The following information appeared in the Aries 1987 issue of Welcome to Planet Earth, Mar

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The following information appeared in the Aries 1987 issue of Welcome to Planet Earth, Mark Lerner - publisher (The Great Bear, P.O. Box 5164, Eugene, OR 97405, 503-683 1760). A monthly magazine of astrology whose twin keynotes are: "Transpersonal astrology as a path to enlightenment and the planetary heart. Lighting the way for America and the world community of nations into a New Age". It concluded an interview with Dr. Jose Arguelles by Barbara Hand Clow concerning the Mayan Great Cycle. Ms. Clow is editor at Bear and Company who just published a book by Dr. Arguelles titled 'The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology' and urge anyone seriously interested in the upcoming events to get a copy. (Available from Bear and Company P.O. Drawer 2860, Sante Fe, N.,M. 87504 1-800-WE-BEARS) HARMONIC CONVERGENCE: AN ALL-POINTS ALERT BULLETIN Harmonic Convergence, a planet art event of unprecedented scale, dubbed "the biggest global art happening ever," scheduled to occur August 16-17, 1987, will be performed by artistically inspired people at numerous sites world-wide. The purpose of Harmonic Convergence is to create a global signal of synchronized human intention acting on behalf of a positive future for planet earth. From tribal villages to urban industrial centers, the success of Harmonic Convergence will depend on community grass-roots efforts that draw upon celebratory endeavors and collective artistic outpourings of all kinds. Concerts, ritual, dance and theater events, kite flyings, and outdoor extravaganzas of every sort will create a global village fair woven together by electronic media into a unique celebration that promises to raise the human spirit through a single collective experience. The purpose of extending the event from Sunday, normally a holiday, into Monday is to demonstrate that the celebratory nature of human experience can be expanded into all aspects of everyday life. According to one of the promoters of the event, Dr. Jose Arguelles, of Boulder, Colorado, Harmonic Convergence will pick up where Earth Day left off. While Earth Day in 1970 launched the ecology movement and a new awareness of "spaceship earth", Arguelles explains Harmonic Convergence will launch an even more significant awareness - that of earth as a living, conscious organism. "We humans provide the nervous system of this organism, earth," Arguelles philosophizes, "and right now earth is saying, 'Hey! The way things are going I'm a nervous wreck. Do something different!'" The impact of the perception of the living earth on our planetary role and purpose, according to Arguelles, will have far-reaching effects on the course of our social evolution. Adds Arguelles "Nothing else has worked thus far in solving the problems of militarism, environmental pollution, and social discontent, so why not give art, artists, and the creative spirit a try?" For more information contact: Planet Art Network, P.O.


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