EARTH IS THE HOLY LAND by Winged Disk. Many pagans live in cities, or areas that have been

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EARTH IS THE HOLY LAND by Winged Disk. Many pagans live in cities, or areas that have been dominated by governmental/corporate energy. Some of us live near nuclear power plants, toxic wast sites, or other such sites. We feel a need to always "go out to a wilderness area" to work our magick because where we live has been "tainted". This belief that our magick is somehow less effective due to location can diminish our effectiveness. We need to evolve our belief systems. Earth is a divine being. We are Her children. Everything, all life on Earth is sacred. By consec- rating any part of Earth as a sacred site. we can help ourselfs know our divine essence functions effectively anywhere. We heal ourselfs, we heal the land when we reclaim/give areas "back" to the Earth. For example, a toxic waste dump appears to be dead, powerless, or corrupted. By dedication that land to the Earth and consecrating that land as divine we help Earth disturbed energy. An individual or group can transform an entire city into a Magickal land. Again. In all nows. On August 17, 1987, our group laid around the city of Birmingham, Alabama, a medicine wheel made of medicine wheels measuring 8000 feet across. We made Birmingham "a place of compacting power" for healing the Earth and Her peoples. We know we now live in a truly sacred Magickal land. We encourage any person or group to bless the Earth. Here is the ritual we used: Obtain a map of the area and a highlighter pen Draw your symbol on the map. We used our home as the center. Use any symbol which means most to you. a pentacle, an ankh, the Earth symbol, a medicine wheel, celtic stome circle, or whatever feels right. Decide where the "beginning" of the symbol is. For example since our home was the center of the medicine wheel, we created our home as a "mother stone" of the medicine wheel. List the street locations of where the symbol falls on the map. Or list where the 4 quarters or 5 points or whatever and center of your symbol are. Choose a time to consecrate the area. You may wish to visit the the sites prior to the actual time of the ceremony. By pre- viously checking each site we were able to find safe, legal, public land. On the day/time you have selected, each person and the group dedicate themselfs to healing the Earth and Her Peoples. Meditate, pray, call quarters, invoke dietys or whatever is your way. Then consecrate the area by Magickally "drawing" your symbol on the area. As you go to each site, maintain an awareness that you are blessing the entire area. Bless, dedicate, protect, sanctify each site you have selected. When you have completed the symbol, return to the center and visualize the symbpl over the area healing the Earth, Raise a cone of power to energize your creation and manifest wholeness. You may be amazed by the sites you find. We had Two country clubs, hospitals, and several schools among our "stones." If more than one group makes their symbol in an area SO MOTE IT BE! Earth will arrange the energy as She needs. We chose the Medicine Wheel because it is of the Magick of Turtle Island. We are all Earth. Each of our images have power. It is the power of All that is, Earth, AND the people which make the symbol holy. If you would like more information on this contact can be made by writing: Terry McCombs 4321-5th ave.south B Birmingham, AL 35222. phone (205) 591-6134.


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