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THE PHOENIX TEMPLE HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN PO Box 4523 St. Louis, MO 63108 Greetings, The Phoenix Temple was organized in 1979 so that there might be an Order in the St. Louis area from which Golden Dawn style magickal initiations would be available. The working order was initiated in 1982. We are self starters, claiming no descendency, directly or indirectly, from the English Golden Dawn of Mathers and Westcott. We do, however, share magickal ideas with them. We use their general magickal framework (although we consider personal work to be personal, even when performed in a group setting). Israel Regardie's account of the Golden Dawn is the cornerstone on which our temple is built. We are an independent group, not directly affiliated with the Golden Dawn Temple and Society begun by Christopher Hyatt after Israel Regardie's death, nor with the correspondence course offered thru the society, but are sympathetic with their aims. We are a small Order of initiates and students, who prefer to concentrate on quality instead of quantity. Membership, or lack of it, is not based on sex, race, age, religion, sexual preference or nationality. Membership is based on the applicant's perseverance and the interpersonal chemistry which results from his or her inclusion in the group. We are a 'family' organization, having little interest in simply filling our roster with names of initiates we no longer know. There are meetings held at various places throughout the St. Louis area, which are free and open to anyone who wishes to attend. These meetings follow a study group format including such things as group meditations and practical methods. There are no fees of any kind. In order to be considered for Neophyte initiation a prospective member must fulfill the following requirements: 1. Active association with the group over a period of 3 months. 2. Proof of a working knowledge of such magickal subjects as the elements, planets, Sephiroth, should be demonstrated. 3. A general feeling among all involved parties that the time is right. We welcome new members and eagerly await them, but we are not proselytizers. The magickal path is not for everyone, and our group in particular is not for everyone. For those who come to us seeking instant power, participation in wild sex orgies, or the ability to dry up his neighbor's cow, we have nothing to offer. We also frown upon the selling of one's magickal abilities or knowledge, or misusing it to attempt to oppress or exploit others. We stand well in the St. Louis occult subculture, and have good relations with its factions, particularly the pagan community. Study of the magickal arts is a long, drawn out affair. It takes time, perserverance, and sometimes support from others. We can offer you these. If you feel that the Phoenix Temple might be what you're looking for, write us at the above address, or leave a message for Barb on CompuServe 73047,630 via easyplex, or on Weirdbase's Magick conference. If you don't live in the St. Louis area, but have a strong interest, we'll see what we can do.


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