(Reprinted from The Herald News, Tuesday, March 1, 199O) FALL OF IRON CURTAIN FREES ANTI-A

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(Reprinted from The Herald News, Tuesday, March 1, 199O) FALL OF IRON CURTAIN FREES ANTI-AGING FORMULA OF FAMOUS ROMANIAN CLINIC USED BY MOVIE STARS! Doctors World Wide Proclaim Its Effectiveness! BUCHAREST, Romania. - On January 6th of this year, only two days after the communist-backed Romanian Government was overthrown, an American Doctor named Larry Wood started negotiations with the new Democratic Government of Romania to acquire the long-standing secret "anti-aging" formula of the famous Romanian Rejuvenation Clinic. For three decades now, gossip columnists in our newspapers have reported frequently that certain aging movie stars or dignitaries were making trips to the famous Geriatric Institute of Romania for its famous rejuvenation therapy. It seems like every movie star or famous person has been there at one time or another; Liz Taylor, Cary Grant, Onassis, Kirk Douglas, Marlene Dietrich, Prince Ranier, Sommerset Maugham, Charles DeGaulle, Sukarno, Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos, Stalin, Chairman Mao---even John F. Kennedy, who went there for back treatments. Zsa Zsa Is Frequent Visitor Of course we all see how young 72-year-old Zsa Zsa Gabor looks on TV. The press has reported that Zsa Zsa, her sister Eva and her mother Magda have been there several times. At $1O,OOO for a week's therapy plus the travel costs, food and lodging, the treatment was affordable only by the rich. But just one week ago, all that changed. Now anyone can afford the famous and proven anti-aging treatment. It all began in 1951 when Dr. Ana Aslan was assigned to a geriatric hospital in Bucharest, Romania (she was Romania's first female physician and cardiologist). After a year of frustration trying to help thousands of people with a multitude of age-related problems, she began studying medical journals in her spare time, looking for something that might help these poor, helpless people. MAO Goes Up When You Reach 35 Dr. Aslan learned from the Journal of Physiology that there was an enzyme in our bodies called "monoamine oxidase" (MAO), which stays at about the same level until we reach about age 35. Then it goes up dramatically every year as we get older. Many doctors had found that the level of MAO was even much higher in people who suffered debilitating diseases such as arthritis, neuritis, arteriosclerosis, senility and depression. Lowers MAO 85% In Two Weeks Dr. Aslan began experimenting with various formulas on old white rats to see if she could lower their MAO levels. Finally, after over a year of experimentation, she found the right combination which lowered the aged rats' MAO levels by an astounding 85% in just two weeks. 1 Test Subjects Lived 21.2% Longer Than Normal! The doctor knew she was onto something special and continued to treat the rats with her new formula. To make sure their treatment was scientifically valid, she tested it on 92O aged rats. The average test subject lived an incredible 21.2% longer than normal. After the long years of experimentation, she was finally ready to try her formula on a human. Dr. Aslan was fairly sure it was safe because she had given numerous rats huge doses without any ill effects. Patient Thought It Was A Miracle! In the hospital where she worked was a man suffering from arthritis so badly that he couldn't even move one leg. Dr, Aslan asked him if he was willing to volunteer; the bedridden man and depressed man said he was willing to try anything. Within a day after taking her secret formula, the man was moving his leg freely. Two days later he went home from the hospital, walking as if he had never had arthritis. Shortly thereafter, a homeless man was brought to the hospital by the police. He was dirty, disheveled, mute, depressed, in a terminal stage of senility, had no memory, and was crippled. Dr. Aslan felt if she could help him, she would really prove that her formula worked. 1O9 Year Old Man Revitalized! Within a year of her special therapy, the old man was alert, vigorous, very mobile, and with much of his memory restored. He was an Armenian named Parsh Margosian. Newspapers printed the story with his picture. A daughter who hadn't seen him in years recognized the man as her father and brought documents to the doctor showing Parsh to be 1O9 years old. KGB Came In The Middle Of The Night Rumors at the time were that Nikita Khrushchev was suffering some affliction and didn't have long to live. After the news of the 1O9- year-old man, Dr. Aslan said the KGB came to her quarters in the middle of the night and told her to pack. A month later, Khrushchev appeared in public, remarkably revitalized. At the same time, Dr. Aslan was made the Chief Doctor and Administrator of the Bucharest Geriatric Institute, and soon became famous throughout the world. And so did her formula, which she calls "Gerovital H3". Test Patients Lived 29% Longer Than Normal! Dr. Aslan kept meticulous records on the next 111 patients for over 15 years, making sure they continued their treatment. On the average, these patients lived 29% longer than the normal life expectancy. Increased MAO Affects All Parts Of The Body! MAO circulates throughout the body, but its heaviest concentration is in the brain - the central nervous system. A malfunction in the central nervous system affects every part of the body. Many Doctors Didn't Believe It Worked! 2 Dr. Aslan proved with her thousands of patients that Gerovital alleviated many aging problems such as arthritis, neuritis, impotence, mental deterioration, memory loss, psoriasis, asthma, angina pectoris, ulcers, arteriosclerosis, depression, skin and muscle tone, sexual drive, wrinkle smoothing, loss of energy, osteoporosis and hearing loss. Some patients even found their hair darkening. MAO Level Drops 87%! But most doctors didn't believe one formula could help all those problems until 1973, when Dr. Joseph P. Hrachovec of the University of California found Gerovital reduced the MAO level by as much as 87%. Dr. Hrachovec was considered the top scientist in the United States in geriatric and gerontological research. Many Doctors Confirm Gerovital's Power! Dr. David Macfarlane of USC confirmed Dr. Hrachovec's research. Dr. Arnold Abrams of the Chicago Medical School conducted a series of carefully controlled double blind tests of GH3 with very positive results that caused the enthusiastic doctor to visit Romania for more information. Works Very Fast! An East German physician, Dr. Fritz Wiedermann, treated over 6OO patients with Dr. Aslan's formula and said, "The results were stunning and happened very fast." To demonstrate his point about the speed of results, he showed reporters a file on a sixty-seven-year-old female patient given to crying jags, suffering from arthritis and a total inability to work, who was back on the job within one week of Gerovital H3 therapy. Within three months after beginning the treatment, her swollen hands became thin again and her arthritis pains disappeared. Hair Regains Color Two months later her hair regained its former color and began to grow in where it had fallen out. To top it all, in her sixty-eighth year, the woman's wisdom teeth appeared, "proving how extensively the regeneration had occurred in her case," says Wiedermann. Doctors Say It Makes People Feel Younger! Dr. Keith Ditman, Medical Director of Vista Hill Psychiatric Foundation in San Diego, and Dr. Sidney Cohen, Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA reported to the Gerontological Society in 1973 that they found 89% of aging patients reported less depression and an increased sense of well-being after taking Gerovital H3. Slept Better At Night In describing the therapeutic benefits of Gerovital, Cohen and Ditman reported that most patients who took the drug "felt a greater sense of well-being and relaxation, slept better at night, and many obtained relief from depression and the discomforts of chronic inflammation or degenerative disease." Dr. William Zung, Professor of Psychiatry at Duke University and associate professor Dr. H. S. Wang, reported at the 1975 American 3 Geriatrics Society annual meeting that their double blind test with Gerovital H3 and placebo showed significant improvement of mental condition of those getting Gerovital H3. Double Blind Tests Confirm! Dr. Leonard Cramor of the New York Medical College agreed, after conducting his own double blind test. Dr. Albert Semord, a prestigious member of the American Medical Association (AMA), the New York County Medical Society, the New York Academy of Science, the American Geriatrics Society, and the New York State Medical Association, said after using Gerovital H3 on 5O patients and himself for several months, "Every month I'm more stupefied with the results---not only physically, but mentally and emotionally." 78-Year-Old Makes Love Twice A Week! "And all my patients feel the same as I do. I don't look my age (78), I fish, I hunt, I ski. I make love twice a week. I feel extremely well." Dr. Edith Pakesch of Vienna, Austria, reported that patients receiving treatments with Gerovital H3 all felt much better physically and it had "an astonishing effect on their mental clarity and emotional stability." Users' Enthusiasm Surpasses Doctors'! We asked the doctors in the U.S. if we could talk to some of their test subjects. The response was overwhelming. Robert Entre of Santa Barbara, California, said, "As a 41-year-old business executive, I felt like I was getting old before my time. I had low energy, looked pale, haggard and felt angry and irritated most of the time. After six weeks of taking GH3, I feel like I'm in my early 2O's! It makes such an incredible difference! I feel like I have a whole new attitude and outlook on life!" Feels Spry Again Clara Key of Decatur, Georgia, stated, "My life was so slow and painful the past nine years. Now, after three months of GH3, I feel like a spry woman again." Gerry Stone of Moorpark, California, replied, "I am a 5O year old design engineer who is truly grateful for this formula. I was experiencing depression and feeling sluggish. Now, after seven weeks of taking GH3 I feel as though I have regained my youth! My mind is sharp and physically I feel absolutely terrific!" Annie Bushell of Halifas, Virginia, remarked, "I'm 89 years old. I can remember seeing Halley's Comet as a young girl in 191O. After taking GH3 for the past month. I feel like I'll probably live to be over 1OO! The aches and the pains are less, and my eyesight is even better!" 7O-Year-Old With High Energy! Jean Finley of Palm Springs, California, said, "At the age of 7O, I thought I was living out the last few years of my life. I was depressed and filled with anxiety about the thought of dying. My doctor asked me to try GH3. 4 "After just four weeks I noticed an increase in energy and a comforting clarity of mind. I've been taking GH3 for several months now and I feel like I'll probably live to be 1OO! GH3 should be a part of every senior citizen's diet!" Sex Life Renewed! Ken Glen of St. Petersburg, Florida, confessed, "At age 53 I felt my sex life was over. Now at age 62 (nine years later), I've got it back! It really makes a difference!" 38-year-old Mary Rand of Thousand Oaks, California, replied, "Several months ago I suffered a severe head injury from a horseback riding accident. I thought I would never be the same. None of my doctors' medications or therapy seemed to work. As a last resort I agreed to test GH3, and I must tell you that it has made a big difference. Not only did it speed up my recovery, but I can honestly say that I feel better now than before the accident! This is a marvelous discovery!" Flirts With Girls At 73! Guy Almond of Atlanta, Georgia, was very candid. "I have a clear mind, a vibrant body and I'm flirting with the girls again! At 73 that's remarkable! I'm glad it's now available without being a test subject." Jackie Carter of San Diego, California, said, "I am a 51-year-old nutritionist and since I've been taking GH3, I've noticed a remarkable improvement in my ability to think clearly and I look and feel years younger! Just when I thought I was starting to get old, suddenly I feel like I'm getting younger." Rebuilds Life After Loss! Lorriane Flood of Van Nuys stated: "After my husband died I almost gave up on life. That was four years ago. Now, after only six weeks of taking GH3, I actually feel like getting out of the house and being people! It's wonderful!" Dr. Ronald Klatz, D.O., M.D. and president of the American Longevity Institute, retorted, "It's about time Gerovital H3, the most widely-tested anti-aging drug in the world, is made available in the United States." Why It Took So Long To Be Available In The United States! Behind the Iron Curtain (before the recent change) communists were not eager to share their technology with free world countries. And the U.S. was equally not eager to share with them. In fact, we've put people in jail for selling even computer components and programs to the communists. Khrushchev Made It A State Secret! Dr. Aslan's discovery became a "state secret" after Khrushchev tried it. And it still is a state secret today. Doctors in the U.S. and elsewhere were given samples to test - but not told the exact ingredients. Many scientists in various countries tried to duplicate it, but their formulas only worked about half as well, and some not at all - until now! 5 Communists Are Becoming Capitalists! Now that the Iron Curtain is down, and Glasnost and Perestroika are here, the communists want to make money. And they are confident that no one will figure out how Dr. Aslan compounded Gerovital, so they are willing to sell it to us. American Company Has Selling Rights! Vita Industries has just acquired the rights to sell a new, improved version of Gero Vita GH3 in the United States from Dr. Larry Wood. A company spokesman said that it will take about a year to prepare the packaging, advertising campaigns and distribution system, and get a sufficient supply before it will be available at your local drug store. Limited Supply Available By Mail! Vita Industries has a limited supply available now, and those who wish to try it may order it by mail or phone. In fact, the company president says he's so sure everyone will be pleased with Gero Vita GH3 that you can try it for a month without risk. He says to just send back the empty bottle for a full refund. The price for one month's supply is $39.95, two months' is $69.95, four months' is $119.95, and six months' supply is only $149.95. They accept most credit cards, but add $4.OO for shipping the order. Vita Industries' address is 37O2 South Virginia, Suite 16O, Dept. 494, Reno, NV 895O2. Their toll-free number is 1-8OO-345-9111; ask for operator #494.


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