A continuation or expansion on previous Text File on Inner Vision/ +quot;Fantasy.+quot; Th

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A continuation or expansion on previous Text File on Inner Vision/ "Fantasy." This text is more of a suggestive treatise on deep focusing exercises, a furthering on both basic meditative suggestions and basic 'inner vision' suggestion.' The Tantras, as with many Eastern (and some CM Western) traditions, are both expressed and understood in 'visual' terms, rather than 'verbal explanations.' This is not intended to be confusing or frustrating; but merely to aid in tapping deep intuitive truths through symbo lism. When the 'logical' thought processes are pushed into the background, and the 'creative mind' brought to the foreground, it's actually *easier* to understand the truths behind the words. Visualization techniques, especially those specific to Tantra, are tools to enhance receptivity and refine the senses. Indeed, visualization techniques are often recommended during Hatha Yoga asana, prana, and, of course, once developed, before, during, and a fter Tantric sexual union. Intent, consciousness, focus, and control are all vital prerequisites for Tantric sexual union, and I believe, for any ritual or spiritual methods employed by any individual from his or her own paradigm. As was touched upon in the 'inner vision' text, and is a basic of many Eastern meditative exercises, 'emptiness' is a common feature used in meditation. This 'emptiness' is rather different from the Buddhist concept, as applied to Tantra: it relates to the fifth element, ether or space, and has been called a *Plenum Void,* which means: spa ce filled with matter as opposed to vacuum, or *fullness.* Full emptiness seems like a contradiction in terms; the Tantric meaning is that the 'emptiness' is filled with *consciousness* and *bliss,* rather than just a sort of 'black out' state. For more detail on 'filling the void,' see the "Fantasy" text on file herein. By focusing on symbolic forms, rather than verbal explanations, the Tantras use the higher intuitive abilities of the mind, enabling it to grasp the *concept* more quickly. The Chakrasambh ara Tantra, an older Tantra (approx. 6th Century A.D.) recommends a visualization to enhance and focus the senses: "Find a quiet place. Unadorned with jewelry, unhampered by clothing, take up padmasana, making the Namaste gesture at the crown of thy head. Contemplate the voidness of all phenomena, recognize the consciousness within the voidness. See rays of light emerge from the heart chakra, see them fill the body and reach out into the ether, illuminating all they encounter. Draw back the rays and ga r them within. For in truth! Thou art Brahma, all comes from within, all returns within. Perform the Ha-Tha breathing, drawing in the solar and lunar breaths, male and female created He him. Focus the breaths in the heart chakra. Feel thy heroism, thy fearlessness! The lineage of Tantric teachers is above thee, below thee, and within thee, for in truth, are Thou not also Brahman, the One? Now see a disc resting upon the heart chakra, the disc is half of red and half of white. Upon that disc light the size of a sesame seed. Fix thy mind intently upon that light. Regulate the breathing, allowing the right breath to become dominant, and then the left, until a harmonious state of balance is achieved, all the while holding the mind firm in contemplation upon the light within the disc. A blissful clarity shall truly result. Then fix the mind upon the other senses. Close the eyes, and see two brilliant white points within the pupils, fine as the stalk of a newborn lotus. When the mind is acc to the white points within thy pupils, open the eyes, and turn the gaze upon various objects, all the while keeping the bright points before the mind. With practice the points will be made ever more vivid, mattering not whatever the eye falls upon. Having attained stability, draw in the points of light to the cavern of the heart, and see the heart chakra gain brilliance and clarity. Next, see a fine radiant blue point within each of thy ears and meditate upon them. When the mind is fixed, begin to rep a mantra aloud, always maintaining focus upon the points. When the focus is total, you may pursue this meditation in a place where many sounds abound, their vibrations and tone different; some pleasant, some harsh; some quiet, some shrill. No matter the sound, when thy mind is truly focused, the blue points will become more vivid, whatever the ear hears. When stability is attained, draw in the points, and focus them into the heart chakra. In this quiet place, free from incense or odors sweet or foul, m ate upon a fine yellow point inside each nostril. Concentrate the mind on them, and when the visualization does not waver at all, take thyself to a place filled with odors: incense and sweet perfume, garlic and tumeric, yea! even unwashed flesh and bodily excretions. If the mind is focused on the two yellow points, the mind will not waver, no matter what the scent. Having attained stability, draw the yellow points into the heart chakra. Now, meditate upon a single fine red point at the root of the to Tasting nothing, concentrate the mind on the red point. When the red point is steady, open thy mouth, and partake of different flavors; from the sattwic foods, the rajasic foods, yea! even the tumeric foods. For no matter what the tongue tastes, if the concentration is maintained upon the brilliant red point, stability shall prevail. Once stability is attained, 'swallow' the red point at the root of thy tongue, and distill it within the heart chakra. Now focus upon the body and its physical sensations. Foc us the mind now upon a green point, brilliant and slim like a single ray of light reflected off the finest emerald, and place is carefully in the region between the anus and sexual organs. Touch nothing, but keep the mind steady, the green ray becoming ever more brilliant. When concentration is total, stimulate yourself sexually; touching the body in different areas of pleasure, breasts, chest, sexual organs, lips, buttocks, hair. When vividness is a ttained, stabilize the concentration. Even if the lingam s tiffens or the yoni becomes moist, when focus is full, only the green ray will abide. When that focus is attained, draw the green ray in, distilling it again and again in thy heart chakra. Now, focus thy attention completely on the heart chakra, and see the different colors which have been drawn in, for yea! they are the senses, are they not? The effulgent points and rays should be combined within the heart chakra; focus upon them melting into one another, then finally, dissolving into *radiant nothingne *. Rising up from that state of tranquility, see then the radiant colors emerge spontaneously and as a one, extending to the sense organs. From this to that to nothing, to All! By meditation thus, with unwavering focus and ever-deepening concentration, the whole being is purified and the senses exalted. This meditation arises from the void and recedes back into the void, yet nothing is truly empty, for the void is ever filled with the conscious bliss of Beingness." of meditation allows one to gain control and power over faculties normally thought to be automatic and mechanical, leading to heightened awareness and greater power of concentration. All visualization involves the mind and senses in cosmic dance. Many Hatha Yoga asana are recommended to be performed with focused visualization. As an example, the headstand (Sirasana), while found difficult to achieve without much practice, and even impossible for some, becomes easier with the aid of visualizations: either imagining tensile rays of light emitted from the power (solar plexus) chakra and fixing the body into the floor, or focusing upon the equilateral triangle formed by the linking of the hands at the crown of the head, with a black point in the center--at the area of the third-eye chakra--will enable the attainment of this important posture much more easily than using props such as a wall or a chair to assist with attainment. A natural resonance is pr oduced by the *outer* form of the body and the *inner* form held with constant, steady focus within the mind. Conscious, focused visualization/meditation will reveal more about the inner workings of the mind and the spirit than 10 years of psychoanalysis, and all that is required to attain such knowledge and power is the discipline to continue regular and sincere practice, until the mind can be stilled and concentrated. Then the world is yours! The Chakrasambhara recommends another, simpler, form of visualization to enhance and transcend the physical senses: e in your mind a Dakini. (*Wisdom-goddess or archetype; sensual and spiritual at once*) She is the Red Dakini, also called Pandara, who represents the element of fire, and who comes from the west. She is symbolic of dedication and passion. Her single face represents the essential unity of things; her two hands that Truth is both 'relative' and Absolute. Her inner eye is open, all three eyes ablaze with erotic passion. Her tongue extends in lustful bliss; as she devours all poisons and purifies them with her inner fire. She is naked and with disheveled hair, symbolizing freedom from all bonds of delusion. She is the symbol of the intuitive; reminding us that earthly phenomena does not last eternally. Blazing like the fire of a thousand suns, she expresses her wisdom-essence by embracing her lover eagerly, passionately, and without restraint." --Ibid. Naturally, before and during Tantric Union, the focus is all-important: each partner must maintain the image of Self an concentration of your own and his/her exalted higher inner natures--I am in ecstatic Union with my Lord Siva! I am Siva! I am Sakthi! I am dancing the dance of cosmic love with my Sakthi! Tantra teaches that by focusing on the Siva/Sakthi nature of Self and Lover, you will be able to create an 'inner reality' that will transcend day-to-day life circumstances. *Important*: Tantra teaches that focused, concentrated visual 'thoughts' are truly *eternal* in that they cannot be effected by time, decay, or chang ing circumstance. When this concentrated focus is attained and *maintained,* it is a forceful tool in Tantric love, and a potent vehicle for liberation. HUMSA! SOHAM! D. Yogini Padma Ushas Suryananda, with quotes from the Chakrasambhara as cited.


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