To Rich Harper Msg #10, 27-Feb-88 0241 Subject Hawaiian Myths Just some loose info re Hawa

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From: John Shklov To: Rich Harper Msg #10, 27-Feb-88 02:41 Subject: Hawaiian Myths Just some loose info re Hawaii/Hawaiian mythology etc...The Hawaiians of old had no written language so everything had to memorized and passed down from teacher to pupil. Comparing chants from different parts of the pacific show amazingly little change took place in this word of mouth process. Some cultures seperated by thousands of years (carbon-dating gives clues as to when migrations took place) have almost identical chants!(recorded when whitey came on the scene ) All knowledge was passed this a result they were a culture of specialists. Each kahuna specialized in a specific aspect of knowledge, be it medicine for healing or for killing or fishing methodology or warfare. They believed in a highself a midself and a low self much as in Hinduism. Different Gods represented different aspects of life and had power over different times of the year and different activities. For example Ku, was the God of war and represented the forces of death. Lono represented the agricultural cycles and the power of life and renewal. In themind of the Hawaiian these were just two aspects of the same totality. Hawaiians had a VERY structured society and a set of rules that MUST be obeyed or one risked death or some worse punishment...eyeball gouging, torture etc..The upper classes got better food and after many generations of superior victuals and intermarriage they became significantly larger and stronger. These upper classes ruled by force and superior warfare skills. One of the special areas of knowledge that the Alii or upper classes concentrated upon was the skills and technology of war. They passed these skills down to their men children. Women were disfranchised and although the bloodlines were passed thru the women they didn't even get to eat at the same mat as men. The Hawaiian mythology got mixed in with western mythology when the missionryscame to bring their word to the PAGANS. As a result even today there are many misconceptions as to what the real beliefs were"pre-contact"as they say. For example, heres a funny story that illustrates that fact; When Fordandder was interviewing Hawaiians last century he asked who built"that" structure and who built "those" walls etc. Tiring of his repeated queries the chief answered "oh it was the mana-hune"(litterally translated it means the "people with little mana or power") Fordenander seized on this response and said "little People", how big were they? were they small? etc etc.... ignorant xtian missionaries. pleasures right under the noses of theiribeThe --- * Origin: Kauai1 - Aloha (Opus 1:12/4)


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