Strange things are still flying around the small community of Gulf Breeze, Florida. Three

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Strange things are still flying around the small community of Gulf Breeze, Florida. Three recent articles on the subject, published in the Gulf Breeze Sentinel, are presented below (with permission). ----------------------------------------------------------------- Gulf Breeze Sentinel, April 20, 1989 UFO'S SIGHTED OVER GULF BREEZE, AGAIN? WITNESS LYNN SOLEY IS A WELL KNOWN GULF BREEZE ARTIST, AND HERE HUSBAND IS A PRINTER AT PENSACOLA MAGAZINE "When we first saw it, it was about 10:00 p.m. Monday," said Mrs. Lynn Soley of Breeze Street in Gulf Breeze, of an unidentified flying object. "We were in the front yard. My husband spotted it in the sky and he went in and got his binoculars. We all took turns looking at it. It was flashing red, yellow, green, and blue lights, with a white light. And then, on the upper right hand side and from time to time, it would move down the lower right side and then over to the lower left hand corner of the thing." "At one point, it turned on its side or something and the white light was in the center with red flashing lights going around it in a circle. Then, when we lost sight of it, we rode over to Shoreline Park where we saw three more just like it. Then we saw, in one part of the sky, what looked like a big, bright star. The funny thing was, though, when the four UFO'S vanished, so did the big white star. It disappeared too." SENTINEL: How many people saw it, and can you tell us who they were? SOLEY: While at Shoreline Park, we ran into a fisherman and a man walking his dog. They were looking at it. We were all sharing the binoculars. And then very shortly, of course, came Gulf Breeze Police and two police officers saw it. SENTINEL: They said they saw it, too? SOLEY: Yes, they had our binoculars. We shared binoculars. My husband is a printer and the thing that amazed him about this one, as well as the one he saw about 13 years ago, he said, was that the colors of the lights were not like the colors we have here. Like the red lights were not any shade of red he had ever seen before. And the same with the blue and the green. And then my brother-in-law, who we walked out to the car with, has been in radar with the Navy ten years active duty and twenty with the Reserves. He said he didn't recognize it as anything he had ever seen in the Navy, and that the lighting on it was not like any aircraft lighting that he had seen before. Then Tuesday night, Joe went out to the backyard and saw another one--just like the other four we'd seen on Monday night, but this one didn't stay there very long. It vanished in about 30 minutes. SENTINEL: And where is your house? SOLEY: On Breeze Street, off of North Sunset on the other side of the peninsula, behind the Holiday Inn, more or less. And the direction the thing was going in, it must have gone right over our house and we missed it. It was like it was right over our front yard and then starting veering southwest and finally, at Shoreline Park. When they all left at once, they went southwest. SENTINEL: That was Monday night at what time? SOLEY: That was Monday night at 10:00 when we first saw it in our front yard. We watched it for about an hour there, then went to Shoreline Park and it was about 1:00 in the morning when they got so faint and all but one had disappeared and about that time the big white light was gone too. SENTINEL: How far away would you estimate it was when you saw it? SOLEY: The first time we saw it--it's hard to say because I don't know how big they really are--I would say it was probably over the center part of Gulf Breeze between Shoreline and Fairpoint. It would have been about in that general area when we first saw it. SENTINEL: Any sensation of noise? SOLEY: No, no noise at all. It just hovered there and from time to time they'd go up, down, or left to right, but they were moving kind of slow. You figure we watched them for about three hours until they got so tiny you could barely see them anymore, and that's when the big, bright "star" was gone too. SENTINEL: So, the summary is, you saw it Monday from your home as you were going out to your car, you and your brother? SOLEY: Brother-in law. SENTINEL: What's his name? SOLEY: Charles Higgs. It was him, my sister and his mother--three of them. There were nine of us altogether that saw it. My brother-in-law and my sister live in Little Rock, Arkansas. I don't know the names of the policemen or the guys we saw at the park. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Gulf Breeze Sentinel, May 4, 1989 SENTINEL WRITER FINALLY SEES UFO HERSELF By Kimberly Stevenson Since the first report of UFO sightings over Gulf Breeze, I have diligently watched the sky for a glimpse of these extraterrestrial visitors. A few times I thought I had seen somehting unusual, but still a bit of skepticism prevailed. However, last week, on April 27th, a Thursday night about 9:30, I routinely looked out my back door towards the City of Gulf Breeze, hoping again these UFOs would make an appearance so that I could see them. I was amazed to see something different in the sky. I walked out on my back deck, turning off the kitchen light as I stepped out and watched as a bright object shot at a tremendous speed down and diagonally across the sky. It then made a circular pattern, then shot straight up. The whole time it radiated colors from it that grew in intensity from white, to blue, to green, to red. No blinking lights just radiating colors of a nature I have never seen. I have lived in this area for seven years and have watched the sky on numberous occasions and am quite familiar with the air traffic in the sky. I am very familiar with aircraft of all sorts and know what an airplane, jet, helicopter and yes, the Goodyear Blimp look like in the sky. I can assure you that what I saw was not any of these. As I watched this object, which appeared to be right over the area of Shoreline Park, I reached inside the house and called an associate from work who came immediately to my house with a friend. I also called my neighbors next door, who came out on their balcony and watched the object and said that they could see two of them. We watched the object for at least 30 minutes. It sat in one spot for a very long time, then began to slowly descend and move westerly, towards Perdido. I called a friend, Kenneth Payne in Perdido who was at work. He went outside with two other co-workers and they all saw the bright object and confirmed it was moving slowly. This was a little after 10 p.m. Another young man on the beach was also watching the object and we talked on the phone with him as he looked at it though his binoculars; he too said he thought he saw more than one. He was not available for an interview at the time this story was written but will tell his story this week, along with other sightings he had on Saturday and Monday. I have written several stories about other people's experiences of UFO sightings and always believed them, but I am sincerely convinced now that something strange is flying over Gulf Breeze. Many reports of sightings have been flooding into THE SENTINEL since last Thursday night. A report of a sighting on Tuesday night, May 2nd, was from a woman who wished to remain anonymous, called saying her and her family were eating at Pizza Hut when they saw a bright object, they left the restaurant and followed it up Highway 98 to Shoreline Park were several people were already there with binoculars watching it. One gentleman she said shared his binoculars with them. The woman reporting the sighting, whose son-in-law was a pilot, said he saw a shape. It had shining red, green, and white bright lights. The man with the binoculars told the group that he had seen the UFO on other occasions and when he saw it last week, it was so close and bright, he could not continue to look at it. Anyone else who has had sightings recently, please contact THE SENTINEL. If you are still a skeptic, like I was, start watching the sky, you might just see something that will change your mind. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Gulf Breeze Sentinel, May 11, 1989 UFO SIGHTERS SEE "MOVERS AND FLASHERS" By Kimberly Stevenson Since the reported sightings of unidentified flying objects on Thursday, April 27, Carla Yoder and her neighbor Kathy Deagle have been keeping a watchful eye on the sky. They were among the many people who reported the objects that appeared over Gulf Breeze. Now each night, they don their binonculars and stand at the end of their street in the Oriole Beach area looking for the extraterrestrial visitors. "Now the initial shock and fear are gone. Now it is just curiosity," Yoder said. Yoder has been keeping notes and diagrams of the movement and location of the shining lights, that radiate different colors and appear to move in different directions each night. They have seen them on April 27 and 29 and also May 1, 3, 5, and 6. Yoder wrote in her notes, "The days in between were too overcast and also on April 30 first noticed, looking straight up, an object just a small white light moving steadily across the sky. Saw this three more times on 5/5 and a shooting star. A flash of light with a tail." On April 27, as they watched the objects, they also noticed a lot of air traffic flying overhead, helicopters, prop airplanes and jets. The helicopters they said, appeared to be military, and circled over the area. The two neighbors have come to call the objects they are seeing "Movers and Flashers." The movers travel steadily across the sky and the flashers radiate color and move slowly. Yoder and Deagle plan to keep a vigil on the Gulf Breeze sky hoping to get a closer glimpse of these objects. "I wish one would come close enough for us to see what it is," Deagle said. "If it is something the military is doing, then I wish they would let us know," Yoder said as she lifted her binoculars towards the sky.


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