THE NEW GOLDEN DAWN FLYING ROLL XV Issued by the Thelemic Order and Temple of the Golden D

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THE NEW GOLDEN DAWN FLYING ROLL XV Issued by the Thelemic Order and Temple of the Golden Dawn Copyright (c) 1991 e.v. CONCERNING LIBER LEGIS Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. The principal message of The Book of the Law is "Do what thou wilt." This is our perfect code of conduct, our sole means to accomplish the Great Work in absolute freedom. As you should all know, "Do what thou wilt" does not mean do as you please. Rather it entails for you take responsibility for yourself, to advance forward in freedom, to realize and pursue your own path in life unto the ultimate attainment of the supreme realization of your True Self. The Book of the Law is our license to freedom, and freedom is the sole means to achieve the essential evolution of the human race. Progress cannot and will not take course if men and women remain in bondage, unwilling to understand and exercise the Law of the New Aeon, that is, "Do what thou wilt." If we are to survive as a human race, to surmount the possibility of a World Catastrophe, and to create a New World Order of Thelema, freedom is the single means to achieve those lofty and essential ends. We must be free to realize and pursue our own paths in life, to understand that we have no other right but to do so, to be responsible for ourselves and for the essential evolution of the human race. The Book of the Law also states that "Love is the law, love under will." This defines further the nature of "Do what thou wilt", which is the whole of the Law. To love is to unite, to join together. "Do what thou wilt" means to do your True Will, to fulfil your chosen destiny, to achieve your Great Work. Doing one's True Will is a sacramental act of love; it is the uniting of oneself with the Universe, with the infinite All. Until we take responsibility for ourselves, to understand and act out our True Will, we are bound to fail in the lofty task of creating a New World Order of Thelema. But if we take responsibility for our lives, and cultivate love and freedom by the application of the Law of Thelema, then will Love and Order prevail on earth, for in such manner we are living in harmony with the One Will of the Universe, moving with the New Current, uniting with all in perfect joy and harmony. The Book of the Law announces to mankind the New Aeon of Horus which commenced in March, 1904 e.v. and shall remain for 2,000 years. Horus, like all true gods, is an archetypal symbol of a certain force of nature, particularly of the true nature of Man; for, as we shall discover in our progress, there is no god but Man. Men and women are now free to be what they are in truth, that is, self-sufficient gods of infinite space, free to flame forth in the cosmos of infinity as bright and glorious stars, infinitely supreme and vastly unique. We are now free to discover and adopt our own laws in accordance with our own true natures, to realize ourselves and to apply in our lives those particular laws essential to our own unique growth and universal expansion. Most people who first read The Book of the Law are appalled by certain verses which are, from a superficial point of view, violent and abominable. Aleister Crowley, the scribe who wrote down The Book of the Law, was himself unable to appreciate and accept certain verses, and he disregarded the book for five years after its dictation. Even after accepting it, he could not throughout his life appreciate certain verses to the full. Yet this, I must declare, was principally based on the fact that he was born and raised in the Old Aeon of Osiris, and this fact undoubtedly influenced his whole life in various ways. It is very important to bear in mind, if we are to understand The Book of the Law, that it is not the letter that counts, but rather the Spirit of the letter. Words are designed to indicate essence and meaning; other from this they are meaningless. There are certain verses in The Book of the Law which are not to be interpreted literally, but rather magically, in spirit and essence. For instance: When The Book of the Law speaks of stamping down the wretched and the weak it may in fact be referring to the essential operation of banishing those wretched and weak elements in yourself which hinder you from knowing and doing your True Will. When it speaks of violent actions, this does not mean that we should be violent and do those brutal things which are often described in horrible detail. Rather it is indicating certain revolutionary formulae. The language of the Author of the book, who was Crowley's Holy Guardian Angel, may on the surface appear violent and abominable, but this is only so in our limited world of thought. Aiwass, the Author of the book, is of another world and reality, and his ways are not our ways; and it is a very possible fact that Aiwass was using such a revolutionary language to bar the profane from the realization of certain recondite truths of the Universe which were revealed in The Book of the Law, lest the profane abuse those sacred truths. This is the New Aeon of Horus; the Old Aeon of Osiris is dead! But Horus is just a babe and he is still clinging to Old Aeon principles, in fear of the unknown. We are Horus, the Child, and there is no escape from the fact that we are still clinging childishly to the false doctrines of Christianity and other Old Aeon rubbish. We fear the unknown and thereby remain bound to the old. But we must grow in freedom; it is the law of our nature. My point is this: We should take a jump into the Unknown, putting aside all Old Aeon ways of thinking, and by such a process it will become more possible for us to comprehend the revolutionary language of The Book of the Law. The language of The Book of the Law is not the language of a man; it is the language of a Praeterhuman Intelligence, a being of a transcendent kind. The Book of the Law contains a new language making way for a new epoch in thought. It is the language of a New Aeon, concealing an inner meaning which may in fact be the reverse of its outer meaning. Let us penetrate beyond the mere letter, and perceive instead the Spirit, essence and secret meaning of the letter. There is more than meets the eye in The Book of the Law! As Hadit states in the second chapter: "There is great danger in me; for who doth not understand these runes shall make a great miss. He shall fall down into the pit called Because, and there he shall perish with the dogs of Reason." Hadit further states: "Also reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite & unknown." Let us go beyond the limited operations of mere reason when we approach The Book of the Law. Let us rather read it and experience the essence, the inner meaning of its symbolism and characters. It is designed to inform us concerning certain important principles of practical universal worth, to assist us in our cosmic evolution, to help us progress in freedom and joy. Let us put aside our useless prejuidices and beliefs based on Old Aeon principles, and let us advance forward in the Rising Light of the New Golden Dawn, to partake of the freedom and joy which The Book of the Law announces as essential to progress. If we are to understand anything correctly in this New Aeon of Horus we must cast aside all systems, ways and beliefs of the Old Aeon, and be willing to judge things in the Spirit of the Times, free from the false notions of the dead past. When we approach The Book of the Law and become appalled by some of its verses, we should ask ourselves whether or not we are doing so in the light of the New Aeon or if we are simply projecting our old ways of thinking. For the New Aeon of the Crowned Child is here! Begone with the old; let us make way for the new! Let Change, which is Love, work its mighty Miracle in the world, bringing with it joy and liberty and success. Let us feast and make merry! Let us revel with infinite delight in the New Aeon, proudly and freely, with knowledge and courage, will and silence, without fear or worry of any man, god, or any thing! In nomine Novus Ordo Aureae Aurora, Sic sit vobis! Love is the law, love under will. Fra.'. Aureae Aurora (Frater Superior Chief)


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