This is a copy of the first draft report regarding the Group Telepathy Project to be condu

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This is a copy of the first draft report regarding the Group Telepathy Project to be conducted in conjunction with HUFON's experiments. I originally wrote this report to send to HUFON as an outline of our basic plans. I hope that anyone that is interested will get involved. I think the report is self explanitory, but any questions can be sent to me via E-Mail. DATE: April 27, 1993 TO: Derrel Sims, HUFON FROM: Robert Shepherd RE: Group Telepathy Project Preliminary Ideas: During the month of March, Compuserve Ufology section leader David C. Brune, of the New Age forum, posted a message asking members for ideas on contacting the aliens in peaceful manner while making positive contact in the form of photographs or visual recording media. I suggested that a group approach be taken utilizing the methods of other organizations, but on a larger scale. Other groups have attempted telepathic contact, but with limited success. It is possible that a large number of groups concentrating on the same subject at the same time could be used to attract the attention of the aliens. From this point after many discussions with various persons a plan for executing a Group Telepathy Project has evolved. For the sake of time, the Group Telepathy Project will now be referred to as GTP. A large number of people have shown a great interest in this project including people from across the United States, Canada, South America, and the United Kingdom. Various concerns and suggestions have been voiced. The largest concern is of the safety of the members. It has been decided that there is a possibility of being abducted during this experiment. For this reason all participants will be warned of this possibility before the experiment is continued. The following is a outline of the major points of this project and a suggested order to be followed: NAME: GTP, Group Telepathy Project PROJECT: Group Telepathy Experiment #1 DATE: June 12, 1993 DESCRIPTION: The GTP is an experiment in telepathic communication with other intelligent life forms. It is presupposed that our planet is being visited by intelligent creatures of unknown origin and that by and large their communication method is telepathic in nature. For ease of communication on the part of this outline, I will refer to theses creatures as aliens. Basically the experiment will consist of small groups of interested individuals that will meet together on the night of June 12th. These groups will concentrate on a given topic and center the bulk of their attention towards the aliens. Video, camera and audio equipment will be present in an attempt to record any events that may occur. PURPOSE & GOALS: 1. To make telepathic contact with the aliens. 2. Make verbal contact if they make themselves known at the location. 3. Make visual contact including a permanent record such at video or photography. 4. Give the aliens positive evidence that an intelligent initiative is being taken by the life on this planet to make contact. 5. Give the aliens a sign that our people are getting organized and that a state of international communication and organization has begun. PROCEDURES: 1. Safety must be our foremost concern. Every precaution that can be taken to ensure that all members remain safe will be taken. All members will be informed before the beginning of the experiment that current data suggests that an abduction of some or all members could occur. Special warnings will be given to those that have never been abducted before. We have no intention of inducing the trauma that an adult would conceivably go through from a first time abduction at an age after an understanding of the current reality of ones environment had developed. 2. The majority of the members of this project are users of the computer service Compuserve. For this reason all planning meetings will be held in the Formal Conference Room of the New Age forum under the Ufology section. Members may also be notified of upcoming experiments through Electronic Mail on Compuserve. 3. Leaders will be selected from each host town or region. That person will lead their own group through the experiment and will report any findings back to Robert Shepherd, coordinator or David C. Brune, section leader of the Ufology section in the New Age forum. 4. Groups will meet prior to the June 12th run at the discretion of the group leader. I am suggesting that a meeting occur with the leader and group members so that questions and concerns can be aired and then discussed by the group leaders before the first run. 5. Once all members have been informed of all dangers and those that no longer wish to participate are away from the area of the experiment, meditation on the given subject can begin. 6. One or more persons should be operating cameras and watching the sky for any craft that may approach. 7. I strongly suggest that any people not involved with the project that may come into the area be advised of what is happening and be asked to leave if they do not wish to participate. 8. Meditation on a single statement will occur during the time of the experiment. At this time I suggest that the statement read as follows, "We know what your doing, come." The meditation should be centered toward the aliens. Meditation will continue for approximately two hours depending on the result of the experiment. 9. In case of bad weather, the experiment will be moved indoors or to a partially covered structure to protect the members from the elements. The outline above contains the general ideas and thoughts of how to run the Group Telepathy Project experiment. Things in this outline may change as ideas concerning this project evolve. The report does not in any way express the opinion of Compuserve or any other associated organizations. Any ideas and suggestions will be received openly and I would like to hear anything you have to say about this report. Sincerely, Robert A. Shepherd, Coordinator, GTP CIS 71174, 324 2508 Melody Ln. Tyler, Tx. 75701 Distribution: This report will be distributed to any interested individuals. If you receive this report and know other people that may be interested, please feel free to distribute this report as needed. Last Minute Note: May the 3rd, Today I was made aware that some people may be considering capturing, or trying to injure or destroy aliens and their craft if this experiment is successful in attracting them. I strongly advise against any actions of this kind. I feel it would be an act of war and I for one don't want to see a intergalactic war begin on this planet. This experiment has peaceful purposes only, acts of aggression will only prove to undermine the work of hundereds of people who have donated there lives and time to the purpose of getting to the bottom of what is going on. Rob


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