THE NEW GOLDEN DAWN FLYING ROLL IX Issued by the Thelemic Order and Temple of the Golden D

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THE NEW GOLDEN DAWN FLYING ROLL IX Issued by the Thelemic Order and Temple of the Golden Dawn CONCERNING THE BOOK OF THOTH Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. The Book of Thoth, also known as Tarot, is a complete book of universal symbols which represent the various inner forces governing the cosmos in man. Although the historical and traditional theories differ, the Book of Thoth is clearly influenced by the Holy Science of the Qabalah, and the Qabalah itself is said to be of Egyptian and Chaldaic origin. Being that it is a book, and containing infinite Mysteries of Magick, the appropriate Egyptian God of its Wisdom is Thoth, the Scribe and Magician of the Gods. Thoth was originally a Lunar God, and Luna was looked upon as the great source of magical power, but later Thoth became identified with the Gods Hermes and Mercury which are Mercurial of course. Thoth-Hermes-Mercury is said to be the traditional founder of all the Sciences and Arts. In other words, he represents that Great Self in man which is the divine inner source of all wisdom and creativity. The Taort is his ageless book of universal pictures designed to instruct the minds of men with the Ageless Wisdom of the Gods, of which Thoth-Hermes- Mercury is the Messenger and Scribe. In Tarot there are 78 Cards. There are 56 Minor Arcana or Lesser Secrets which represent the Ten Qabalistic Sephiroth (Universal Forces) of the Tree of Life operating in each of the Four Qabalistic Worlds (Cards 1-10) and the individual operation of the Four Elements in the Four Qabalistic Worlds (Court Cards). There are also 22 Major Arcana or Greater Secrets which represent the 22 Paths of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. 78 is the numerical value of a Hebrew word called MEZLAH, which is the Divine Influence of the Stars, the Radiant Spirit of the Logos (Thoth- Hermes-Mercury). By applying Tarot correctly to the essential development of our psychological and spiritual understanding of the forces of the Universe, we can indeed receive the Divine Influence of the Stars, to partake its radiant Wisdom, to nourish our souls with the Secret Life of Thoth-Hermes-Mercury which is the Eternal Life of the Immortal Gods. The Tarot is most commonly used as a means of divination. As the 78 Cards represent the various forces in man and Nature, they can be used to fortell the future or determine past and present influences in given situations. Through proper occult understanding of the various forces that the cards represent, they can be applied to a situation to understand unknown factors or to learn future influences. Although it is a fact of supreme importance that only a true initiate can divine with Tarot, it is also a fact of common knowledge that many who are not initiates can use Tarot to foretell events with incredible accuracy. This is due to the universal nature of Tarot; it can awaken in any person the various psychic forces of thier subconscious minds. It does not matter in what land they are, what language they speak, or what religion they might practice. Tarot can speak to all; it is a book of universal symbols which are understood by the inner minds of all, consciously or unconsciously; and it can influence and awaken in all the inner psychic forces of their psyches. But to properly divine with Tarot is to exercise divinity; it should be a sacramental act, a religious experience, a uniting of the mind with Universal Truths by way of occult symbolism and numbers. It should awaken creative insight and intuitive realization, bringing the self to a point of understanding its present relation with itself and its environment, and how best it may create its future in accordance with the conditions of its present. It should not be viewed as a simple means of fortelling future events; it should be viewed as a sacred means of exercising divinity, of helping us to evolve in the divine consciousness of MEZLAH. By the Divine Influence of MEZLAH we are able to truly divine by way of Tarot, to help another understand himself and the hidden influences in his life, thus only a true initiate may do so in the light of the fact that he is one with MEZLAH, the Spirit of the Highest Unity. To exercise divinity is to be united with divintiy; to be united with divinity is to be one with divinity; and this is the work of the initiate. The Tarot is surely the most occult of all the Hermetic sciences. Occult implies something concealed behind form or symbol, but the form or symbol is what represents the concealed. Form or symbol is used to represent something invisible; and in the case of the Tarot, its innumerable symbols denote invisible forces which operate in the soul of man, governing and influencing his every thought, word and deed. Man is the receptacle of innumerable cosmic forces and the universal symbols of Tarot represent those infinite forces. Thus the Atus of Thoth are powerful keys by which to understand the essence behind form and symbol, to intuitively realize the inner meaning of it all. As Archetypal symbols the Atus of Thoth can be used for study and meditation regarding the various forces in the self and Nature, to realize in a most cosmic sense the essence of one's True Self and the meaning of its True Will. They are powerful magical tools that can be used by the Magician in the performance of his True Will in various dynamic and effective ways. They can be used in the initiation of the self into the True and Secret Mysteries of the Universe. The Tarot is, to all intents and purposes, a book of Self-Initiation, that is, a method and means of realizing by oneself the essential wisdom of one's True Self without the guidance of a visible teacher, but by way of an invisible teacher who is, in fact, the One Teacher of which every visible teacher is only a symbol. As a meditative tool, the Ageless Book of Tarot can be studied and contemplated so as to gain a greater understanding of each individual force in the self and Nature, as mentioned above. The colors, pictures, and symbols of each card are material reflections of spiritual forces within the psyche of every individual. By applying oneself to the proper study and meditation of each card of the Tarot, one can realize in consciousness the inner meaning behind every phenomena, perceiving in that realization the cosmic order of all things. As magical talismans, the Tarot can be used to aid the Magician by serving as magical links to the powers that he is invoking. They can be used to represent the force of his invocation, so as to increase the Astral connection with the influence with which he is trying to exalt himself. For instance, if the Magician wanted to invoke the Force of Mercury he could use the Card called the Magus or Magician (Atu I) as a magical Talisman to accomplish his Will, for the Magus Atu represents ideas connected with the Force and Planet of Merucry. As tools of initiation, the Tarot can be used in the Grand Operation of the Great Work, to attain the Knowledge and Conversation of the True Self. The Major Arcana Cards of Tarot can in fact be used by the Magician as representations of individual steps to be taken in the spiritual growth of his consciousness and in the inner initiation of his soul. Tarot is the Hermetic Book of the Dead. The Taort was designed to be a book of universal symbols which could be understood by the inner minds of all, for the essential development of their souls. With this Book of the Dead, and with Thoth-Hermes-Mercury as your guide, you can travel through the various subtle planes of the Inner Self, to attain its sweet and sublime immortality. The Atus of Thoth are Keys to the Ageless Wisdom by which we may partake of the Eternal Life of the Gods, to become divine beings capable of exercising divinity for the accomplishment of the Great Work. Here ends this New Golden Dawn Flying Roll. May the Divine Influence of Mezlah descend upon you all. Love is the law, love under will. Fra.'. Aureae Aurora and Fra.'. Vitriol In the Victorious City (An. IIIxx.)---


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