10-Aug-87 1947 MST Sb APtn 08/08 0239 Fortunetelling Arrest DECATUR, Ala. (AP) - Police sa

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10-Aug-87 19:47 MST Sb: APtn 08/08 0239 Fortunetelling Arrest DECATUR, Ala. (AP) -- Police say Jimmy Breedwell came to town to tell fortunes and wound up violating a city ordinance, but the Tennessee man says he was only making psychic readings with the help of a crystal ball. Whatever he was doing, police filed a misdemeanor charge against Breedwell, who is free from the Decatur City Jail on $132 bond. Breedwell was back home Friday in Chattanoogna, Tenn., following the ordeal. Police said Breedwell, 37, was arrested Thursday afternoon when investigators posing as customers paid him to tell their future. The man had been in the city several days telling fortunes, police alleged. But Breedwell contends his psychic readings are not fortunetelling. He also said police violated his constitutional rights by preventing him from practicing his psychic prowess. "They considered it fortunetelling, but's it's not," Breedwell said in a telephone interview Friday. "What I do is nothing different than what real estate appraisers (do) or what a prophesier does from the pulpit." Breedwell was charged with violating a section of the city code which prohibits "the trade, business or profession of phrenology, clairvoyance, palmistry or other business ... in which the future of any person is foretold or attempted to be foretold." Police Lt. Ed Taylor said an officer gave Breedwell $20 to tell his fortune. While the man predicted the death of an elderly relative of the officer, Taylor said, "Apparently he didn't foresee his own arrest." Breedwell said that in his business, where a crystal ball is used as a medium in the readings, a practioner would not necessarily be able to forsee his own legal problems. Police said they confiscated the crystal ball and a deck of playing cards. "I've read all over the world and never had any trouble before," said Breedwell, who added that he would not fight the misdemeanor charge in Municipal Court because he lives in Tennessee. Breedwell could receive a maximum fine of $500 and six months in jail if convicted. Copyright 1987 by the Associated Press. All rights reserved.


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