AN INTRODUCTION TO GAIAGAPE by Terry McCombs Gaiagape is a combination of the name Gaia (E

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AN INTRODUCTION TO GAIAGAPE by Terry McCombs Gaiagape is a combination of the name Gaia (Earth Mother) and the word Agape (universal all-encompassing love). Gaiagape is an attempt to find a word that embodies a concept that is growing in the world today, The concept is that Gaia, the Earth Mother, the planet we all live on and are a part of is a living conscious being, not in just an abstract sence such as "all living things depend upon the earth for survival, therefore the earth is a living being." But conscious in a much more profound sence, beyond even Lovelocks Gaia Hypothesis. Gaiagape is a search for contact and harmonization with the thoughts of the Mother Earth, which many believe is growing more self-aware and actualized each day. Gaiagape is a way of saying, "Earth Mother, we feel the awaking of your power in these important times and wish to join with our brothers and sisters of the plant, animal, stone, spirit, avataric, and all peoples of the Earth to bring about Your healing." Some poeple will say "She is quite capable of that on her own without any interference from us." True, but it is also true that while Gaia has love for all Her peoples, Her overriding concern is the preservation of life, not the support of only one of Her peoples at the expense (destruction) of all other life on Earth. She will do whatever is needed to assure that life is preserved, but the healing of the Earth need not be harsh! We too, are a part of Her. We are part of the brain matrix of this great being and we can use our imaginations, intelligence, physical actions, and our magickal abilities to bring about the healing of Earth and Her peoples in the most positive loving way possible. Can Her intelligence be contacted? I think so, and I would like to share with you a method that I find most helpful. If you use this creative visualization, I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts and impressions. First choose and have available the divination method which you feel most comfortable with. Next, find, a space where you can feel safe and comfortable. Once there, ground and center and begin using whatever method you use to relex. As you relax, begin to feel as if you are extending a taproot from the bottom of your spine down into the Earth below you. As you do this, see the root in your minds eye flowing down through the layers of the soil then rock then bedrock of the Earth until you reach the very core of our home. Feel the energy of this core coursing up the root you have extended until you feel it flowing up your spine and circling around your heart. As you inhale, feel the love of The Earth Mother for all her children flow into you. As you exhale, return this love to her. As this energy begins to swirl around your heart, feel it grow until it fills your entire aura, becomeing stronger with each breath you take. As this energy grows, begin to see a cup take form before your minds eye. See the cup in as much detail as possible. What does it look like? are there any symbols on it? remember as much of this cup as you can, because this is a symbol of how you perceive Gaiagape. Once you have your cup, drink from it, and know as you drink you are partaking of the pure essence of the Earth Mother. What do you perceive? What thoughts come to you? After you have drunk from the cup, pour a libation from it in return to the Earth. Having done this, begin to draw your taproot back and balance your energy until you are fully conscious of your surroundings again. Take the divination method you have chosen and ask these questions: What does Gaiagape have to say to me? What is the best way for me to send healing to the Earth and Her People? What is the meaning of the cup I saw? Write up what you saw and your feelings about it. I hope you find this of use, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions on this, I can be reached on this BBS, on the Matrix BBS 205-323-1620, or on my home (voice) phone 205-591-6134. B.B.!!!!!


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