GHOST LIGHT DIRECTORY The following text is the entire known list of all +quot;Ghost Light

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GHOST LIGHT DIRECTORY The following text is the entire known list of all "Ghost Lights" currently compiled by Dale Kaczmarek of the Ghost Research Society. This list was compiled through many sources and some of the lights displayed below may no longer be "active". Those known to be inactive will have a large (D) directly behind the name of the particular light. Those lights which have been investigated by Dale Kaczmarek and The Ghost Research Society will be marked by an (I) directly behind the listing. Additional on any of the lights or specific questions should be directed to: Dale Kaczmarek, c/o Ghost Research Society, PO Box 205, Oaklawn, Il., 60454-0205, (312)425-5163. THE LIST 1) The Marfa Lights - Chianti Mountains in Southwest Texas between the towns of Alpine and Marfa. Seen along a 35 mile stretch of US Hwy 90. Multiple lights. 2) Brown Mountain Lights (I)- 8 miles Northwest of Morgantown, Nc. Best views- Wiseman's View, Linville, Grandfather Mountain, Table Rock or Rt. 181 Overlook. Pink-orange or reddish in color. Hovers from 1 to 15 minutes. So bright that they can be seen from Blowing Rock, 20 miles to the Northeast. John Harden, chronicler of Tar Heelia enigmas first saw them in 1850. 3) Maco Light (I) (D) - Near Wilmington, NC. First appeared in 1867 near Hood's Creek along Atlantic Coast Line Tracks. One white, one green and weaves 3 feet above tracks. Surname: Joe Baldwin's Light. 4) Summerville, SC - was Sheep Island Road. Light discovered in December 1961. Reported in mid-March 1962 by Charlotte (NC) News. Chased by cars approaching 60 mph. 5) Ringold, Wa. - Phantom light of Ringold. Seen near Pasco. Looks like automobile with only one headlight. Has forced cars into ditches. Only appears on foggy/rainy nights. AP Dispatch 2-28-36. 6) Sand Springs, Ok. - Sept. 1954. Ball of fire darts up and down at midnight causing traffic problems 2 miles west of Sand Springs. Police Chief Jack Daniels. AP report on 9-27-54, blue-green phosforescent glow appears in east, moves west with incredible speed and disappears thru nearby hollows. 7) Saratoga, Tx. - Bragg Road north of Saratoga. Fireballs bounce around swampland thickets in 1960. Sheriff Whit Whitaker had to post orders prohibiting firearms in area. (Fate 1961). 8) Suffolk, Va. - Two lights appear along Jackson Road, south of Suffolk and look like single headlight. When approached, it veers off road and reappears behind you. Been reported for over 75 years. UP dispatch 3-13-51, AP releases March & April 1951. 9) Gonzales, La. - April 1951, gravel road between Gonzales and Galvex. Yellowish cast but didn't create a beam. 10) Silver Cliff, Co. - Blue lights dance around cemetery. Largest, about the size of a basketball which pulsate, move slowly and vanish when approached. First seen Spring of 1956. 11) Loudenville, Oh. - Glen Zimmerman farm, rural rout. Appeared for 13 years, not every night or same time but followed same path. (Fate Jan. 65 & Oct. 56). 12) St. Joseph's Catholic Church - Spring 1954. Lights in the belfry. Jersey City, NJ. Lights up 2 round windows, fades and reappears within 10-20 minutes. White-amber-pink-yellow. Not reflections. Older people first seen it in 1924. Matthew Guarino, 64 year-old church sexton, found dead in choir loft trying to solve mystery. Heart attack. 13) Oriflame Mountains - Along old Butterfield Stage Road through southern California desert near Julian. Friction of sand blown against bare desert mountains may generate, at times, enough static electricity to cause visible discharges at night. 14) Blue Mountains - Mid-January 1955 first report. North of LaGrange, Oregon along Weston-Elgin Road (State Hwy 204). Blue balls of light, humming sound. Usually snow-covered when observed. AP dispatch 1-29-55. 15) Oregon Canyon Ranch - Near McDermitt, Nv. About 4,400 feet above sea level. Mysterious lights seen by ranchers, sheephearders and cowboys. Automobile headlight size, pale red or yellow which float several feet above ground. They follow people, even encircle them, but moves away if approached closer than 20-30 feet. Have been chased for 2-3 miles. 16) Moody Light (I) - Francisville, In. off IN. 421S and across from small cemetery. Lights seen from a distance through faraway hills. 17) Hebron, Md. - Approximately 1 mile west of Hebron on Church Street Extended, mile long level road boardered by trees. Circular yellow light above road and moving toward observer. One observer reported: It accelerated towards car, who swerved to shoulder. Orb stopped and hovered in glare of headlights @ 20 feet away. About the size of wash basin. 18) Warrenburg, NY. - Bouncing ghost lights first seen in 1946. 19) Vernon, Al. - Ghost light seen for a 35 year period near abandoned prison building. 20) Gurdon, Ar. (I) - Seen since 1931. A white to yellow light that appears along a section of railroad tracks; supposedly due to murder of RR engineer. (Photographs) 21) Kalispell, Mt. - First seen 2-8-59. Weird light with colors ranging from yellow to green to purple was seen by many persons. 22) El Dorado Springs, Mo. - First seen March 1959. Light ranging in color from red changing to white & green. Near town of Blackjack, 10 miles east. 23) Watersmeet, Mi. (I) - Strange lights reported north of Watersmeet near town of Paulding for past 19 years. Investigations concluded lights were car headlights. (see Michigan.Lit) on file. 24) Cohoke Light - near Salisbury, Md. From dull yellow to reddish glow. Southern RR tracks in King William County. 25) Hookerman Light - Morris County, NJ. Along section of railroad tracks. Gaseous ball of yellow-white light moves in a strange pendelum manner over RR tracks. 26) Chapanoke Light - Chapanoke Woods near the Pasquotank County community of Okisko on a sandy road called Four Mile Desert in North Carolina. Across this road the light can be seen. (Five Bridges ghost supposed to reside just two miles down the road). Near US 17. Seems to only appear on humid evenings and rises out of swamp. 27) Waimea Lights - on the island of Hawaii. Lights make frequent appearances on the old Parker Ranch. Appear close to midnight on the first 2 or 3 nights of the new moon, drifting over the plains and vanishing near the Mauna Kea volcano. Some witnesses claim they've heard music drifting out from the cores of the glowing balls. 28) Screven, Ga. - southern Georgia. Usually sighted near Milligan's Crossing often after a rain storm and when a train has recently passed. A glowing clear-white ball that floats and swings side to side along the tracks, often flashing bright then dimming. Seaboard tracks Coast Line between Screven and Jesup. 29) Vander, NC. - in Cumberland County. Light is constant and can be seen any night, at any hour. When seen from the highway, it appears to be shining in the middle of the Atlantic Coast Line tracks near a huge swampy area. Near town of Stedman. 30) Taos, NM. - lights sparkle over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Some claim the lights could be seen glowing over the Arroyo Honda, just northwest of Taos, and is located due north of Taos on Hwy 3. Secondary road leads to village of Arroyo Seco. 31) Block Island, RI. - about 11 miles off Long Island between Montauk and Gay Head. Blazing outline of a ship during Christmas week. Luminous white or like a great fireball on the ocean. 32) Ada, Ok. - Red globe of light that occasionally bounds up on people. 33) Oviedo, Fl. - Seminole County, State Road 13. Multi-lights. 34) Fargo, ND. - Cass County, road between Fargo and Kindred. 35) Kenton, Ok. - 8 miles east of Kenton in Cimarron County. 36) Kenton, Ok. - 15 miles southwest of Kenton in Cimarron County. 37) Lufkin, Tx. - Angelino County on RR tracks near Lufkin. 38) Brit Bailey's Light - 5 miles west of Angelton in Brazoria County on Texas Hwy 35 between Houston & Gulf of Mexico. Reddish-orange fire, slightly bigger than a basketball. First seen in 1850. 39) Leon River, Tx. - Bell County on the banks of the Leon River. 40) Esperanza Creek, Tx. - La Salle and McMullen Counties along Esperanza Creek. 41) Chapel Hill, Tn. - Seen for the past 40-50 years along a section of RR tracks. 42) Raynham, Ma. - Strange lights and noises in the sky above the massive power lines that run throught the swamp, and every January, "spook lights" have been seen over the RR tracks that run besides the Raynham Dog Track and through the swamp. Surname of area: Bridgewater Triangle. 43) Diablo Valley, Ca. - Mt. Diablo. Mystery lights appear frequently. 44) Hornet Light - Famous light located between the towns of Joplin, Hornet, Neosha and Seneca near Road BB and The Devil's Promenade. Yellow-white-red and multiple lights. Many reports and first seen 1881. (Photographs (I) ) 45) Land's End Light - St. Helena's Island, SC near small community of Frogmore. 1st sighted 1948 and seen as ball of fire. 46) Devil's Poquosin - near Conway, NC in Northampton County. Jack-O-Lanterns seen in a swamp. 47) Ephriam's Light - near Seaboard, NC. in Northampton County. Ghost of a slave named Ephriam who was hanged. 48) Buffaloe's Light - a mile north of the Wiccacon River on the old River Road in Hertford County. Bright light floating near a spring. 49) Devil's Racetrack - near Diamond Grove, NC. The racetrack is a now a remote strip of roadway connecting Diamond Grove-Jackson Road with Seaboard-Jackson Road. 50) The Cove City Light - Cove City, NC. Hwy 70 west of NC Rt. 41. 3rd bridge on the way to Trenton is best vantage point. 51) The Mintz Light - between Clinton & Roseboro, NC. (NC Rt. 24 west of 701). RR tracks. Ghost of deaf man who was decapitated by train carries lantern. 52) Maple Lake Light - Willow Springs, Il. on 95th Street (Il. 12-20) just east of Archer Ave. Intense red light shines on opposite side of lake on very infrequent basis. Definately not carlights due to topography of area. 53) Iliamna Lights - gleaming in the mountains rimming Lake Iliamna on the Alaskan Peninsula are brilliant glowing lights estimated by personnel at the Iliamna airfield to be forty miles distant. 54) Min Min Lights - strange lights flit about Alexandria Stations, Australia, the world's largest ranch covering 11,000 square miles. They are white in color and about the size of auto headlamps. 55) La Luz del Dinero - "The Money Lights" twinkle along the trails of the Andean highlands in Peru and gleam white or green , then hover and fade into the growing darkness.


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