Date Sun, 12 Jun 94 0743 EDT Subject Conversations with God +gt; I was wondering if you wi

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Date: Sun, 12 Jun 94 07:43 EDT Subject: Conversations with God > I was wondering if you will send me the last two Conversations with > God, to distribute to people on the nets. I just saw a bunch of > prophecies that folks have been getting about this month. > Glenda #1 - May 1994 I have called you to a place of obedience to me that you have never been to before, says the Lord. And I will deliver you from your adversary. I will purge the sin from your camp. I will cleanse you from your unrighteousness. I will establish you in the work to which I have called you. And I will give you a Holy boldness to do and say whatsoever I command unto you. For I am the Lord your God. I called you from the place of worldly pursuits into a most Holy attitude of the heart. I desire worship and obedience unto me. I long for even greater and deeper levels of intimacy with you. I will be Lord over every area of your life. I am high and lifted up. My Kingdom is not of this earth and my ways are far above your ways, says the Lord. But I desire that you understand my heart. Yield unto me and see if I do not establish this word unto you. For I am the Lord your God and I will this day begin to bring these things to pass, says the Lord. #2 - May 1994 My words through you when spoken by faith are powerful, says the Lord. They are as if I had spoken them forth from my very lips. As you abide in me and yield yourself as a vessel submitted to my purpose and my will, you will call things that are not as though they are and I will then bring them to pass. Your words then are as my words. And they will not return unto you void and empty. But I will energize them with Holy Fire and cause them to heal, and restore, and tear down strongholds, and reprove, and instruct, and correct, and bind, and loose, and declare my Glory. Abide in me and you may ask what you will and I will do it, says the Lord. #3 - May 1994 Come to the waters, says the Lord, and drink of my goodness. For I have much for you to drink of. I have a plan for your life that has been tailor made just for you. It is a plan that no one else can walk out, only you. I have many gifts for you that you will need along the way, says the Lord. And I desire that you walk with me daily and allow my power to flow out of you to those in need. They are increasing among you, and they have need of what you can impart to them. So allow my living water to flow freely from you. I would have you stay refreshed as you walk out the plan I have for you. If you do and say what I tell you, and do not walk your own way, then you will not weary in well-doing. You will not tire of the race you are running. Rather you will be continually renewed by my Spirit, and refreshed by my water. And I will be your strength, says the Lord. #4 - May 1994 My Spirit will soon roar across the earth, says the Lord, and I will consume the chaff. For I will come as a roaring fire to consume all sin. Great fear will come upon the ungodly among you, and many will die as their hearts fail them. For I will no longer tolerate the hidden agendas of man, and the sins of this generation. My people who hear my voice will embrace this new dispensation. For I am raising up my true church from the rubble of prosperity and the false shepherds, and will cause it to arise as my pure and Holy Bride. My anger is kindled against this perverse and tiresome generation. I will raise my standard in your midst. You who are still playing church have not yet discerned the times and seasons. I will destroy every such institution of man and exalt my faithful servants. Are you so blind that you have not yet seen the noose of persecution closing in on you? Are you not watchful of the times and seasons? Can you not sense the coming fall of the religiousness that have become easy doctrines and comfortable to man? I am beginning even now to shake every institution of man. Those who walk in faith will turn their faces into the wind of my Spirit and embrace the fire. Those who walk in fear will turn their backs to me and hide their faces. Those who walk in faith will not be burned. Those who walk in fear with be consumed. For I will have my people be overcomers. They will not walk in pride. They will not walk in fear. They will not walk in their own agendas and traditions. They will be an Army of Holy Spirit empowered servants who will usher in a great revival. For I am not yet finished harvesting of this generation, says the Lord. Seek me daily that you may accurately discern the times and seasons, and know that the harvest is near. #5 - May 1994 Fear not for I am with you, says the Lord. And if I be for you, who can stand against you? I am your deliverer. I am your healer. I am your provider. I am always there for you. I am your light and your salvation. Whom do you fear? Have I ever let you down? Even while you were in the desert, I was there. When you were in the world and turned away from me, I was there. You are my delight. I love you with an everlasting love. I search you out even in the deep places of the earth to raise you up and restore you to a place of fellowship with me, says the Lord. Do not be afraid of man. Do not fear the work of the Holy Spirit in and through you. Many of my children fear my power. That is not as it should be, says the Lord. For I desire to empower you for the work I have called you to. You are ministers of righteousness and you need all that I intend for you to have, says the Lord. Do not fear the devil. I have already defeated him. Do not fear the face of man because none shall stand against my servants. Do not fear the future for I am your future. Do not fear lack, for in me is all your provision. But look to me in everything. Roll all your cares to me and see if my words to you are not sure. For I have spoken it to you, and I will do it, says the Lord. Have faith in God. #6 - May 1994 Prepare your hearts, my children, for I am moving in your midst. My eyes have turned away from the slaughter of children. Their blood cries out from the earth for vengeance. My anointing has been removed from the unfaithful and self-serving shepherds. My protection has been lifted from those who follow after the angel of light. And the darkness grows even darker for those who perform diverse perversions in secret. The time is at hand. The greatness which graced America as part of my blessing is no more. You serve many gods, yet you have rejected the one, true God. You are a nation of many beliefs, yet you have no faith. While I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek me, I also have just rewards for you who oppose me. I am Jehovah and I will no longer smile upon this unholy nation. Behold I am flexing my arm of righteousness and am raising a standard over this nation like a banner for the whole world to see. The false security offered by false gods is being ripped away from mine enemies. They will have nothing upon which to stand. I am the Lord thy God. I will have no other gods before me. You must repent now before it is too late, and put away your idols, and your glass charms, and your religiousness. I am looking for hearts broken before me. Repent and follow after me. Many have already chosen eternal death. I would that you choose life. Prepare your hearts, my children. For I will open the floodgates of your storehouses and fill your assemblies with hungry souls. Many will come to you seeking me. Do not be misled by false prophets who speak peace and rest. There will be no peace or rest. But I will raise up pastors and prophets whose hearts belong to me. They will shepherd you in like manner as the good shepherd. They will pour out their lives sacrificially for you. They will teach you my ways, and communicate to you the very heart of God. Enlarge your tents. Open wide your gates. For I will bring increase to your houses of worship, and purify your assemblies. I will bring many to the valley of decision. Many will be called, but few chosen for the way is narrow. Even so I am calling you as one who would show them the way. Prepare your hearts, my children. #7 - May 1994 As did Jeremiah, so also will you warn my people. For many are the sons of disobedience. They call themselves by my name, yet they dance with the devil. Even now I am turning my face away from them, says the Lord. For I require obedience and righteousness. I require lives yielded to me that will bring glory to my name. I require hearts turned away from the cares of this world, says the Lord. Even now there are those among you whose prayers continually rise like a sweet aroma unto me. They labor night and day repenting for your sins and seeking a great harvest. You have need that your own hearts be circumcised, says the Lord, that you also may cover one another's sins with my perfect love made manifest through you. Repent now as the evening approaches, for evil abounds even more in the darkness. You are called as ambassadors of the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He alone must be lifted up among you. In Him is unity of the body. Do not fellowship with religious men. They will not be persuaded by your words. Rather pray that the eyes of their understanding be opened to the truth of the Gospel. For it is the work of the Holy Spirit to bring men to repentance. Beware lest you be persuaded of them and be deceived yourselves. Do not submit to ungodly men for counsel. Instead submit to faithful shepherds who will equip you for the work of the ministry. And receive with open arms the new believers I send unto you. #8 - May 1994 Look at my body and see what I am doing in these days, says the Lord. For I am bringing unity among my people. I am causing those who are givers among you to receive. And you who find it easy to receive are learning to give. And those of you who are self-serving are learning to serve others. I would have you to serve one another, says the Lord. In so doing you will learn to love one another even as I love you. And in preferring one another, you will each one begin to lose your own lives and find your identify hidden in me, says the Lord. I am calling you to choose now to serve one another without self-seeking motives. It is easy to return good for good. But I require that you return good for evil and so fulfill my command to love your enemies. How much more then should you love your brethren? It is easier to learn to serve each other by choice than through need, says the Lord. Yet many of you seek to remain separated from the body and stand in your own independency. I require you to be interdependent, says the Lord. In that way the body will function smoothly. If you do not serve by choice now, then you will learn to serve out of great need later, says the Lord. It is a simple thing. Pray for each other and bear one another's burdens. Each one prefer the other above themselves. If you see a brother or sister in need, and it is within your power to do so, meet their need. Care for the widows and orphans among you. And so fulfill my new commandment that you love one another even as I have loved you, says the Lord. Subject: Conversations With God - June 1994 Conversations With God are from my quiet times with the Lord. His "Words" guide, correct, encourage, instruct and reveal. Much of what I receive is prophetic for the refreshing and edification of the Body of Christ. I pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to your heart as you read this newsletter. #1 - June 1994 Be still and know that I am God. How else amid the clanging sounds of the world system will you hear my voice. My sheep hear my voice and follow after me. I am the good shepherd. Follow after me in all your ways. You still miss much of my provision because you do not commit all your ways to me. If you do not learn to hear my voice now, how will you keep from being deceived by the angel of light? Even now many of the very elect are being deceived. Many of you refuse to hear my voice, and like Adam and Eve you hide from my presence. You fear fellowship with me because of your nakedness before me. I know your sin, says the Lord. I know your struggles. I see the strongholds in your life. I know your very heart. Yet I love you with an everlasting love. In my presence there is fullness of joy because I remove the stain of your sin. I would gaze upon you, my children. But I cannot look at your sin. Repent now and turn to me. I will heal and cleanse you, and restore you to your appointed place as sons and daughters of the Most High God. I will water your gifts with my Holy Spirit and cause you to do mighty exploits in my name. And I will draw all men unto me as you lift up my name among the nations, says the Lord. #2 - June 1994 I am bringing a season of spiritual bounty, says the Lord. As Spring rains refresh the land, so also will my Spirit refresh my body. I will bring a greater depth of spiritual understanding to you. I will create a new hunger for me and for the work of the ministry. And I will accelerate the work I am doing in the lives of those around you, says the Lord. For I am preparing you for a great harvest. I will wash you afresh with my Word, and set you in a holy place in my body. The unity I will bring will be only of my doing, and not as the result of your efforts. I am melting the hearts of those of you who are truly mine so you can all flow together and be of one heart and of one mind. My Spirit is about to break forth throughout the earth that the world might know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. No more will the world deny the King of Kings. For all will be brought to the valley of decision. Some will choose life, but many will choose death. But I will soon pour forth of my Spirit that the whole earth might be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord, even as the waters cover the sea. So prepare, for the harvest is soon to come, says the Lord. #3 - June 1994 A couple of months ago, someone sent me a copy of Rev. Hinkle's vision in which he says the God told him that on June 9th, He (God) was going to rip the evil from the earth. I have always been sceptical with regard to specific dates, but was also reminded later that prophets often are told specific dates of things to come. However, I chose a wait and see approach to the vision with the idea that if it happens, then I better be ready to receive the inflood of baby Christians who would all need to be trained up in the way they should go. I did not pray and ask God for confirmation, nor did I ask Him what my responsibilities as a prophet were regarding this vision. More recently, however, other members of the body of Christ are getting similar words from the Lord. Some are hearing June 9th specifically as a day on which we can expect something cataclysmic to shake the whole earth. I was also rebuked and convicted by the Lord that I had been taking the vision lightly, and was not on my face before Him seeking His direction in this matter. It was with an attitude of repentance, and a desire to hear from God on this matter that I went before Him this morning for some answers. Even though I did not specifically hear "June 9th", I did hear from the Lord and the context confirms both what He has been speaking through me for the past couple of years, as well as what He is saying today through other prophetic ministries. I sense something imminent and significant is about to occur on a global scale. I am not afraid of what is to come, nor am I concerned about how my family will survive. I have God's assurance that He will keep that which we have committed unto Him. Our focus then, is on ensuring we have given Him our all! I would ask you to forgive me for not addressing this matter sooner, and seeking the mind of the Lord. Several of you have asked me about the June 9th vision, and I have been rather vague. I regret that I have been slow to hear! The following is the Word of the Lord that came to me on 5/26/94 at 5:30 am. After receiving this Word, the Lord then told me to read all of Ezekiel so that I would better understand my ministry role as we approach the end of the age. In like manner as Ezekiel my servant declared my words to my people who were held captive, so likewise I want you to speak to those held captive by the devil. Tell them that now is the time to repent, before it is too late. Turn from your perverse and evil ways and seek me, says the Lord. For I love you with an everlasting love. Yet I will no longer strive with you. I will no longer tolerate your games of the mind. I will no longer allow the false doctrines of men to deceive my body, says the Lord. I will open the eyes of the blind and remove the veil of darkness that has covered them. I will roll back the evil spirit of lawlessness that has ensnared this generation. I will strip away anything that is not of me, says the Lord, and will purify my body. And I will be lifted up that men may be drawn unto me. For I desire that all would come unto me, says the Lord of Hosts. I created you for intimacy of fellowship, and I desire that intimacy be restored. I would have your thoughts be my thoughts, and your words be my words, says the Lord. You cannot comprehend except that I reveal it unto you, what I am preparing for you. Even now I am exposing the hidden things in the hearts of men. I am exposing the accuser of the brethren in your midst. I am exposing the witchcraft that has become a part of your assemblies. And I am removing the false shepherds who would lead you straight to hell, says the Lord. Repent and prepare yourselves. The battle cry has gone forth to the North, and to the South, and to the East, and to the West. All the earth will feel my fury. Not one person will escape. You have not wept between the porch and the altar, says the Lord, and my anger is kindled against you. For I am a just and Holy God. I do not play games. If you abide in me, and I in you then I will preserve you, says the Lord. For I will never leave you, nor forsake you. I have a place for you that is beyond your understanding. I have gifted you and even now am setting my anointing upon you to do the work of the ministry. But I will move in ways unlike those ever before seen by man. No man will be able to take credit for what I am about to do in the earth. No man could ever orchestrate the harvest that I will bring, says the Lord. Not since the beginning of time, when I created the heavens and the earth, has there been seen such things as I will bring as I pour out my judgement on the earth. Nor has any nation ever felt my fury like America will soon know, says the Lord. For I purposed that you would be a spiritual leader to the world. But you have rejected me and put me to shame before the nations. You have crucified me afresh, and continue daily to mock my name. You have chosen the vile and perverse things of this world to worship. And your lust for evil is not yet satisfied. Oh, you who have rejected me will soon be recompensed for your evil deeds. How much greater still will be the judgment of you who have tasted of my lovingkindness and still turned away from me. I will shatter your crystal toys and allow the full measure of evil of the one you serve to overtake you. You cannot comprehend the terror that awaits you, says the Lord. I have called my people to a place of holiness unto me. I have pleaded with you to seek me while I may yet be found. I have declared to you that you must learn to hear my voice so that I can lead you to safe waters during this time. Yet you still sit idly by as though you have plenty of time. You have no more time before these things come to pass, says the Lord. This is the season of the judgment of the Lord. Run to me now, my children. Abide in me and gather yourselves under my wings. For I will keep you during this time if you shelter yourself in me. I will provide for you. I will preserve you. I will use you to gather in my harvest, says the Lord. Do not fear what is soon to come. My sheep hear my voice and follow after me. Seek me continually and I will lead you beside the still waters even amid the coming chaos. You will hear my voice even amid the thunder. For you as with Elijah, I will not be in the wind. I will not be in the fire. I will not be in the earthquakes. But I will be the still, small voice unto you. And you must hear me clearly, and obey my voice so you will be safe, says the Lord. Be strong and of good courage for these things must surely be before the harvest. Many will give in to the terror and fall away. But many will run to me and repent. They will become fervent and serve me with their whole heart. walk out your salvation. Prepare your hearts. Have I not said for you to seek me first and I would meet your needs? I know your every need. Do not fear what is about to come against this generation. Continue to abide in me and I will meet your every need. I will sustain you. Do not fear these things. You will lack no good thing. Again I say to you do not be afraid, nor be discouraged. For I the Lord your God am with you wheresoever you go. I will never leave you nor forsake you, says the Lord. "When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul." Ezekiel 3:18-19 For e-mail and/or snail mail subscriptions, or to comment please write to Chris Christensen, 213 Glacier Drive, Lolo, MT 59847, Tel. (406) 728-1296, or message Internet "".


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