Mathematical Relationship of Enochian Great Cross 21 -5 = 16 16 -3 = 13 13 -7=6 The Enochi

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Mathematical Relationship of Enochian Great Cross: 21 -5 = 16 16 -3 = 13 13 -7=6 The Enochian Symbolism consists of 21 figures. Five of which are attributed to the Tablet of Union; 1 GAL(GAH-AH-LAH) Numeric 31 Element Spirit Letter D 2 NA-HATH(NAH-HAH-TAH) Numeric 1 Element Air Letter H 3 VEH(VAH-EE-HAH) Numeric 300 Element Fire Letter K 4 GER(GEH-EE-RAH) Numeric 40 Element Water Letter Q 5 PAL(PAH-AH-LAH) Numeric 400 Element Earth Letter S and sixteen of which are divided among the four Tablets of the Elements. Enochian Letter to Element Attributes: Na-Hath H Air Gal D Spirit Ger Q Water Veh K Fire Pal X Earth Ceph Z Water of Water Pe B Water of Fire Un A Air of Air Graph E Fire of Earth Mals P Fire of Fire Ged G Air of Earth Fam S Earth of Earth Med O Air of Water Ur L Earth of Air Drun N Water of Air Gon Y Air of Fire Vau V Earth of Water Tal M Earth of Fire Don R Fire of Air Orth F Fire of Water Gisa T Water of Earth


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