ESOTERIC HISTORY BIBLIOGRAPHY As stated before in other prepared bibliographies this is in

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ESOTERIC HISTORY BIBLIOGRAPHY As stated before in other prepared bibliographies this is incomplete.This bibliography is an attempt to list the BEST (in this author's opinion) BOOKS that deal with the esoteric facets of history,spiritual groups and their influence,Atlantis,Egypt,Greece and other civilizations.Some of these books were or are published by academic presses. Some books overlap different categories so they are listed in the category where they have the most or most accurate information. I.ATLANTIS 1. Charles Berlioz: ATLANTIS, his best book it does not have as many specious arguments unlike his other books. 2. Otto Muck: THE SECRET OF ATLANTIS,one of the finest books ever written on the subject.He presents the BEST ARGUMENTS in favor of the existence of Atlantis this author has ever read so far. 3. Ignatius Donnelly: ATLANTIS:THE ANTEDILUVIAN WORLD,a CLASSIC TEXT,his 14 theses are the best concise arguments for the existence of Atlantis.Some of the "facts" he uses to support his arguments are now longer accurate in light of archeological findings through. 4. Lewis Spence: THE HISTORY OF ATLANTIS, some of the arguments are sound but not all of his conclusions though; but still worth investigating. 5. Lewis Spence: THE OCCULT SCIENCES IN ATLANTIS 6. Rudolf Steiner: ATLANTIS AND LEMURIA,RS's interpretation of the akashic records on the 2 civilizations. 7. James Bramwell: LOST ATLANTIS, a survey of theories and books on Atlantis written during the 1st third of the 20th century. 8. Edgar Cayce: EDGAR CAYCE ON ATLANTIS, the best psychic account on the topic outside of the Ageless Wisdom tradition this author has read so far. 9. Lyle Robertson: EDGAR CAYCE'S STORY OF THE ORIGIN AND DESTINY OF MAN, includes material on Atlantis and its relation to other civilizations. 10. W. Elliot-Scott: THE STORY OF ATLANTIS AND LOST LEMURIA, information obtained through astral clairvoyance (so it is claimed) some of the material is fascinating and some of it is accurate (in this author's opinion)reflects the author's own biases and it therefore inaccurate. - 2 - ESOTERIC HISTORY BIBLIOGRAPHY I.ATLANTIS 11. Charles Thomas Cayce General Editor: MYSTERIES OF ATLANTIS REVISTED, an excellent analytical study of the problem of Atlantis's existence;some intriguing circumstantial evidence. 12. W. Scott Elliot: LEGENDS OF ATLANTIS AND LOST LEMURIA, discussion of those civilizations combined with Leadbetter's clairvoyant observations on both topics. II.ESOTERIC GROUPS AND THEIR INFLUENCE 1. James Webb: HARMONIUS CIRCLE,an excellent well researched book dealing with the influence,impact and sources of G.I. Gurdjieff ideas. 2. James Webb: THE OCCULT UNDERGROUND,a survey of individuals and "esoteric groups" in America,England,Europe that have had some impact on public consciousness during the 19th century.Some of his conclusions are based on illusion but the book is well researched and worth study. 3. James Webb: THE OCCULT ESTABLISHMENT, a survey of some of the major and minor esoteric groups that have impacted institutions and the public in the 20th century up through 1970.Same comments above apply here. 4. Christopher Macintosh: THE ROSICRUCIANS, a well written researched book that deals with different sources of their tradition as well as groups and main sources of inspiration (in terms of texts) a must for any serious student of esoteric history. 5. R.A. Gilbert: GOLDEN DAWN: TWILIGHT OF THE MAGICIANS,excellent supplemental material on the GD from the angle of history. 6. R.A. Gilbert & Walter Birks: THE TREASURE OF MONTSEGUR, fascinating account and perspective on the Cathers and their Doctrines. 7. Bruce F. Campbell: ANCIENT WISDOM REVIVED A HISTORY OF THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT,an excellent accounting of it combined with in the opinion of this author a fair accessment of HPB,(this author has checked one of the sources and can verify the claim) he makes the point that THE SECRET DOCTRINE & ISIS UNVEILED are LOADED WITH PLAGIARISM.That doesn't negate the value of those books but raised legitimate questions about the nature of her "sources" for those books. 8. Geoffrey Ahern: SUN AT MIDNIGHT RUDOLF STEINER MOVEMENT AND THE WESTERN ESOTERIC TRADITION, wonderful overview of the Anthroposophical society and its contributions to society. - 3 - ESOTERIC HISTORY BIBLIOGRAPHY II. ESOTERIC GROUPS AND THEIR INFLUENCE (cont) 9. Frances Yates: THE ROSICRUCIAN ENLIGHTENMENT, a good account on the influence of Rosicrucian ideas in Europe in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. 10. A.E. Waite: THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE ROSY CROSS, 11. Francis King: RITUAL MAGIC IN ENGLAND,a survey of groups and philosophies in England in 20th century. 12. A.E. Waite: THE SECRET TRADITION IN ALCHEMY ITS DEVELOPMENT AND RECORDS,excellent historical examination of traditions and some of the key figures in alchemical tradition. 13. Eric Howe: THE MAGICIANS OF THE GOLDEN DAWN..., an excellent history of the Golden Dawn. 14. Cyril Scott: AN OUTLINE OF MODERN OCCULTISM,an overview and a superb definition of occultism and its relationship to different movements. 15. Edward Burman: THE TEMPLARS KNIGHTS OF GOD,a critical well researched book into the topic with references in several languages that explodes many myths surrounding that group. 16. Peter Partner: THE MURDERED MAGICIANS...,same comments about the book from 15 applies as well. 17. John Hamill: THE CRAFT - A HISTORY OF ENGLISH FREEMASONRY The bibliography alone is worth the price of this excellent book. 18. Alex Horne: KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE IN THE MASONIC TRADITION 19. Edward Dunning Editor: A.E. WAITE: SELECTED MASONIC PAPERS A collection of penetrating essays on the historical veracity of aspects of Masonic Thought and Tradition. 20. Michael Edwardes: THE DARK SIDE OF HISTORY, MAGIC IN THE MAKING OF MAN. A "typical academic biased viewpoint" but it contains a good but brief survey of some of the influence different schools of thought have had though out Western history. Source material in different languages. 21. Lynn Thorndike: A HISTORY OF MAGIC AND EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCE (8 volumes) a typical academic chronicle on the topic can be found in many university libraries.(1923 - 1958 years of publication) 22. D.P. Walker: SPIRITUAL AND DEMONIC MAGIC FROM FICINO TO CAMPANELLA. A historical study of esoteric philosophy during the Renaissance. - 4 - ESOTERIC HISTORY BIBLIOGRAPHY II. ESOTERIC GROUPS AND THEIR INFLUENCE (cont) 23. William Stirling: THE CANON. A brilliant exposition of the symbolism and philosophy of Sacred Geometry and its application throughout history. 24. A.E. Waite: THE REAL HISTORY OF THE ROSICRUCIANS,An analytical study of the Rosecrucian Movement.Some interesting observations. 25. R.J. STEWART: THE UNDERWORLD INITIATION A JOURNEY TOWARDS PSYCHIC TRANSFORMATION. An interesting perspective on the Western Esoteric Tradition and its role in literature,myth and oral tradition. 26. Joscelyn Godwin: HARMONIES OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. The finest book ever written so far on the spiritual dimensions of music in this author's opinion. Touches on music and its role though out history. 27. Gershom Scholem: KABBALAH. Contains a historical study of the topic as well. 28. Gershom Scholem: ON THE KABBALAH AND ITS SYMBOLISM. Also contains a history of the Kabbalah. 29. Manley Palmer Hall: MASONIC ORDERS OF FRATERNITY: a historical survey of Masonery and some of the individuals in it. 30. Norman G. Knight & Frederick Smyth: THE POCKET HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY, a survey of the theories through out history that account for English,Scottish and Irish Freemasonry. 31. J.M. ROBERTS: THE MYTHOLOGY OF SECRET SOCIETIES, an "academic study" of secret societies in the 18th and 19th centuries in all of Europe. 32. Rudolph Steiner: THE TEMPLE LEGEND,it contains information on the historical background of Masonery among other things.At least some of it is accurate. 33. Rudolph Steiner: OCCULT HISTORY,there is material on periods of history from RS's perception of the Akashic Records. 34. Nicholas Goodwick Clarke: THE OCCULT ROOTS OF NAZISM,a meticulously researched book explodes some of the myths about the connection.There was a connection however the exoteric records currently available make the degree of involvement of individuals and groups with the Nazi Party and SS debatable in terms of "historical proof". 35. Robert Turner: ELIZABETHAN MAGIC: An historical study of individuals and esoteric thought and its role in that time period. - 5 - ESOTERIC HISTORY BIBLIOGRAPHY II. ESOTERIC GROUPS AND THEIR INFLUENCE (cont) 36. John S. Mebane: RENAISSANCE MAGIC & THE RETURN OF THE GOLDEN AGE,A good study of the relationship of Hermetic philosophy to Marlowe,Jonson and Shakespeare and their creative output. 37. Charles Webster: FROM PARACELSUS TO NEWTON: MAGIC AND THE MAKING OF MODERN SCIENCE 38. Robert Reed: THE OCCULT ON THE TUDOR AND STUART STAGE, a study of the relationship of esoteric thought to the theater of the time. 39. Frank E. Manuel & Fritzie P. Manuel: UTOPIAN THOUGHT IN THE WESTERN WORLD,this includes a discussion of esoteric philosophers during the Renaissance. 39. Alan Debus: THE ENGLISH PARACELSIANS,the author is an academic historian specializing in the history of science. 40. Robert Kinsman Editor: THE DARKER VISION OF THE RENAISSANCE: BEYOND THE FIELDS OF REASON,a typical academic bigoted series of essays whose principle value is the research behind some of them. 41. Maria Luisa Righini,Bonelli,William R. Shea editors:REASON, EXPERIMENT,AND MYSTICISM IN THE SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION.New York: Science History Publications 1975. 42. K.M. Briggs: PALE HECATE'S TEAM: AN EXAMINATION OF THE BELIEFS ON WITCHCRAFT AND MAGIC AMONG SHAKESPEARE'S CONTEMPORARIES AND HIS IMMEDIATE SUCCESSORS. 43. Ion P. Couliano: EROS AND MAGIC IN THE RENAISSANCE, an "academic" view of the esoteric philosophies in the Renaissance and their relationship to the culture of the time. 44. Alan Debus: MAN AND NATURE IN THE RENAISSANCE,a study of the relationship of esoteric thought and the development of science during the Renaissance. 45. Alan Debus: THE CHEMICAL PHILOSOPHY: PARACELSIAN SCIENCE AND MEDICINE IN THE SIXTEENTH AND SEVENTEENTH CENTURIES 46. Alan Debus: THE CHEMICAL DREAM OF THE RENAISSANCE,another study of the relationship of esoteric thought and the development of science. 47. Jeffrey Burton Russell: THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS Radical Evil and the POWER OF GOOD IN HISTORY,an "academic" study of "evil" and its relationship to Western Culture. - 6 - ESOTERIC HISTORY BIBLIOGRAPHY II. ESOTERIC GROUPS AND THEIR INFLUENCE (cont) 48. Nigel Pennick: GAMES OF THE GODS,a study of games and their origins in esoteric philosophies and use in divination. 49. T.M. Luhrmann: PERSUASIONS OF THE WITCH'S CRAFT,an "academic" study by an anthropologist of the Higher and lower aspects of Western Esoteric Tradition. One of its flaws is it mixes Witchcraft together with ritual magic etc. 50. Robert Pincus-Witten: OCCULT SYMBOLISM IN FRANCE: JOSEPHIN PELADAN AND THE SALONS DE LA ROSE-CROIX, 51. William Irwin Thompson: DARKNESS AND SCATTERED LIGHT. EVIL AND THE WORLD ORDER.AT ATHE EDGE OF HISTORY. EXPLORATIONS OF A PLANETARY CULTURE. 52. Anthony West: SERPENT IN THE SKY. (an excellent account of De Lallers research into ancient Egypt) III. BIOGRAPHIES OF INDIVIDUALS 1. R.A. Gilbert: A.E. WAITE, an excellent biography on a seminal figure in esoteric history. 2. Andre VandenBroeck: AL-KEMI A MEMOIR, a penetrating biography of R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz. 3. Christopher Macintosh: ELIPHAS LEVI AND THE FRENCH OCCULT REVIVAL,a most read for serious students of esoteric history. 4. Frances Yates: GIORDANO BRUNO AND THE HERMETIC TRADITION,that woman had guts considering she was an academic and wrote books well worth reading that deal with the influence of esoteric thought and culture. 5. Katherine Raine: BERKELEY,BLAKE AND THE NEW AGE, 6. Katherine Raine: YEATS,THE TAROT AND THE GOLDEN DAWN 7. Jean Overton Fuller: THE COMTE DE SAINT GERMAIN...,the definitive biography on the man. 8. Alan Richardson: PRIESTESS THE LIFE AND MAGIC OF DION FORTUNE the book deals with (partially successful) with her "inner life and work".Not well written but interesting 9. Carr Collins & Charles Fielding: THE STORY OF DION FORTUNE,the definitive biography of the women. - 7 - ESOTERIC HISTORY BIBLIOGRAPHY III. BIOGRAPHIES OF INDIVIDUALS (cont) 10. Gregory Tillett: THE ELDER BROTHER,the definitive biography on Charles Webster Leadbeater. 11. Peter French: JOHN DEE...: the definitive biography on the man. 12. Betty Dobbs: THE FOUNDATIONS OF NEWTON'S ALCHEMY. The definition book on the impact of alchemy in Newton's work and life. 13. FRANCES YATES: SHAKESPEARE'S LAST PLAYS. A study on the esoteric influences in the bard's plays. 14. Katherine Tomson: THE MASONIC THREAD IN MOZART. An unusual book in that the author is a devote Marxist yet wrote a book showing the relationship of Masonery in Mozart's symphonies,operas and concertos. 15. Katherine M.Briggs: THE LAST OF THE ASTROLOGERS. A biography on William Lilly. 16. Palao Rossi: FRANCIS BACON: FROM MAGIC TO SCIENCE. An academic study of the relationship of esoteric thought (at least in part) to Bacon's life and work. 17. Joscelyn Godwin: ANTHANASIUS KIRCHER: A RENAISSANCE MAN AND THE QUEST FOR LOST KNOWLEDGE,a penetrating biography by one of the best writers ever on the topic of the hidden effects and philosophy of music. 18. R.J.W. Evans: RUDOLF II AND HIS WORLD: A STUDY IN INTELLECTUAL HISTORY, an overview the role that esoteric thought had in the court and life of Rudolf II. 19. Thomas A. Williams:ELIPHAS LEVI: MASTER OF OCCULTISM,an "academic" biography of the man. IV. ASTROLOGY 1. Dennis Tedlock: POPOL VUH. A study of Mayan astronomy and astrology. 2. Jack Lindsey: ORIGINS OF ASTROLOGY 3. Ropert Gleadow: THE ORIGIN OF THE ZODIAC. One of the best studies of the history of astrology available. 4. Jim Tester: A HISTORY OF WESTERN ASTROLOGY. 5. Wilhelm Wulff: THE ZODIAC AND SWASTIKA. An account by a person involved in the use of astrology during the 3rd Reich. - 8 - ESOTERIC HISTORY BIBLIOGRAPHY IV. ASTROLOGY (cont) 6. Franz Cumont: ASTROLOGY AND RELIGION AMONG THE GREEKS AND ROMANS. 7. David Pingree: THE YAVANAJATAKA OF SPHUJIDHVAJHA. An unusual book that traces the influence of some ideas from Indian Astrology through Western Astrology. 8. Malcolm Dean: ASTROLOGY GAME. 9. P.I.H. Naylor: ASTROLOGY A FASCINATING HISTORY 10. ANNABELLA KITSON editor: HISTORY AND ASTROLOGY Cleo and Urania confer. Several essays dealing with the history of astrology and its impact on culture.


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