LEGISLATOR WINS FIRST +quot;FUZZY+quot; A Tucson group is giving the first +quot;fuzzy thi

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LEGISLATOR WINS FIRST "FUZZY" A Tucson group is giving the first "fuzzy thinking" award to an education advisor to Governor Ev Mecham who made national headlines last month by saying that students have a right to believe the earth is flat. The award and trophy honoring former state representative Jim Cooper will be unveiled today, April Fools day. The prize is from the Tucson Skeptics, Inc., a group that attempts to debunk claims of a paranormal or religious nature. Cooper told the house education committee Feb 4th that if a student wants to say the world is flat, the teacher doesn't have the right to try to prove otherwise. "The schools don't have any right telling people what to believe", says Cooper. Ken Morse, co-chairman of the skeptics, says, "If Mr. Cooper thinks that flat earth education is OK, maybe he also thinks the world ends at the state border." "Cooper's statement is the type of thinking that could propel the US into the Third World", says Morse. The group will hold the awards ceremony at 1PM today in Tucson.


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