PERSONAL PROBLEM CAUSING DELAYS IN ANALYSIS ETC. This is a letter to tell you of my recent

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PERSONAL PROBLEM CAUSING DELAYS IN ANALYSIS ETC. This is a letter to tell you of my recent experiences that might explain some unusual things that have happened around me. It seemed to have started when I had a bout with the old Asiatic Flu around the 1st of April. On 22 June 90, I had congestive heart failure where I was huffing& puffing like running a 10 mile race after any physical exertion. There was no pain or dizziness with it. On entering the hospital through the emergency room, they put me in an intensive care unit. There they sta- rted wringing fluid that had been collecting in my legs etc. by diure- tics and other powerful water reducing medicines. My weight under this procedure went from 207 to 181.4 while having to stay in bed from 6/22 to 7/1. They then transported me by ambulance to Sierra Medical Hospi- tal in El Paso Texas. On 2 July 90 @ 8am, I had open-heart surgery to replace my heart's mitral valve with a synthetic (St. Jude 31) replacement. They had to open the rib cage to get to the heart area. This left only a soreness after the operation. During and after the heart surgery, several stra- nge things happened which may have been coincidental. After the surg- ery my weight went from 187.4 to 191 of water. This had to be wrung out with medicine. The problem was that my intravenuous Hepperin had been switched to D5W which was 95% water by someone in error. Later when they pulled out the intravenous needles to prepare me for going home Sunday, a strange thing happened. During the night pulse and blood pressures readings were taken with a faulty machine that indi- cated my pulse was rapid. That Saturday morning a nurse had to reest- ablish the intravenous entry for emergency medicines to slow my heart down. About noon after many syringes of these heart slowing medicines, the head doctor was making his rounds and listening to my heart when my telemetry hookup indicated an emergency. There were about 4 6footer doctors grabbing for emergency syringes and at me for target sites when the head doctor said, HEY WAIT A MINUTE!! I WAS LISTENING TO HIS HEART THE INSTANT YOU CALLED EMERGENCY AND I HEARD NOTHING WRONG!! I want the records of this activity to document an instrument problem. After that they had to flush my body of those heart slowing chemicals to release me on Subday 8 July 90. Since that day I have been on a slow recovery schedule. I must be careful not to do movements which could harm the chest area in reknit- ting the rib bones. They were surgically wired together as part of the operation. Under some movements, I can feel them give a little bit. It will take months for those rib bones to completely reheal. One strange thing happened which has a spiritual implication. My wife, Cosette, was worrying over my condition and doing everything right. She lost much sleep over it. This triggered a heart attack in her, Angina Pectoris. The ambulance medics and doctors kept her in the hospital over the weekend giving her the right medicine combina- tion to stabilize her heart condition. Meanwhile the Home Nursing put me on 24 hour nursing care (total 50 hr @ $8.50 /hr) to prevent cardiac complications in me due to my emotional attachment to Cosette. This 50 hours of care on me was anonymously paid for by someone or group! Cosette and I are deeply humble and grateful to these person(s) for their generosity. Ken Willoughby


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