The following letter from UFO investigator Bob Oechsler appeared in the May 12, 1988 issue

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The following letter from UFO investigator Bob Oechsler appeared in the May 12, 1988 issue of the Gulf Breeze Sentinel. --------------------------------------------------------------------- "An Open Letter to the Citizens of Gulf Breeze" Dear Gulf Breeze Citizenry: For those who don't know me or my contributions to the investigation of UFO related activity in Gulf Breeze, I am a UFO Investigator/Reporter from the Annapolis, Maryland area. My involvement in your local sightings case has been quite extensive with well over 100 hours of research and telephone interviews with investigators, witnesses, photographers, meteorologists, path- ologists, technologists and the media. I've been reporting the events on radio in Baltimore and have included "live" interviews with Ed, Duane Cook and others. I have battled the skeptics and have reported my findings to the UFO Intelligence Community. During this period of time, I have had to investigate numerous sightings of UFO activity in the Annapolis Bay Bridge area which has served to limit my otherwise total involvement in the Gulf Breeze Sightings. Please be assured that not all "distant experts" are scientifically critical of the extraordinary events that have been occuring in your peninsula city. Before getting too far into this letter, allow me to set the record straight on one issue of significance to no one by myself. Mr. R--- S------- is not a resident of Annapolis, Maryland. You remember RS, the author of a report with a Strange Breeze blowing through his head whose Psychic Premonitions lead him to believe that The Sightings were all an elaborate hoax. Mr. RS resides and receives his mail in College Park, Maryland, some 35 miles from the quaint little peninsula capitol of the state of Maryland which so happens to be the city where I call home. And so now you see the reason for my interest in setting the record straight. It should be noted that statistically speaking, there are now on record over 50 sightings of UFO activity in the Gulf Breeze area that have no connection to the noted photographer Ed. There are now on record five photographers of UFO's only one of which has not been in direct contact with MUFON investigators. There is now re- ported to be a second video tape of a moving and hovering UFO; the photographer is in no way related to Ed. And, there are over 100 witnesses of sightings who have asked to file reports, with some accounts involving five and six witnesses. Remember the "Jan Tide" with the funny looking blimp of radar equipment floating about in Pensacola Bay that was suppose to leave in late January or early February? Well you may have noticed that it is still there over 90 days later. And, in case no one has noticed, there is now a similar companion vessel out there with the insignia NASA on the side. Let's also not forget about that cute little Army vehicle with the 150-foot telescoping RADAR globe that had to be moved out of Ft. Pickens due to excessive curiosity of visitors. A civilian employee of Pensacola NAS has reported that there are now 18 of those RADAR vehicles operating in the Gulf Breeze area. What does all of this mean? We're checking the records, but it is doubtful that there has been a significant increase in drug smuggling activity in the area. Why has the Network News Media taken such a hands-off approach to reporting these events outside of the Pensacola area? Is there Government INTEREST in this case of UFO activity? Is the Government turning some subtle screws to clamp down on exposing what's really happening here? If so, WHY? The answer may lie somewhere in the MJ-12 documents that I've enclosed with this letter. These documents have been available for over a year now, and have been widely published in their entirety in (among others) The Danville Newspapers in Pennsylvania and at least one major newsletter out of Cranston, Rhode Island. Experts who have researched these documents thoroughly say they are authentic. A memo from President Truman makes direct reference to the MJ-12 operation. There is more, much more, but this should be enough to encourage any doubters out there that UFO's are REAL. Their purpose is now fundamentally known. We may be powerless to stop it, although some experts feel otherwise. A letter to the President of the United States was mailed today along with correspondence to several members of congress and the Senate. The purpose is to seek official help in matters related to the Gulf Breeze Sightings. Matters that involve the purpose behind the visitations. Help is very much needed here. Although exceptionally competent as I stated in my report to the UFO Intelligence Community on April 21, 1988, there are but less than a handful of part-time qualified investigators available in the area to handle the massive workload. Scientific monitoring and evaluation by civilian technologists is all but vacant here, except for the exhaustive efforts of Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D. The reassuring hand of Budd Hopkins has been quite welcome therapy for those in need, but it is not nearly enough. Will help be on the way? We'll keep you posted as the gears and cogs of our bureaucracy oil up for action. The critics and skeptics will not be able to sweep this intrusion under the carpet with the guise of a hoax for long. Our prayers are with you and all whose lives have been changed forever. Bob Oechsler UFO Investigator/Reporter


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