Origin CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL To SEARCHNET ZEC Date 12/14/93 Re CAC info From kkahn@wyver

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Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0700 - EMAIL From: KKAHN@WYVERN.COM To: SEARCHNET ZEC Date: 12/14/93 Re: CAC info ------------------------------------------------------------------- From kkahn@wyvern.com Tue Dec 14 16:50:37 1993 The following is the latest Conversations With God: Speak to the four winds, says the Lord, and declare my majesty. To the East wind I declare that I will continue to collapse your false gods around you until you can only look up and behold the one true God. I will use you for a season as I did the Chaldeans, and you will say that it is your gods who enable you. Yet in the end your gods will fail you. To the West wind I declare that you were given great freedom and bounty. Yet you choose to pervert the gifts I gave unto you and to pursue the ways of Sodom and Gomorrah. Unto you I will pour out great fire and destruction. You have opened the door and embraced the father of lies, and are responsible for leading many to the very depths of Hell. You have had the greatest freedoms of all the nations, but will yield the smallest harvest as few are chosen. To the North wind I declare that I am preparing you as an instrument to polish the apple of my eye. You will cause the hearts of my people to turn unto me and cast off their religious garments. I will use you to open the eyes of their understanding as I remove the scales from their eyes and they recognize the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And they will grieve and repent for not having received Jesus as their Messiah sooner. They will no longer be controlled by a spirit of deception. And to the South wind I declare that I will expose your evil ways. For too long you have been a breeding ground for Satanic perversion. You have been given freedom for a season to produce your dark fruit and spread your lies and death producing programs. But against my true church you will not prevail. Very soon you will be cast into the place reserved for you. And all of creation will acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord. For I will not contend with my creation much longer. I am already moving in the earth to strengthen and purify my bride and raise up my army. They will walk in faith, fully persuaded of whose they are, and looking not to the rear, nor the left or right. But rather they will look to me only as they run the race set before them. And they will partake of my victory as they see the total defeat of Lucifer and his hoards. For I have declared it, says the Lord. CWG #2 Soon all the earth will be filled with the knowledge of me, says the Lord. I am increasing the world's awareness that there is one, true God. I would not have the nations be ignorant and deceived, says the Lord. All will know that I am God and that they were created for my glory. But few will choose life, says the Lord. I am increasing your spiritual discernment, and will open the eyes of understanding among my people, says the Lord. Many are still held captive by the traditions of men and false doctrine. But I am exposing the Satanic roots of these religions in order to set free those held in bondage. I will consume their sins in my Holy fire, says the Lord. And they will walk in freedom and liberty as sons and daughters of the most high God. For where there is great darkness, my light becomes even more visible, says the Lord. Do not resist the purging that I am bringing about in your life. I am preparing you to be a light in a very dark place. And your light will be energized by my Spirit. Embrace my Holy fire, and see what I will do through you, says the Lord. Even as Satan is stepping up the outward attack against you, I am exploding my grace, and mercy, and presence among you. Seek me and know me, says your God. And I will reveal to you things to come. Do not say to me, "how can this be or Lord, I am unworthy. I alone am worthy, and I have chosen you as a vessel of honor. Through you I will raise up my standard. I will give you a new heart so that when the world sees you, they will see my reflection. I have formed you in my image, and as your potter am still not finished with you yet. I am changing you from glory into glory. I am fashioning my bride to arise to her place of honor. You are my bride. Even now I am measuring you for your wedding attire. Soon you will go through the fitting process and you will se in part how radiant you will be on the day of the wedding feast. Do not question my timing. Do not grow concerned about the passing seasons. For I have a plan and a time table. I will accomplish those things I have set aside for you in my timing. I will call you to the battlefield in the hour I have chosen specifically for you to glorify me. And you will be a warrior fit and schooled for the battle set before you. For the victory is mine, says the Lord. I will triumph over your enemies because they set themselves against me. You will be like David as you go forth, and will be appalled at the boldness of your enemy. You will grieve with the very heart of God over those massed against you whose eyes are blinded to the truth. And you will weep as you overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony. I am hammering out the hard areas of your heart. I am giving you a new heart of compassion for the lost ones, and those overtaken by their sin. I am giving you the keys to open their locks which hold them in bondage. You will go forth in love, and compassion, and mercy. And I will set the captives free. Do not attempt to see the beginning from the end, for only I know the road you are on and your destination, says the Lord. I know what you need at every turn and bend in the road. And I have placed rest stops in places where you will need them. Cast your cares on me and be content with the revelation I give you each day. I will lead you day be day and cause you to lie down in green pastures at night, says the Lord. And you will know that I am your God and that I have called you for a purpose. CWG #4 Serve one another with humility and gladness of heart, says the Lord. Show my love to the world, and thereby fulfill your calling. For out of the heart's expression of love come the practical outworking of your gifts and calling. I am applying my tenderizer to your heart to soften you and better equip you to walk in love and unity. You will encounter many opportunities to react in anger or respond with love as you come in direct confrontation with your adversaries. My love through you will draw them to me. Do not grow weary, therefore, in well doing. I am not calling you to fellowship with all men, for what does light have in common with darkness. I am calling you to be at peace with all men. Do not strive for this cause or that cause. Rather understand with your whole being that I am in control, says the Lord. You run to and from and labor for this cause and for that cause. I have called you to labor for the kingdom. I have commanded you to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I make you aware of the enemy's footholds and grant you discernment so you can labor in prayer. Do not, therefore, return evil for evil. But even as I rain blessings on the just and unjust, so also do good to all mankind. In that way many will be drawn from darkness to light through outward expression of your love. Even as my love is often one sided, so also will your love be when it is not returned to unto you. I command you to love anyway. You were created to worship me in Spirit and in truth, says the Lord.. Abide in the Spirit and put on your spiritual armor daily as you enter the place of warfare. I have called you to a place of quiet before me so you can be clothed and made ready for your daily battles, says the Lord. Do not neglect your time in my presence otherwise you will be ill equipped. For your warfare is one day at a time. Sufficient unto each day is the evil thereof, says the Lord. Do not attempt to fight the good fight of faith in the natural. Your weapons are spiritual and mighty through the name of Jesus who has already placed Satan under His feet. Why then do you continue to rely on natural means and understanding for your battle plan? Walk in the power and authority of the God whom you serve and tear down strongholds and powers that would seek to exalt themselves above my throne, says the Lord. Ask and I will give you discernment. Seek my face and you will be given wisdom and understanding. Walk in faith and you will overcome, says the Lord. CWG #5 In due season, you will know with great clarity what I am doing in the earth in these latter days, says the Lord. For now you see in part, but as you seek me I will show you more, says the Lord. And you will know your part and fulfill my plan for your life as you hear and obey my Word to you. Remember that you are a part of a body and I am carefully fitting the pieces together. Some of you are still walking in your own individuality. I am calling you to lose your individual identity and embrace your function within the body. You are my bride to be, yet you remain fractured and in disharmony. This cannot continue if you are to fulfill your calling and my plan. For I desire that you become a strong and effective vessel of honor unto me, says the Lord. You have known me as your Savior and followed after me as your God for a long time. Yet you have not fully embraced my love and my power. You lack understanding in matters related to servitude. You give out of your abundance, live in comfort, serve when it is convenient, and love when it is profitable. My Word says that whomever will loose their life for my sake shall find it. Let go of the former things. Turn loose of your gifts, and ministries, and possessions, and concepts. They are unprofitable for the kingdom. I am doing a new work in your life that will enable you to win the final race set before you. Be patient and wait for a fresh anointing. Do not run ahead of my timetable, nor lag behind in obeying my voice, says the Lord. Listen continually for my voice as I show you the way to walk. Do not look for a long wait. The time will soon be upon you when you will be called forth to labor. I am still preparing you as you wait and yield to the work of my Spirit within you. CWG #6 The vision I have placed deep within you will come to pass in due season, says the Lord. For it is my plan for you. I see you heart's desire to serve me faithfully in this to which I have called you, says the Lord. I see readiness to go forth. I see your eagerness to see my plan come fully into the light. Yet I see you holding on to worldly things for your security. I am I AM, and I hold you tenderly in my hands. Is my grasp not strong enough to keep you safe? Am I weak and unable to fulfill my plan? Has my provision for you ever been found lacking? It is for a time and to a generation such as this that you have been called. Your redemption grows close, yet there is still much for you to do. I am pruning you and stripping away everything that would hinder your walk with me. I am stirring up within you a passion for fellowship and unity among yourselves. I am binding you together with a handful of brethren in order that you all will be equipped to complete the work I set before you. Do not resist my cleansing fire. Seek me night and day with your whole heart. Hear my words to you as I intensify the light of your understanding in these matters. Do not fear the days to come. But yield to my spirit and see the manifest power of your God. CWG #7 Remember that my Word is sharper than a two-edged sword, say the Lord. It will cut through to your heart and expose those dark areas you have not yet surrendered to me. It will separate light from darkness, and divide families. My Word will set brother against brother, sister against sister, and parents against their children. My Word will also heal, and unify, and bring love to an unlovely world. It will correct, and reprove, and restore. Understand this. The impact of my Word in the lives of the hearers is directly related to their heart's response to what they hear. To some it will bring division and separation from the truth through rejection of my Word. To others, the same Word will bring unity and restoration as they embrace truth. As much as possible live peaceably with all men. But many will distance themselves from you as you begin to walk more in the light of my will for you. The eyes of their understanding will remain shut because they refuse to listen and hear. Do not be dismayed by this for many are called but few are chosen. They are religious and not relational, and hold on blindly to the traditions of men. Do not concern yourself with such as these. Rather pour your life into those who are hungry for me and are eager to hear and obey my voice. Disciple them faithfully for they are precious to me. As children they will seek out loving spiritual parents who will teach them the way they are to go. You will have spiritual children with you until the fullness of time. You are to let go of those who refuse to follow after me. Do not judge them or cast them away. Love them enough to let them choose their own path. But embrace them eagerly should they return as prodigal children. Do not become ensnared by those who would seek to come among you, and listen but not hear. For they always take but never give, and are always in need but never satisfied. Let them have no place among you, for they are spiritual leaches. I will increase your discernment so you will know who they are. Finally, children, allow me to search your hearts, says the Lord. Surrender everything that is revealed by my Spirit and unprofitable for kingdom building into my refining fire. For I would purify your will, and motives, and even your hearts desires. I am giving you new hearts that are after my own, says the Lord. Hearts of compassion and love for all my creation. Conversations With God are from my quiet times with the Lord. His Words guide, correct, encourage, instruct, and reveal. Much of what I receive is prophetic for the refreshing and edification of the Body of Christ. I invite you to judge and comment on these journal entries. Write to Chris Christensen 213 Glacier Drive, Lolo, Montana. 59847 or send me E-mail on Prodigy using ID PHSS92A, NNMJ12A, or Internet at address : kkahn@wyvern.com. You may also request a free subscription by enclosing your name and mailing address and (if you wish phone number). 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