THE NEW GOLDEN DAWN FLYING ROLL Issued by the Thelemic Order and Temple of the Golden Dawn

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THE NEW GOLDEN DAWN FLYING ROLL V Issued by the Thelemic Order and Temple of the Golden Dawn CONCERNING THE LAW OF LIBERTY Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Imagine a world where all are taught full responsibility for themselves. No opportunities are witheld; perfect freedom of personal expression is given. All moral and ethical codes of conduct are up to the individual. The only role of society is to enable this freedom of the self through teaching self-respect and recognizing the worth and value of every individual by not adopting moral values or religious ethics which infringe on the right of every individual to express themselves according to their own unique natures. The sole responsibility for every individual is to be themselves and enjoy a life in a land of individual freedom and responsibility. Let us further consider this land of freedom, where the government exists solely to serve the people, to assist them to participate in their society because they are taught that they make a difference, that the greatest contribution that every man and every woman has to make is their own individual and unique expression. The people are ruled only by a Law of Liberty, a perfect Law which upholds the rights of every individual, inflicting judgement on no one except those who obstruct others from expressing their own right of self-expression. In this land of liberty all men and women are released from the iron grips of religious dogma, from the crutches and clutches of man-made morals and laws, and all are allowed to create or adopt their own morals and laws according to their own unique natures. Allowed to shine, as individual stars, every man and every woman is set into motion by their own unique and individual Wills; they are allowed, in the spirit of freedom, to find and pursue their own orbits or paths in life, and like heavenly bodies maintain harmony and balance with all other individuals rotating around the Great Central Sun. What person is better to decide what is right or wrong for you than yourself? Who knows what your motivations, your needs and desires are, better than yourself? Thus the True Law for every man and every woman should consist of a perfect code of freedom, of allowing them to find their own paths and pursue them. The aim of any society should be to instruct individuals of their own worth and value, and to furnish them with the necessary tools to use to express their own personal talents so that they may experience joy, and health, and wealth, and wisdom according to the unique formulae of their own true natures. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will. What better Law can there be than this for a free society of men and women? But can this perfect Law work in our society, a society which is supposedly based on the grand principle of freedom. If the Law of Thelema was the law of the land today, I think that the major offenders of society would not be gangs, drug users, rapists and other recognized criminal offenders. Instead, it would be the fundamentalists, the Oliver Norths of our government, those who persist in an abominable endeavor to rule others with their own limited perceptions of right and wrong, who judge and punish and even declare war on those who disagree with their limited notions. Happy people are individuals with high self-esteem, who know what they want out of life, who know that they answer to no one but themselves, free of guilt and shame, and who are devoted to nothing else but the fulfillment of their Will. Critics of the Law of Thelema, that is,"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law," seldom quote the second part of this Law of Liberty, that is, "Love is the law, love under will." This is most dire, for Love is the key to finding one's true connection with oneself and the world. Will based on love does not consist of blind attachments to selfish gratifications! On the contrary, Will based on Love is a spiritual principle, a principle of loving yourself and others in perfect freedom and joy. Do What Thou Wilt also means not to attempt to tell another what their Will is, most importantly to respect every individual's right to decide what is right for them. The Law of Thelema, that is, Do What Thou Wilt, is the Law of Liberty. It is a simple code of conduct which allows for every man and every woman to be the god that they are, to flame forth as mighty stars on their own unique and essential orbits, without conflict in any form, for the fulfillment of their own universal destinies. By the application of the Law of Thelema to our lives we have the right to live by our own laws and to live in the way that we will to do. In Thelemic religion, we are no more the weak slaves of a false sheep god and his false commandments; we now realize that we are true gods in essence, that we have no god to answer to but to the god that we are, and that we must be responsible for ourselves, adopting those laws and morals which are only necessary and suitable to our own growth and evolution, based on the sublime knowledge of our own true natures. It is time to free oursleves from slavery, to know and to accept who we really are, and to act on that perfect knowledge alone. A land that is governed by the Law of Thelema is a land of perfect liberty, a veritable paradise of gods who realize and do their True Wills, without conflict in any form, being free from the false notions and laws of the Old Aeon of Osiris. The New Golden Dawn of Liberty has come! Freedom is now the One Law of Life; every man and every woman must now be free, in the Spirit of the Times, to realize themselves and to create or adopt their own laws, as they see fit for themselves. For as the Book of the Law says, "Every man and every woman is a star." Let us all therefore arise in the Light of the New Golden Dawn; and let us rejoice with infinite delight in the New Law of Liberty which is Do What Thou Wilt; and finally let us revel in the marvelous world of stars where all is Light and Life and Love and Liberty! Love is the law, love under will. Frater Alla and Frater Oriens Stella Hoorus, In the Victorious City (An. IIIxx.)---


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