THE NEW GOLDEN DAWN FLYING ROLL XI Issued by the Thelemic Order and Temple of the Golden D

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THE NEW GOLDEN DAWN FLYING ROLL XI Issued by the Thelemic Order and Temple of the Golden Dawn CONCERNING WESTERN TANTRA Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. The purpose of Western Tantra is to purify the psycho-spiritual system by synergistically combining "masculine" activity (YANG) with "feminine" passivity (YIN). Through the practices of Western Tantra there is a "mixing" of these male and female energies. This is accomplished by direct sexual practices which release the super-human energy Hindus call Kundalini, culminating in orgastic bliss. The mixing of sexual powers in a controlled fashion is designed to impart to each participant the qualities of his/her opposite energy. This in turn breaks open the shell of our confinement and allows us to witness the vital energy of the Impersonal working through our form. I call this Revelation in the Now. Thus for the male, female qualities are implanted and for the female, male qualities are implanted. For those who have received this dual quality of consciousness a new life springs forth from the deep and exalted roots of the Lotus. Kundalini is action. It is the roots of the male and female flower divided by the Act of the Goddess making Herself known to Herself, reaching out with conscious intention to re-unite in bliss. Thus the pain of division is redeemed by the joy of union. In this sense, the trauma of creation is healed, allowing the world to leap into its next stage of evoltion. It is the dance of the moment. This "sexual-spiritual-mixing" makes each participant whole, through the process of rendering duality conscious. Thus, the male active principle is "tempered" by the female passive power, giving him a deeper and wider perspective of life, and of course the female also acquires the benefit of expansion from the addition of the "male" qualities. The feminization of the masculine and the masculization of the feminine creates a sweetness and tenderness beyond mere description, without losing clarity and strength. This results from the Melting process. As melt down takes place the window of the divine is opened. The essence of all great religious and esoteric orders is the regulation of the psycho-sexual powers. Many secret religious orders had as their foundation the practice of sacred sexual acts. However, many of them, including the Order of the Golden Dawn, disguised these practices for obvious reasons (fear of the church and state) -- or, which is more likely, had forgotten that they even existed. Many proponents of the Golden Dawn and related traditions, like Waite and Felkins, were so "Christianized" that they were even sex negative, attempting to live the life of the Puritan and of course influencing modern occultism in an ascetic direction. Others, like Crowley and Regardie, preserved the essence of the ancient order, knowing that the proper use of the Psycho-Sexual brought true enlightenment. This is why Dr. Regardie felt that Reich's therapy was the best therapy for the aspiring student. However, he knew that while Reich's therapy would lead to a form of orgastic potency, it would never lead to true enlightenment. Reich himself had no use for Eastern practices, which of course included Yoga. Dr. Regardie often told me that Reich must have known of Tantra, or if he didn't he should have. The Golden Dawn is a development of the Rosicrucian Order (mystics who called themselves Knights of the Rosy Cross) who borrowed the symbols and colors of earlier pagan groups, mystical Jews, the Egyptians and the Hindus. These were later transformed into Christian symbols. Remember the Rosicrucian symbol was a White Rose with a Red Cross. During the Crusades the Christians adopted the symbol and said that it was representative of "innocence and blood" when in fact it was the emblem of the "Assassins" (a mispronunciation of the Saracenic Brotherhood of Hashishim, the "hashish takers"), the forerunner of the Knights Templar. The Rose represented the female anatomy and the Cross, the male. The new Golden Dawn which is now emerging no longer has to disguise its real purposes or its association with the Knights Templar, the Illuminati and other Tantric groups. The practice of Western Tantra brings the energy up from Malkuth to Kether. As you develop your practice, you bring Kether back down to Malkuth, finally "mixing" both in Tiphareth. This form of Intercourse is intentional and conscious. In concrete terms, we bring the force up, and we bring the force down, mixing them at the point of Tiphareth, the center of the Tree of Life, whose correlate within the physical body is the region of the Heart. This idea is similar to the principle of the Hexagram which is an ancient Hindu symbol of Tantra. The "lower" Triangle of the Hexagram is the female principle, reaching up, and the "higher" Triangle, the male principle reaches down. Their mutual desire is Union, and each must be willing to leave something behind for the sake of that Union. This divine union of the King and the Queen is experienced in the orgastic "wedding night" resulting in a New Child -- the Magickal Child. Love is the law, love under will. Fra.'. Adonai Achad (Christopher S. Hyatt)---


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