Article 4758 of sci.physics Subject Lab equiptment for sale Date 31 Mar 89 084310 GMT Xref

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Article 4758 of sci.physics: Path: dasys1!cucard!rocky8!cmcl2!rutgers!ucsd!ames!elroy!gryphon!hc!lanl!lambda!atl From: Allen Thacker (atl) Newsgroups: sci.research,sci.physics,,misc.wanted Subject: Lab equiptment for sale Message-ID: Date: 31 Mar 89 08:43:10 GMT Organization: Los Alamos National Laboratory Lines: 26 Xref: dasys1 sci.research:675 sci.physics:4758 misc.wanted:3546 Posted: Fri Mar 31 03:43:10 1989 For sale: Slightly used Tokomak. Made in 1976, Korinsky octopole confinement design. Less than 1000 hours experimental use. Power requirements > 20K Gauss flux. $3 million, or best offer. Included are the following options: - New out of box radopile high density meter - Microshiva laser pulse generator (20Mw) If you call, ask for ``Al'' =============================================================== Allen Lewis Los Alamos National Laboratory Box 1663, MS F-602 Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545 (505)667-4569 ===============================================================


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