I have the pleasure of knowing an East Indian man named Pamjeet Singh. While he is very hu

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I have the pleasure of knowing an East Indian man named Pamjeet Singh. While he is very humble about his knowledge of the esoteric, he has shed light on the issue of inter-dimensional beings which I feel will benefit us all. I was asking him what his perception is regarding the Transmissions -- am I dealing with pure energy or are these really beings with names and personalities. He asked, "Do fish recognize that human beings exist?" I would think not. Pamjeet says fish are one dimensional beings. "Do dogs recognize that humans exist?" I would say yes, they are aware of us. Pamjeet says dogs are two dimensional beings. While they have some level of awareness they can not discern concepts and ideas. Humans are third dimensional beings. We recognize all lower life forms, can think and reason and deal with abstract thought. But as humans are we aware of other dimensions...higher dimensions? Some people are and have displayed unusual psychic abilities. Some Eastern mystics through meditation and thought control are so advanced they can materialize objects and easily communicate with beings from other dimensions. Pamjeet asks, "If you see a mouse chasing a bug do you try to intervene to save the bug? Do you try to communicate with the mouse?" The answer is probably no. These higher dimensional beings may not be focused in such a manner that they can or wish to attempt communication with humans. Pamjeet says human enlightenment is not necessarily significant to all higher beings. Death is not significant since all elements return to the Cosmic Pool (the All That Is). However, in what we call the fourth dimension there are likely many beings who do wish to communicate. For whatever reason they make take an interest in humanity and wish to be in contact with the physical realm. The Celestials who are in communication with Norma and myself obviously do have an interest in the energy transformation of the earth. I will attempt to clarify who I am in contact with and what is their purpose for using us for these Transmissions. As Pamjeet says, for humans to think that we are the highest of life forms in the universe, that's our obtuseness! *** Jami Morgan, Starseed Sysop Albuquerque, NM via Fidonet 15/1001


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