or scorched grass. --Close encounter III: physical contact with aliens. --Close encounter IV: abduction by aliens. Copyright 1987 by the Associated Press. All rights reserved.


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