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Article 4715 of sci.physics: Path: dasys1!cucard!rocky8!cmcl2!rutgers!apple!bbn!rochester!!!vac From: (Vincent Cate) Newsgroups: sci.physics Subject: Fusion Papers Keywords: cold fusion muon deuterium Message-ID: <> Date: 31 Mar 89 21:00:59 GMT Organization: Carnegie-Mellon University, CS/RI Lines: 40 Posted: Fri Mar 31 16:00:59 1989 The following 3 papers were referenced in the BYU paper and I highly recommend them: 1) "Piezonuclear fusion in isotopic hydrogen molecules" Journal of Physics G 12, 1986, p 213-221 C DeW Van Siclen and S E Jones 2) "Muon-catalysed fusion revisited" Nature, vol 321, May 8 1986, p 127-133 Steven Earl Jones 3) "Cold Nuclear Fusion" Scientific American, 257, July 1987, p 84-89 Johann Rafelski and Steven Jones The first paper derives the rate of fusion of deuterium. The second two discuss using muons to increase the fusion rate. After reading these papers and their recent paper, I think there is no question that Rafelski and Jones are legitimate. It seems that cold fusion is not at all new. It was "first suggested on theoretical grounds by F. C. Frank and Andrei D. Sakharov in the late 1940's. The first experimental observation of muon-catalyzed fusion came by chance a decade later. ..." The obvious question is, "Why is this only getting news coverage now if its been around for so long?" It seems that until the Pons nobody claimed to be able to get more energy out of cold fusion than they put into it. What's new is not cold fusion, but cold fusion that has a net energy production. Over the last 40 years people have gotten closer to breakeven cold fusion and now it seems Pons may have crossed this point. Can people recommend any other references (from the BYU paper or otherwise) on cold fusion? -- Vince --


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