\4\H TEMPLE OF THE ETERNAL LIGHT, INC. \5\I\h (An +quot;Omni-Denominational+quot; Fellowsh

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\4\H TEMPLE OF THE ETERNAL LIGHT, INC. \5\I\h (An "Omni-Denominational" Fellowship) \i is pleased to present \3\H HIGHLIGHTS OF "POINTS OF LIGHT" \5\h Vol#I 1988 POINTS OF LIGHT is the monthly newsletter of TEMPLE OF THE ETERNAL LIGHT. It is an open forum for anyone to send in articles, poetry, short, short, stories, comments, advertising or anything else. We nurture it to blossom into a cornucopia of fact, or fantasy relating to modern magickal living, spiritual growth and a network linking all members of our human family by a chain of fellowship. \3\I your growth is our growth! 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 HOW A MAGICKAL TOOL FINDS YOU! \1\i Choosing a Magickal Tool is actually not a haphazard selection of anything coming your way. The Universe aids you in selecting the Magickal Tool by having it attracted to you. This may appear inconsistent with knowledge of inanimate objects. But every object, Animal, Vegetable or Mineral, animate or inanimate, is embodied with the energy of its creation. Natural energy vibrates at a specific rate. By allowing yourself to be receptive you can tune your psyche to the same "channel" (for lack of a better word) as a prospective magickal tool and you will feel its attraction intuitively. With that in mind, and I mean this literally, you decide you wish to find an Athame. You visualize the knife vividly or even not too vividly. The desire for the knife is filed away into the realms of your subconscious mind. You may go shopping for the Tool. You may think about its purchase occasionally or consistently. Every time it appears as a thought or a thought picture, it reinforces your intent to locate and purchase this Tool. One day, you may be out walking, or driving, and you feel drawn to a particular shop. Or you may be in a shop and be drawn to a specific showcase. There before your feasting eyes is a knife that satisfies your requirements. Now, you think, Can I afford it? You ask the price and it is within your budget. Voila, the Athame is yours. You carry it home. Love at first sight. May I add, never do you bargain for a Magickal Tool. Should the price asked be too high refuse to buy it. It is not meant for you. Bargaining only generates negative vibrations surrounding the purchase which will disturb the rapport you need to establish with the Tool. (Why? ... read on!) \I\5 A SEVENTEEN COW WIFE There was a man in a Polynesian Country who was reputed to have paid seventeen cows for his Wife. This was an unheard of price. Wives were purchased for as little as 3 or 4 cows. Very attractive wives could be bought for, perhaps, five or six cows. The mere rumor a man paid seventeen cows for his wife was headline news and was spoken of throughout the Island. One day, I decided to visit this man and see for myself the attraction and beauty this woman had which would account for so high a price as seventeen cows. The man was an average Islander who earned his wages fishing all night and selling his catch at the marketplace. We sat speaking generalities while an average serving woman brought cakes and Tea. After a time, when formalities were completed I informed him of the reason for my visit. "Why", He exclaimed, quite surprised, "She is the woman who brought you the Cakes and Tea." Taken back, I replied, "But, I expected her to be beautiful considering how all the island is amazed at your paying seventeen cows for a wife." "Well", he acknowledged, " Custom has it that wives are purchased here on my Island. I saw many very attractive and desirable women sitting by as their future husbands bargained over her price. It is a matter of value. How would you feel if your mate-to-be sat before your family and vigorously haggled for the lowest price he could pay for you. When I saw this, I knew I would pay seventeen cows for my wife." At this point, she came out to clear the table. The smile on her face brought out the hidden beauty in an average appearing woman. I knew they were content. \i Anonymous \3 \3 \I A Lesson in Paradox 101 ... \i\1 "I" am but a character in a play directed by a director who "I am" who is far greater than the character who "I" am initially realizes. Moreso, the director who "I am", knows everything about the character who "I" am, even more than the character who "I" am knows about me. But, the character who "I" am who is me, knows little about the director who "I am". Moreso, it is the prime function of the character who "I" am who is me to learn about the director who "I am" and also about the character "I" am who is me. But, the character who "I" am doesn't always realize, if ever "I" realize, it is my prime function to learn that who "I am" is, is me. Moreso, the director who "I am" has provided a path for the character who "I" am to see who "I am" and realize who "I am" is, is me. Therefore, "I" am that "I am" which also means "I am" who "I" am and I am who I is, or is I? Actually, the director who "I am" is the same person as the character "I" am, or am I? \5\I What does this all mean? God only knows? That's the paradox! At this point go out and get ......Whee! \3 \I "enlightened" 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 \5\I Temple of the Eternal Light is centered in Brooklyn, New York, with membership located in throughout the United States. Its prime governing body is a Board of Trustees, which meet annually to select the Temple officers. \3\B\I Our Brooklyn center offers: \5 1. Weekly services in both Mystical and Earth religion traditions. 2. Individual and group workshops, or home study programs in our "Thirteen Tools Towards Enlightenment", Personal Growth, Caballa, Ceremonial Magick, Wicca, and Crystals. 3. Specially prepared "Spell" Kits, Incenses, Oils and Sachets por la Bathe 4. Hand Tailored Robes with or without Hoods, Natural Fiber only. 5. Banners of all types and styles for your Temple and Altar 6. Members are available for Psychic Healing and Readings in New York City and Boston Areas. 7. Civil and/or "Omni-denominational" marriage ceremonies performed by our Clergy. Choose one of ours or write your own. \3\I \B for information c a l l : (7 1 8) 4 3 8-4 8 7 8 \5\i or write: \ITemple of the Eternal Light 928 East Fifth Street, Brooklyn, New York 11230 \i \b \7 Yours in service, With wishes for Love and L.V.X. Rt. Rev. Jerome Peartree, Publisher Rev. Karen DePolito, Editor 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 \5\I AN EXCERPT FROM "THIRTEEN TOOLS TOWARD ENLIGHTENMENT".\1 THE TAROT CARD.."THE STAR" (see the "Rider" deck) \i The Magickian realizing Yesod/Moon within, can be compared to the Tarot Card, "The Star". The card shows a "Nymph" kneeling before a spring and pouring out two pitchers of water. The water from one falls upon the ground, the water from the other falls back into the spring. The card represents our aspirations. The "Midrash" states, "Man is Born with a pocketful of Stars and a pocketful of Ashes". The Stars to illustrate we are unique among God's creations. The ashes to show we are insignificant in the Grand Plan of the Universe despite our uniqueness. A little bit of pride and little bit of humbleness. A Person, (or Magickian) realizing the Sephira #9 Yesod/Moon within is, as yet, controlled by the events around him. He reacts rather than acts upon his Universe. Some of his actions/energy fails to attain his desired goal as the water from the Nymph's pitcher falling upon the barren ground. However, some of his workings are fruitful. The energy taps the universal consciousness as the water from the pitcher returning to the well-spring. Still, we aspire to greatness knowing one can regain the lost energy and begin anew. As the "Nymph" can dip her pitchers into the well-spring and fill them again. These are our hopes, our dreams, our aspirations of eventual fulfillment. \I This is the accomplishment of our True Wills. \3 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 PICTURE THIS: SIX FULLY DRESSED WITCHES STANDING IN A HOT TUB THE CAPTION...."SELF-CLEANING COVEN" \3 ILLUSIONS \5\I by Robert James Bernhardt \1\i There is an Illusion that ecstasy is an Illusion of enjoying Illusion, when ecstasy is Truth in expression to the extent that clear and direct communication is the only way ecstasy can manifest. There is an Illusion that communication is an Illusion of exchange of Illusion, when communication is the avenue through which Will projects ecstasy en route from imagination to manifestation. There is an Illusion that imagination is an Illusion about Illusion, when imagination is the arena for creating ecstasy and is the throne room of Will where a twitch of the Sceptre changes the Universe. There is an Illusion that Will is an Illusion of moving Illusion, when Will is an instrument for universally manifesting that which consciousness desires. There is an Illusion that desire is an Illusion of possessing Illusion, when desire is the emotive catalyst that puts Will in motion and is Purpose expressing itself harmoniously through an individual. There is an Illusion that love is an Illusion of emotionally giving Illusion, when love is a conceptual formula one must needs use when applying Will to avoid destruction of self and the universe. There is an Illusion that time is a reality that unveils Illusion, when time is the Illusion that gives the Illusion that all is not one, but is individual segments in biodimensional sequence with linear potentialities in space. There is an Illusion that space is a reality wherein Illusion portrays Illusion, when space is the Illusion that gives the Illusion that gives the Illusion that matter is the limit of experience, expression, and satisfaction. There is an Illusion that order is a reality that uses the real tools of time and space to measure Illusion, when order is the Illusion that gives the Illusion that chaos is not in harmonious existence with itself. There is an Illusion that chaos is an Illusion of orderless Illusion, when chaos is the order of ALL and is the only field of operation of free Will. There is an Illusion that free Will is an Illusion of choice of Illusion, when free Will is the proof that chaos exists. There is an Illusion that the universe can express itself through an individual using only one side of the Tao. Order demands the Illusion Chaos demands the of responsibility! reality of hierarchy! There is an Illusion that shared Illusion is a reality, when what that is real is the subjective movement in the moment, the value of which lasts no longer than the movement. Oh, the Virtue of the movement can be evoked over and over to attain, through application, satisfaction of one desire or another made up of one degree or another of Light and Shadow. Or it can be used to sail the Sea of Reminiscence in Oblivion. Or it can be used to transcend the Relativities and venture onto and beyond the Source where all wrought wonders are forged and indwelled with the Fire of Being and sent on monadic pathways through Chaos to manifestation. The course from subjective reality to an illuminated speck of dust. \5\I The work is twinkly business. 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 \3"A SEEKER OF ENLIGHTENMENT IS LIKE A MAN WHOSE HAIR IS ON FIRE RUNNING FOR WATER. NOTHING CAN STOP HIM! 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 This is the age of an ever growing awareness of inner light. Close your eyes and perceive its beauty. Listen inward to hear the sound of the universe. It is simultaneously humbling and elevating. Now is the time to reach out with love...to take a risk of rejection. One can always be cautious and remain hidden behind an emotional armor...shielding themselves from hurt. But, the same shield that protects also prevents love and warmth from reaching you. It is your choice .... You alone decide tomorrow. \3 \i DO YOU TRUST YOURSELF ENOUGH TO LOVE? BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL! \I 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 TO KNOW IS TO ACT. TO KNOW AND NOT TO ACT IS NOT TO KNOW BLESSED BE! \3\I A MODERN INTERPRETATION by Jerome Peartree \i\1 The three Great Patriarches of the Bible offer direct clues toward greater awareness and a clear Biblical relationship of movement up the Middle Pillar of the Tree towards the realization of enlightenment. Abram came from Ur of the Chaldees, (Genesis 11:31) once known as the thriving agricultural city of Sumaria. God changed Abram's name to Abraham (Genesis 17:4-5) which means "Father of Multitudes." Abraham had a son, Isaac. Isaac's son was named Jacob. These were the three recorded generations of Abraham. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the forerunners of the Israelite culture allegorically illustrate the Spiritual path. Hebrew mythos developed from uniting the wisdom of Abraham, from Ur, the first (western) civilization with the wisdom of Moses, an Egyptian Priest, privy to the knowledge of Life and Death. (Plus, several other cultures.) In Ancient Egypt, there were three great Deities: \5 AL ... The hidden One or Crown RA ... The Sun God ISIS ... The Moon Goddess \I AL became known as ALLAH of the Moslems and EL of the Hebrews \7 AL ... The Crown to EL ... The Crown, Sephira #1 RA ... The Sun God to Ab RA ham ... The Sun, Sephira #6 ISIS ... The Moon Goddess to Isaac ... The Moon, Sephira #9 s i s \i\1 The three Great Patriarches represent the Path up the Middle Pillar, the Mystical/Spiritual Path. These three steps lead the initiate directly toward the greatest awareness of enlightenment. But, what of Isaac's son Jacob, the last of the Patriarches. He dreamed of a Ladder extending from Earth to Heaven upon which Angels ascended and descended (Genesis 28:12). This Ladder is the Tree of Life. Genesis 32:24-30 tells of Jacob's wrestling with a Man who later appears to be an Angel of God. When Jacob fought successfully, the Angel changed his name from Jacob to Israel. (Is-Ra-El) = Moon-Sun-Crown. The Sephira of the Middle Path. The Angel is everyone's "Holy Guardian Angel", represented by the Path leading from Yesod, the Moon to Tiphereth, The Sun. He represents the conservation of energy flowing from the Magickian's efforts, all of which bear fruit. Jacob's new name, Israel (Isis-Ra-El) represents his path toward enlightenment, up the Middle Pillar. It is also our path. He wrestled with his Angel and won. So it is for each of us, to wrestle with an inner voice, initially disguised as the Voice of Doom. \I "Hey, You're no good. Not worth anything. Can't succeed." \i It is the critic, the skeptic, the doubter, the fear of living, the fear of dying, all fear, any fear. When the fear is finally confronted and accepted, it fades into the shadows of your mind. Give fear energy, by thinking of yourself a failure, and it grows. Focus on success, starve the fear and it dies. The choice is yours. No one will ever say the work is easy, but the rewards are great. Jacob was wounded on the thigh. Why on the thigh? Walking is affected. One limps when the thigh does not function well. It affects action. Every Egyptian diety was depicted with one foot forward. Each step we take brings us closer to the Light. Constantly remind yourself of this to aid you in maintaining and progressing with new attitudes toward Life. Winston Churchill: "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself". Make all your obstacles count as lessons in Living. Once an obstacle is transcended, the energy released is "willed" moving you toward greater realization of who you are.\ISo Mote It Be! 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 SINCE MY CAT LEARNED A "MANTRA" HE STOPPED GOING "MEOW". NOW ITS "MEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW" 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 \3\I\H temple of the eternal light \5\h\i (An "Omni-Denominational" Fellowship) \I P r e s e n t s \B \3 "THIRTEEN TOOLS TOWARD ENLIGHTENMENT" \5\b by: Jerome Peartree, D.Th. \h \i \5 A NEW original series of "HOW TO" lessons decoding ancient wisdom in easy to follow steps leading to greater awareness and richer, more enjoyable living. Each page is a Cornucopia of information dotted with Jerome's own style of humor. \3 1. Lessons will be sent monthly to anyone interested in developing a greater understanding of life and inner light. 2. Enroll NOW for a 12 lesson set. 3. Your answers individually reviewed by our staff. 4. All questions relative to the program are answered. 5. A diploma is granted upon completion. 6. Temple initiation is available to students deemed worthy by our Clergy. \3\I\H \B c a l l : (7 1 8) 4 3 8-4 8 7 8 \h\i or write: \ITemple of the Eternal Light \b 928 East Fifth Street, Brooklyn, New York 11230 \5\i Each informative lesson booklet can be yours for a suggested donation of $10.00 and a one time registration contribution of $10.00 \I\3 ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE: \iYOUR DONATION RETURNED WITHOUT HESITATION WITHIN 30 DAYS OF INITIAL ENROLLMENT. \5 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 Yes, I am interested in sharing your ideas. Enroll me NOW in your home study program entitled: \3 "THIRTEEN TOOLS TOWARD ENLIGHTENMENT" \1 Enclosed is: my check for: $20.00 or a $20.00 money-order NAME........................................ ADDRESS..................................... CITY...............STATE.........ZIP........ Please make all checks to: Temple of the Eternal Light\3 928 EAST FIFTH STREET, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11230 \5 (Personal Checks will be held for 20 days. For 3 day service kindly use a money-order) \I 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 \3\B\H\I thirteen tools toward enlightenment \1\b\h\i PARTIAL /旼TABLE컴컴컴OF커 PRELIMINARY / 쳐컴컴컴컴컴컴/ /旼핧ONTENTS컴컴/납 쳇쩟컴컴컴컴컴컫눴 납납 납납 납잎 납잎 잎 잎 \I LESSON #1 TOOL #1: BELIEF ... in yourself--in a Divine Essence 1. What is Magick? a. Intention b. Action c. How to Control and Direct Change 2. What is Low Magick? 3. What is High Magick? 4. An Introduction to Caballa and the Bible LESSON #2 TOOL #2: SKEPTICISM How to begin: 1. Protection (Important: Read and Practice this Section Carefully before beginning any Magickal work.) 2. How to Select Magickal Tools a. Why is a Magickal Tool Magickal? b. What are the Major Magickal Tools? c. How a Magickal Tool finds You. 3. Setting Up an Altar a. Altar Layout b. Items for Your Altar c. Essential Items d. Optional Items for the Altar e. Additional Useful Items 4. Purification a. Initially b. Self c. Magickal Tools d. Magickal Items 5. Consecration a. How to Consecrate Yourself b. How to Consecrate Magickal Tools c. How to Consecrate other Magickal Items 6. Reverence 7. The Sephirotic Tree ...."Otz Chaim", The Tree of Life a. What is a Living Symbol? b. What are the Sephira (Circles) on the Tree of Life c. A initial discussion of the Tarot Major Arcana and the Paths of the Tree of Life. TOOL #3: CONCENTRATION a. Candle method b. Clock method TOOL #4: VISUALIZATION a. Developing Mind Pictures Exercise 1. The Circle and the Dot. Exercise 2. The Sphere Exercise 3. Your Face Exercise 4 Beginning to Walk on the Etheric Plane. 8. A new Light on Adam and the Garden of Eden 9. The Wisdom of the Serpent and the Genetic Code. LESSON #5 TOOL #8: RITUAL 1. General 2. Candle 3. Planetary 4. Cain and Abel .... The "True Self" and the "Ego" \i 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 Please send me information without charge: 旼 읕 on membership in your Temple 旼 읕 on your home study program "Thirteen Tools Towards Enlightenment" (please type or print clearly) NAME___________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS________________________________________________________________ CITY & STATE______________________________ZIP Code_____________________ PHONE NUMBER_____________________________________


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