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FILE 18 NEWSLETTER Cult Crime Impact Network, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL-- RESTRICTED ACCESS INFORMATION FOR OFFICIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY. Edited by: Larry M. Jones, Cult Crime Impact Network, Inc., 222 N. Latah St., Boise, Idaho, 83706, ph: 208-377-6606, (Emerg.) 208-377-6790, pager #550. VOL. III NO. 88-1 FEBRUARY 1988 * * * DISCLAIMER * * * THIS DOCUMENT IS FOR USE IN DETECTION OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY AND PROTECTION OF CITIZENS; IT IS NOT MEANT TO INTERFERE WITH FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. 1. WHY BOTHER? Early in 1986, I vital. You can also 'network' attended my first police training nationally by being a contributor. about cult crimes, the first of its send the Editor a synopsis of your kind during my 15 years in police cult case or intelligence data or service. Yet the crimes and motives request for help or upcoming cult were so heinous and apparently crime seminar...these will usually longstanding that I marveled that we-- appear in the next FILE 18 issue. as a profession--I pondered--had not WHY BOTHER? ...To save the identified them before. Only a babies, to stop arrogant perpetrators handful of States even broached the who have 'skated' up to now, to shine topic in formal training. Law the light of the law into dark enforcement in the United States was corners, to listen when victims largely ignorant of "non-traditional talk... motives" for crimes--and thus largely ineffectual in solving them. Response 2. TRAINING SEMINARS. The following to a teletype request for contact from seminars concerning cult/occult crimes interested officers was literally are available: overwhelming. FILE 18 NEWSLETTER was CULTS, SECTS, AND DEVIANT MOVEMENTS (5 born as we attempted to self-teach days), I.P.T.M., 4567 St. Johns Bluff these topics and pass information Rd., S., Jacksonville, FL., 32216, along. From FILE 18 came the seeds 904-646-2772, fee:$375+r/b; for a national organization to Dates:March 7-11 and July 11-15 in initiate and support the new education Jacksonville, and May 23-27 in Ft. and intelligence-networking effort. Lauderdale. C.C.I.N. is private, free-standing and outside of governmental control; it is SATANIC AND CULT INFLUENCES IN HOMICID unhindered by jurisdictional 'turf E AND OTHER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS, barriers' or governmental restrictions (3 days), Valencia Community about intelligence flow, it is funded College'Gov't Services Program, Box ONLY by YOUR GENEROSITY. We have no 3028, Orlando, FL., 32802-3028, 305- sponsors other than FILE 18 readers 299-5000 x3265, fee: $165+r/b; Date: who feel C.C.I.N., Inc. provides February 10-12. critical service. The I.R.S. has granted us HOMICIDE AND DEATH INVESTIGATION SEMIN provisional approval as a tax exempt AR (5 day), N. Colo.-S. Wyo. [501(c)(3)] organization. That means Detectives Association, Marriott your donations can be claimed as Hotel, Ft. Collins, CO., fee: income tax deductions. Our I.R.S. $275+r/b; Date: May 16-20; Contact: Employer I.D. Number is 94-3036813 if Judy Kishman, 307-637-6110. you need that for your records. Besides our intelligence-sharing OCCULT AND RITUALISTIC CRIMES SEMINAR and educational benefits, one of (2 day), Lewis and Clark CSO, Helena, C.C.I.N.'s primary goals is to MT., fee $60+r/b; Dates: April 16-17; encourage LOCAL NETWORKING by each of (Speakers:Jerry Simandl, Chicago PD you in and around your home Gang Crimes Unit; Pat Pulling, jurisdictions. UPDATED MAILING LISTS B.A.D.D., Inc., and "Believe the (now with over 1000 names!) are Children;" Contact: Mike McCarthy, available just for writing and L&CCSO, 406-442-7880. requesting one from us--NO CHARGE! If you want to network, the lists are 1 AGENCIES SOUGHT (1 day) on the not outside where the suspects said following dates: March 19 in New the assault took place. Two swords Orleans, May 14 in Akron, OH., July 23 and a satanic bible were there, too. in Las Vegas, Sept. 24 in Chicago, and Medical examination of the victim October 29 in Richmond, VA. Pat showed that he had at least six skull Pulling is chief instructor. If fractures which could not have been interested in scheduling a workshop, caused by just one blow. contact Gerald Arenberg, 1100 N.E. Det. Greene presented the 125th. St., No. Miami, FL., 83161, conflicting factors to the suspects. 305-891-9855 or 1700. The younger of the two broke down and tearfully admitted that "...the 18 yr. LAW ENFORCEMENT AWARENESS SEMINAR ON S old struck the victim several times ATANISM AND CULTS (3 days), Dates: with the baseball bat...He said the April 18-20, fee: $145+r/b, Contact: assault was unprovoked." Christian Mathiesen, Dir. of Trng., The 18 yr. old was later indicted Warwick PD, 99 Veterans Memorial Dr., on an Attempted Murder charge and is Warwick, R.I., 401-737-2244. still in custody. "...The 16 yr. old moved to Texas a few months later "to 3. DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS. Last get out of this environment." After summer four subjects arrived at a two months there, he was involved in Flagstaff, AZ., hospital with a the murder of Midlothian, TX., severely injured 16 yr old in tow. undercover Police Officer George According to Det. Jeff Greene's Raffield and has been indicted for synopsis "...A patrolman responded and Capital Murder. According to Greene, interviewed the four subjects...(two the 16 yr. old suspect has been doing adults, one 18 and one 16 yr. occult drawings since 3rd. or 4th. old)...[who] stated that the victim grade. A DALLAS MORNING NEWS article was drunk and attempted to kill the 16 by Constance Hilliard says that yr. old with a sword. The 18 yr. old Raffield's murder site contained picked up a baseball bat and struck occult symbols which "...clearly the victim in the back of the head, suggest cultist influences in this one time. The 18 yr. old said he tragic murder..." struck the victim "with all his What lessons can we learn from might." He admitted that the victim this account? Perhaps, that vicious was unarmed...on his knees facing away would-be killers are younger than ever from the 18 yr. old. The 18 yr. old before due to intense, murder-oriented said "I just freaked out." He [said] programming--BE CAUTIOUS. Perhaps, they had been listening to their that there were plenty of indicators-- music, being "Slayer." He said it as Det. Greene pointed out--to I.D. a makes him feel more confident than youthful, homicidal mindset. Perhaps, normal. [Det. Greene] asked if he was that a LOGICAL MOTIVE other than under the influence of anything. He 'acting out' what has been 'programmed replied, "Only my music." in' may not exist; an assault upon a Greene noted an inverted cross on cop could be just as brutal, the suspect's stomach which meant the unexpected, and this 18 yr. old was the "Devil's advocate." case a cop later died. All of us know The victim was a special ed. student of kids like these...take the time to with no ties to satanism or his fire an Alert Bulletin to your brother attacker(s). The 18 yr. old never officers or even another jurisdiction. asked about the condition of the Thanks: Det. Jeff Greene, victim. Cocoinino CSO, Box 39, Flagstaff, AZ., Suspect #2, the 16 yr. old, 86002, 602-774-4523. "...was wearing all black, a heavy metal T-shirt included. He had a punk 4. 'ALL-AMERICAN' TEEN KILLS MOTHER, style haircut--shoulder length, SELF...And the police blame the cigarette burns on his arms, and he occult. You have all read this A.P. was holding a black cat during the Wirestory which hit local papers on entire interview. He also had on January 13th. A N.J. 14 yr. old, several studded arm bands..." and did turned from model airplanes and his not ask about the victim's condition. paper route to satanism, murder, and At the scene, tapes and albums of suicide in one month's time. His "Slayer, Dio, Megadeath, Black teachers saw the change and alerted Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and many, many Mom who did what Mom's do...she more...most [with] satanic lyrics..." confronted Tom Sullivan, Jr., about were found. Blood spatter evidence it, but Tom, Jr., was too far gone. was found inside the travel trailer, He stabbed his mother to death, 2 arranged his occult books in a to the core. In past: people have .. ritualized circle in the living room engage in "what-if-ing" about other and lit a fire in their midst. Dad families' kids in other towns, our and little brother were awakened by kids, our towns. the smoke detector and escaped, but by What does it take to convince the then Tom, Jr., had slashed his wrists skeptics that--regardless what they and his throat with his Boy Scout believe personally--other people do Knife. He died in the snow in a live, kill, and die according to neighbor's yard. weird, occultic, supernatural A 'comparative religions' philosophies, beliefs, and research assignment in his parochial proscriptions? CORROBORATIVE FACTS school seemed to have been the thing CONVINCE SKEPTICS. Thomas Sullivan, which piqued Tom's interest in the Jr., Jefferson Twp., N.J., is a case occult. He immersed himself in occult in point; may his death make books, listened to heavy-metal rock believers out of us! music, became defiant, angry, withdrawn. The change was rapid and 5. BREAKING THE ICE. In the past 2- intense. He left a note attributing 3 years, talk of "occultic or satanic his actions to occult influences. He crimes" has come out of the closets in told a friend that he had had "...a the Precinct Houses! In 1984, 12 yr. vision in which Satan came to him, old Jessica Hatch was abducted from wearing his face, and urged him to Richmond, VA., and murdered. Her body kill his family and preach (specifically her upper torso) was satanism..." [Editor's Note: News recovered outside the city. Not until sources other than A.P. have learned a Richmond homicide detective 'leaked' that Tom, Jr., had been a Dungeons and the true story was this crime publicly Dragons fantasy role-playing game labelled as a satanic sacrificial player. D&D could have provided the killing. The January 19, 1988, issue occultic conditioning which of STYLE WEEKLY MAGAZINE, a Richmond facilitated the more dramatic events publication, carried the disclosure of the last month of his life. The accompanied by an insightful article "game" is an accurate crash course in concerning the "police dilema" in sorcery, theft, mayhem, and murder handling ritual-in-progress aimed at bright, young juvenile boys!] situations. The officers interviewed Officer Jeff Lester, Amarillo held that we police cannot legally (TX.) PD, sent a follow-up article interrupt a satanic sacrifice ritual which appeared in the AMARILLO GLOBE- until the High Priest's hand is TIMES on January 19, '88. Jefferson actually seen arcing downward toward Twp. "...has been possessed by the the sacrifice-victim-to-be. fear of Satan..." since the two Constitutional protections of the free deaths. Tom, Jr., left a "detailed exercise of religion were cited. The outline of the murder...behind...[as Editor believes that most states' well as]...his drawings of satanic conspiracy laws could be put into images and an invitation to operation as soon as such an evil schoolmates to form an evil cult..." scenario was uncovered. NOW we can Rev. James J. LeBar, a Catholic call in expert witnesses to testify as consultant on cults, said, "I don't to the intent of the ceremony, think there was any doubt Satan had methodology, etc. Constitutional influenced him, even if he did have protections for religious practices some kind of psychiatric END when someone's civil rights are breakdown...He was actually trying to violated by them. Practically seek the power of Satan to give speaking, such sacrifices are not himself power." believed to be instant death-causing Mrs. Sullivan's and Tom, Jr.'s assaults, but rather, long, drawn-out, tragic deaths have an upside, though. torturous affairs--starting with His transformation was so sudden, so disembowelment and cutting off of the complete, so well-established by his extremities joint by joint. There own statements, documents, and the should be a felony crime there evidence, that somewhere?!? Richmond sources say DESTRUCTIVE CULT INFLUENCES could that STYLE WEEKLY's January 19th. not be ignored. The police were able edition is worth the reading and to establish the causal factors. The sensitive to the dilema we do face. national news media broadcast the facts into every household in America. 6. WE'VE COME A LONG WAY. Volume 6 The facts startled parents, of the BELIEVE THE CHILDREN policemen, principals, and politicians NEWSLETTER, October 1988, is 3 encouraging. Do you know that the N. punishment by telling. We believe Colo.-S. Wyo. Detectives Association that a stranger could kill a child for Seminar on the Emergence of Ritualized lust. We can't imagine that our Abuse (Ft. Collins, CO., 9-86) was the neighbor could captivate our child for first national seminar at which cops love. We believe a lifeless victim; were introduced to the satanic it's hard to trust a living child. ritualized abuse of children? Dr. We can't change a thing if we get Lawrence Pazder, co-author of excited only after a child is killed. MICHELLE REMEMBERS, was the wrap-up We will prevent murders by devoting speaker. One year later at B.A.D.D.'s our best resources to dealing with the Richmond Seminar on Ritualized Abuse day-to-day realities of molested Dr. Pazder remarked that the whole children in our midst and the people awareness level of the police among us who molest them..." attendees had risen. Ritualized Abuse was no longer an unheard-of topic--the 7. IT'S WORSE IN A SMALL TOWN 'CUZ word was spreading. YOU KNOW THE PEOPLE! Det. Sam Elia, Believe the Children is an Sullivan (MO.) PD, sent FILE 18 a important organization. It was Missouri POST DISPATCH article by E.F. started by the parents of ritualized Porter, Jr. (undated, but recent.) abuse survivors from the McMartin (Thanks, Sam, you are a faithful Preschool in Manhattan Beach, CA. In correspondent to C.C.I.N., Inc; we all their anguish and confusion these appreciate your efforts.) parents organized to expose an The crime: "...The three accused insidious plague of evil and reach out youths, James Hardy, Ronald Clements, to others. Your personal membership and Theron "Pete" Roland, all 17, went (as little as $15.00 per year) will late Sunday afternoon to the house of help keep BTC strong. Steven Newberry, 19, and invited him This group has generated the to come out for a drive with first statistical data from 59 them...The next morning, when Steven documented (remember the vital had not returned home, his mother word?="Corroboration!") R/A cases, called the police. (Classmates said which is more than ANY law enforcement that by midmorning, the school was agency--bar none!--has accomplished. crackling with rumors that a student Their spearhead efforts are to be had been killed over the weekend.) commended by those of us tied to slow, That evening, Clements went to unwieldy public service agencies. the Carl Junction police statement and Please support Believe the Children turned himself in. Why he did so is and order a sweatshirt while you're at still not clear. He gave a statement it. to the police...Clements led police to You want to be on the BTC mailing list a concrete cistern on an abandoned to enhance your interconnecting lead mining property about three miles resource network, anyway. south of town and about a mile from Dr. Roland Summit, M.D., an the Newberry home. expert in child abuse cases currently Under 10 feet of water at the at the Harvard/UCLA Campus, was quoted bottom of the cistern, police found in a LOS ANGELES TIMES article, the battered body of Newberry. He had February 20, 1987: "...The challenge been bludgeoned to death and weighted for protecting children is not to with a stone. The medical examiner single out the end-stage homicidal later counted approximately 60 blows monsters, nor even keep all known to the head. Nearby in the bushes child molesters in jail. There is no were four baseball bats. jail large enough, no juries sure Also in the cistern were the enough, no children strong enough to corpses of two squirrels and a cat. withstand the courtroom trauma and no The squirrels seemed to have been sentence long enough to keep most drowned...But the cat showed signs of offenders behind bars. Our burden is having died of blows from a blunt to recognize the offenders in our instrument. midst, to challenge their access to ...Jasper County...Sheriff's children and to block their escalating Deputies arrested Hardy and Roland at addiction, even as we hold them the high school and charged them and responsible to lawful, productive Clements in connection with the citizenship. murder. Pedophiles gain our trust and ...Investigators...guardedly entrap our children with impunity. acknowledged the possibility of a Children may protect their secret satanic cult involving more students rather than risk rejection and [NOTE: Do you think YOUR high school 4 is immune?], and perhaps adults as seriously," said a 1987 graduate. well. The rumor around the high "They thought it was wierd but school was that a total of 18 cult something the kids would grow out members had attended the murder. The of."..." number 18--that is, six plus six plus "...A law enforcement official six--is thought to have a diabolical expressed [that] the greatest danger meaning because of its resemblance to to the region now is that the numerals mentioned in the 18th. verse prosecution will be satisfied with the of the 13th. chapter of Revelation three arrests and let its "Let him that hath understanding count investigation of occultism drop... the number of the beast; for it is the Early reports suggest that number of a man; and his number is six Newberry was an innocent victim who hundred threescore and six."... had accompanied the suspects because There was even a report that one he was flattered to be invited. student known as a skillful artist had Police described him as a large been present to make sketches of the youth...who was a slow learner killing..." yearning for peer approval...the The article notes that the town eldest of four children...a devoted had experienced vandalism with satanic churchgoer who rode his bike several messages of abandoned buildings and a miles to services...But young Newberry church which had "...openly declared apparently was not a blameless victim. war on satan...The vandalism stopped Classmates said that he, too, was a after the congregation prayed, [Rev. member of the high school's cult and Robert] Carrow said. "We feel we that he had told them about taking prayed 'em out," he said. "I believe part in the ritual killing of in the power of Satan, but we feel our kidnapped dogs and cats. He was power is greater than their power." apparently liked by some members of "...Young people acquainted with the sect, disliked by others. "Steve the accused described them would try to worm his way into as..."stoners"...known for...use of things," said a recent graduate. "He marijuana and for wearing gold-colored tried too hard to be ingratiating. He crosses hung upside down around the would do anything." neck... EDITOR'S NOTE: This theme is Hardy, the best known of the somewhat familiar; baseball bats seem three suspects, was narrowly voted in to be the "Weapon of the Month!" as student body president last spring Compare this story to the Flagstaff in what classmates described as a assault (Item #3): same mindset, same rebellion against the established--and music, same acted-out homicidal teacher-approved--student aggression, same 'simple' victim, same leadership...Clements...appeared to lack of remorse, same M.O. Let me move around in a kind of daze, often engage in pure speculation intended to not responsive to what was going on get you thinking: WHAT IF the 'evil, around him. Roland, the third demonic influences' are really real, suspect, seems to be...a mystery to and to teens who have surrendered to his classmates...What seemed their control (through active satanic especially eerie about the case was practices and rituals) these 'evil the complacence of the three personalities' are reading the same suspects..."These guys are still Satan-inspired script? Not enough cool...there's not one tear...It's data, you say. Perhaps not, but the spooky,..." said Dep. Larry Parrill. Editor--and a significant cross- Investigators have admitted section of the persons with credible privately that if a cult does exist, knowledge on this topic--find it seems to have generated both belief "coincidences" increasingly hard to and discipline far more powerful than swallow. The initial 'dribble' of anyone suspected. Investigators have satanic/occultic crime information of had little success in obtaining two years ago is now a torrent. Even information from other students...yet Oprah Winfrey (Chicago talk show there is no question that a demonic hostess) had an actual demon take-over cult exists at the school, students of a so-called "channeler" on live agreed. Some of them jeered at the T.V. last week! Open your adult population, and especially understanding, at least, to the school officials, for their refusal to possibility of a larger conspiracy and face reality..."If a mistake was ever orchestration which sense, but which made, it was not taking this we do not--at this time--fully comprehend. Please, send in news articles, 5 HELP! OFFICER NEEDS HELP! SEND ASSISTANCE! MICHAEL AND LILETH ACQUINO, satanist spokespersons, taunted police nationwide on the _Oprah Winfrey Show,_ 2-17-88, trying to 'prove' that satanists don't commit crimes. Their logic: IF satanic crimes REALLY DO OCCUR, THEN the police would have investigated, arrested, and prosecuted satanic offenders...which they have not done. Obviously, we haven't been as good at it as we could have been [and are getting to be!], but I know there are hundreds of satanic cult-motivation murders and attempts, agg. batteries, mutilations, kidnaps, rapes, and mayhems which are documented by police nationwide. _WE MUST DEVELOP A CENTRAL LISTING OF THE CASES WE HAVE TO COUNTER THIS ERRONEOUS LOGIC._ C.C.I.N. intends to develop a CULT CRIME CASE LOG to do just that; the source data must originate with you!! _PLEASE:_ think back, talk with peers, pull your records, and send C.C.I.N brief, one-pager synopses about cases you know about...whether investigated by your agency or any other. Use this format: Crime/charge; Victim: name, age, race, sex, condition; Agency Investigating/Lead Investigator; Cult/occult indicators/evidence/motivations; Suspect(s): name/arrests/prosecution; brief M.O.; attach report if available and representative photo. if available; Date of Occurence; CIRCLE INFORMATION WHICH MUST BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL, and send it to: C.C.I.N., Inc.:Case Log, 222 N. Latah St., Boise, Idaho, 83706. Thanks, The Editor--- TOGETHER, we can present an irrefutable case! crime reports, or synopses of cult fear knowing their shroud ofsecrecy is crime cases so that FILE 18 can being shredded. SATAN'S UNDERGROUND reprint them. (published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon) is being 8. SATAN'S UNDERGROUND. The Editor printed now. It will be available by recently had the honor of reading a March 1, 1988, in Christian galley copy of Lauren Stratford's new bookstores. Look for it! book SATAN'S UNDERGROUND. It is Lauren Stratford is an excellent Lauren's life story--as powerful as it resource for training seminars, is credible. Lauren tells what it was counseling, interviews, and workshops. like to be given by her mother to men She can be contacted via The for sex at age six; to be a kiddie- Confidential Group, Box 91795, porn photo subject, to live in Bakersfield, CA., 93390. constant dread and terror; to have fled from her mother's bondage to 9. NEW MEXICO PASTOR MURDERED. another city only to find that she was Sandoval CSO (N.M.) Lt. Phillip G. again controlled by the same Caristo, Sr., described a perplexing porn preverted sex delivery ring murder he worked in Rio Rancho, N.M. which had abused her from the "On the 26th of March, 1986, Pastor beginning. They trapped Lauren with Max A. Austin was shot to death in his drugs, guilt, and mind control and, as office at the Mesa Vista Baptist a young woman, forced her to Church...At the time of this participate in satanic rituals and investigation I knew very little about infant sacrifices orchestrated by the Satanism, cults, witchcraft, etc... ring's kingpin, the coven High Priest. although...I have learned...lately. Lauren escaped. Her physical, There was no indication of emotional, and spiritual survival are Satanism, at least none that I could nothing short of miraculous. detect. I had spent thirteen years SATAN'S UNDERGROUND blows the lid with the Philadelphia PD...[and] had off the secret links among the kiddie seen many homicides. I saw nothing prostitution and pornography different in this one. The victim was suppliers; their dependence on drugs, shot once in the throat (first shot) kidnapping, deception, torture, and again in the face, below the left terror, and murder to insure eye. According to the stippling continuous supplies of young flesh; pattern, the first shot was probably and the destructive bondage of satanic fired within ten inches;the second was involvement to which the purveyors judged to be a contact wound by the turned to satisfy their own debauched pathologist. The caliber of the perversions and insatiable lusts. projectile recovered was 38. The story covers so much ground There was no "descecration" of that it qualifies as an investigator's the church or the body. In fact the handbook for organized crime. It crime scene was very clean. Only two fills a crucial gap in the literature items were known to have been we now have which is useful for police taken...the victim's wallet and training. This book will be "must briefcase (contents emptied first.) reading" for parents, teens There was precious little evidence considering cult involvement, found at the scene, but enough to counselors, treatment professionals, eventually indict Timothy J. and pastors who must know the truth. Wildermuth for First Degree Ms. Stratford has included tremendous Murder...after his arrest on 5 August perspective from the victim's 1986. viewpoint, as well as an outline to It was while executing a Search follow when we embrace a hurting Warrant on Wildermuth's person who has suffered Hell and property...[that]...I discovered that survived. Restoration and healing are he was into Satanism. A 37 year old stressed in the final chapters of man, he had turned to Satanism when he Lauren's book; her story gives anyone was 12, because he resented his trapped in cult bondage hope and a parents forcing him to go to church means of escape. and to memorize prayers. he secretly The author has joined a growing prayed to Satan during these church list of writers and speakers who are meetings. courageously telling the truth about Found in Wildermuth's property murderous satanism and cult activity were stacks...of books on Satanism, in this country. The Editor hopes the occult, witchcraft, magic, etc., that every satanic cult member reads along with a canvas altar with the SATAN'S UNDERGROUND and pales with pentagram printed on it complete with 6 names and symbols and another article 10. LOVE LETTERS This article was which appears to be a Jewish contributed by Det. Dave Holm, Cedar candelabra painted on it with Hebrew City (UT) PD. Two letters to symbols. [Ed Note: Cabalism, ancient CIRCUS MAGAZINE, unknown date: Jewish occult practice.] I have been "Since I became a Motley Crue informed by a Rabbi that it is an old fan, my life has changed for the Jewish ceremonial cloth used in the better. I have started to shout back practice of magic. at my mother, and if she tells me to Wildermuth was divorced and do something, I don't do it. If she letters...written to him by his former tells me not to do something, I do it. wife, clearly show she believes I have started drinking (Jack herself to be a witch. She speaks of Daniels, of course), smoking, going to rituals and sacrifices performed all-night parties and doing and...of Satan worship. unmentionable things with my male On 6 January 1987, Wildermuth was "friends." found hanging in his cell...a very Thanks to the Crue, I have a new well drawn pentagram with a sort of attitude toward life. Would you half-moon...(was drawn) on the wall of believe that just last year in school his cell, in color. I made straight A's and was invited to In the SPECIAL REPORT of the become a member of the National Honor PASSPORT MAGAZINE "America's Best Kept Society? Was I an a--hole or what! Secret", I found the one phrase that So to Vince, Mick, Tommy and connected Satanism to my especially Nikki, thanks for making my homicide..."The Satanist thinking is life more fun. Someday, Nikki, that the younger the victim, the more someday!" innocent; the more innocent, the more --Nikki Sixx Lover, Arkansas precious to God; THE MORE PRECIOUS TO GOD, "There's a new breed of kids out THE GREATER THE DEFILEMENT, thus, the here. The real metal--Iron Maiden, more power for the Satanist to Black Sabbath, Motley Crue and Ozzy acquire." have our spirit and love. We believe How more to defile a church, a that Satan rules and would rather blow house of God, than to kill and up this wicked world than let it fall innocent Pastor, a man of God, within to the Communists. We live to be high his own church? Everyone had been and want nothing to do with reality. looking for something outlandish and We don't care about ourselves, just overt, but there it was right before each other. Violence to those we our eyes all the time..." hate, love to our friends and the In return correspondence, Lt. breed. May everyone be a slut. If Caristo noted that there was a full you can understand, love to you." moon present on March 25, 1986. He --Just One, Middleburgh, N.Y. recalled that Wildermuth was into astrology and witchcraft in addition 11. EXPANDING YOUR LIBRARY. Pastor to satanism. Lt. Carristo agreed that Dave Rieck, Emmett, Idaho, is also a since Wildermuth had a long history of U.S.N.R. Chaplain, so eh has a personal occultic involvement and had balanced life perspective to draw married a woman who was similarly from. Dave has done a lot of reading inclined, it is likely that he was a concerning occult topics. He provided member of (perhaps directed by or the following list of books which he desiring to gain power and status in) has found helpful. You may wish to a coven group. read: Pastor Austin was seen as "...a CHILD OF SATAN, CHILD OF GOD, Susan "Warrior of God"..." in the community. Atkins w/ Bob Slosser, 1977, Logos He was "...a member of the American International, Plainfield, NJ, 290 pp. Baptist Association, he preached pure Author's account of life with Bible..." Manson's "family." Mrs. Austin graciously gave her DARK SECRETS OF THE NEW AGE--Satan's permission for this account to be Plan for One World Religion, Texe printed in FILE 18 in the hope that it Marrs, 1987, Crossway Books, will be useful to law enforcement Westchester, IL 60153, 287 pp. Over officers. Readers who recognize 600 quotes from New Age leaders help pertinent details in this case, please unveil their "Plan" for the world. write to the Editor or contact Lt. DELIVER US FROM EVIL, Don Basham, Philip Caristo, Sandoval CSO, Box 1972, Fleming H. Revell, Co., Old 1708, Bernaillio, N.M., 87004, 800- Tappan, NJ, 225 pp. Examination of 862-4357. the controversial subject of demons and how they control. 7 DEVIL TAKE THE YOUNGEST--The War on THE TWISTED CROSS--Joseph Karr, 1985, Childhood, Winkey Pratney, 1985, Huntington House, Inc., Shreveport, Huntington House, Inc., 1200 N. Market LA., 315 pp. Nazism was occultic St., Shreveport, LA., 71107, 257 pp. religion of Hitler, the messiah, I:Occult roots/history, II.Current Himmler, the high priest. SS Death unique children's generation, III.War Head formation, the clergy. Links on children from A-abortion to W-white with New Age. Perspective on modern slavery. Good background for white supremicist neo-Nazi groups' understanding ritualized abuse of occultic roots. children. UNDERSTANDING THE OCCULT, Josh THE DEVIL'S ALPHABET, Kurt Koch, 1969, McDowell and Don Stewart, 1982, Here's Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI. Life Publishers, Inc., Box 1576, San 49501, 156 pp. Discussion of Bernardino, CA 82402, 202 pp. superstition, occultism, 47 different Mystical experiences, occult occultic practices. practitioners, discernment about HALLOWEEN AND SATANISM, Phil Phillips occult beliefs, excellent primer on and Joan Hake Robie, 1987, Starburst, the subject of the occult. Inc., Box 4123, Lancaster, PA. 192 pp. NOTE: Many of these books have "Innocent" Halloween practices linked extensive bibliographies which will to Satanism. help you do further research. THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW--The THE SATAN HUNTER, Tom Wedge, 1987, New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Caring Books, 2020 Ninth St., S.W., Barbarism, Constance Cumbey, 1983, Canton, OH 44706, 226 pp. Author is Huntington House, Inc., Shreveport, a Probation Officer and occult LA., 268 pp. Informs about hidden researcher. Collection of personal agendas, events, and manipulated experiences, interview and organizations fostering the New Age. observations. helpful to anyone who will confront a satanist. ************************************ * C.C.I.N. Directories: * 12. COMPUTER BROOMSTICKS. This is a * Available to All People * sample of information which is * On the Mailing List !! * available on occult-oriented computer ************************************ bulletin boards (see list of modem numbers in FILE 18, #87-5). The OCCULT BONDAGE AND DELIVERANCE, Kurt source was Phil Hansford, Koch and Alfred Lechler, 1971, Kregel THE OUTPOST RCPM, 818-353-8891 Publications, Grand Rapids, MI., (modem), Box 93, Tujunga, CA., 91042. 49501, 198 pp. Terms, healing, Eleven text files dealing with various deliverance, and distinguishes between categories are printed-out with brief disease and the demonic. explanations for each. The results of PASSPORT MAGAZINE: AMERICA'S BEST KEPT such presentations are: 1) recruiting, SECRET, A Special Report on Satanism, and 2) high-tech networking with Calvary Chapel of West Covina, 1432 W. interested individuals, resulting in Puente Ave., West Covina, CA. 91790, 3) deeper involvement and personal 15pp. Excellent treatment of satanism study. and ritualized abuse @ $.25/copy. The files were: Why Magick?, The Good hand-out, intoductory material. Subjectivity of Experience, The four PIGS IN THE PARLOR, A Practical Guide Worlds, Elements and forces, Chakras to Deliverance, Frank and Ida Mae and meditation, Thoughtforms and Hammond, 1973, Impact books, Inc., 137 Spirits, Basic Ritual, Healing and W. Jefferson Ave., Kirkwood, MO. Banishing, Astral Projection, Cabala, 63122, 153pp. Spiritual warfare and and Visualization...all very 'modern' deliverance. revivals of the ancient philosophies SATAN IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING ON and worship forms. PLANET EARTH, Hal Lindsey, 1972, Zondervan Corp., Grand Rapids, MI., 13. BLACK METAL BANDS. What are 255pp. A little dated, but sound kids feeding on? Jeff Burkholder, background on occult and satan. Raleigh, N.C., provided this up-to- Dangers of occult involvement. date list of Black Metal Bands (even TURMOIL IN THE TOYBOX, Phil Phillips, their names are downers!) Venom*, 1986, Starburst, Inc., Box 4123, Slayer*, Possessed, Satan's Host, Lancaster, PA. 17604, 191 pp. Occult, Megadeath, Dark Angel, Fallen Angel, violence, and sexual themes in the toy Metal Church, Demon, Satan, and cartoon industries. Children are Destruction, Sodom, Exodus, Bulldozer, pre-conditioned to accept the occult. Voi Vod, Metallica, Celtic Frost, Exciter, Abbatoir, Candlemass, Storm 8 Troopers of Death, 6.6.6., Hallows underneath a house and as one of our Eve, Omen Fates Warning, Witch Finder dogs clamped down on his arm he was General, 45 Grave, Christian Death still able to kick the handler Skulls, Nuclear Assault, Samhain, repeatedly about the face..." Baincry, King diamond, Merciful Fate, FLAGSTAFF, AZ.: Lyle Rapacki, is a 3rd Mags, Flotsam & Jetsam, Sentinel valuable resource into the New Age and Beast, Kirax, Krank, and Deaf Dealer. occult (also an ex-cop who wants to *=Bands documented, according to network). He has Crossroads Counseling Dave Hart, Al Menconi Ministries, as Center, P.C., Flagstaff Office, 3009 actively worshipping satan. The other N. West St., Flagstaff, Az., 96001. bands seem to include satanic themes Lyle sent a clipping from a U.P.I. for marketing purposes. Many bands story (undated) which says that about are "...exchanging leather and studs 150 Tacoma, WA., officers have signed for panty hose and lace..." according a petition telling the brass that they to Dave. However, at the height of will no longer work the heavy-metal their satanic and occultic imagery concerts in the Tacoma Dome. This all these bands produced millions of came to a head when Det. Bill Belante records and tapes which are STILL reported that he saw "...drug use, available, STILL influencing young assault, open sex, and half-naked minds, and STILL destructive. girls. Then, after the victim of a Within the past few months we vicious beating was taken away, a have heard about senseless, murderous young man in the crowd crouched over assaults by teens, upon family, the spilled blood and licked it from friend, and acquaintences. the floor..." His letter described Investigators and reporters the concerts as "...sanctioned war acknowledge a singular lack of remorse zones..." on the part of the suspects. One REDWOOD CITY, CA.: From the L.A. source called the Editor on 2-2-88 to TIMES, 1-19-88, "...Redwood City discuss a teenage girl's strangulation police...arrested three of four young murder in Georgia by her friends (two men who held a Friday the 13th, delinquent boys and another girl) drinking party in a tomb last November while they were listening to Ozzy. and beheaded two corpses to get their The three then passed their 'friend's' gold teeth..." (Hey, dude, let's body out the window, buried it in a PARTY!!) shallow grave, and performed some sort BALDWIN PARK, CA.: Sgt. Randall Emons of satanic ritual over her...and no recently wrote a fine article entitled remorse. Carry the warped mind- "The Occult Investigators Explosion" programming one step farther and it is from his alternate-hat perspective in not hard to visualize marauding bands the Christian 'Breaking Point of satanically inspired teens Ministries.' He has genericized this committing mindless slaughter. Young material to make it acceptable as teens are in the formative stages of California state certified police their life philosophies and standards officer training. His 8-hr. block of conduct. Repetitious, too-loud will be titled "Occult Criminal 'programming' with destructive, Investigation for the Uniformed murderous, suicidal themes MUST have Officer." It sounds like Sgt. Emons' an effect. Coupled with peer materials would be valuable to FILE 18 reinforcement, drug use, broken homes, readers regardless what perspective videos, and satanic movie themes, we they are working from. He can be are facing a whole generation of kids contacted via Box 355, Bloomington, who have become blase' about torture CA., 92316, 741-877-0769. and bloodshed. Are we already seeing Sgt. Emons is also interested in the tip of a bloody iceberg? "...starting a network for Christian police officers researching the 14. LOCALS occult...[possibly]...calling it the NASHVILLE, TN.: From Ofc. Bruce Christian Occult Investigators Network Sulfridge, "...Lately interest has or C.O.I.N..." Interested officers, arisen in other officers concerning contact Randy. cult activity in and around our RICHMOND, VA.: Pat Pulling, founder jurisdiction. For some reason it is of Bothered About Dungeons and no longer a laughing matter when, as Dragons, Inc. (B.A.D.D.), still has a in a recent rape case involving a limited number of manuals from 13 year-old-girl, the suspect cries B.A.D.D.'s 1987 Ritualized Crime out that he is a "son of Satan," and Seminar in Richmond. She will be it will take "40 cops to take me in, happy to send you a copy while the 'cause my 'father' is protecting me!" last for a $20.00 contribution to Ultimately, the suspect was trapped B.A.D.D., Box 5513, Richmond, VA., 9 23220. They are truly [illegible] and contain usuable resources and notes from presentations by Sandi Gallant, Dale Griffis, Dr. Lawrence and Michelle Pazder, Raphael Martinez, and others. Pat has made tentative plans to host a 3-day Advanced Seminar (for those who have been to some form of basic occult crimes seminar) in September 1988. Pencil-in a note on your calendar for a trip to beautiful downtown 'Witchmond' in the Fall! TACOMA, WA.: Dep. Ed Troyer has undertaken an ambitious project...the development of a police training manual for occult crimes investigations. The Editor has reviewed a draft of it, and it promises to be a standard handbook for all of us. Pertinent excerpts from the Satanic Ritual Calendar section should give us warning: **February 2--SATANIC REVELS: sexual ritual using oral/anal/vaginal sex with females between the ages of 7 and 17. **February 25--ST. WALPURGIS DAY: blood-type ritual using an animal and the host of blood and dismemberment. **March 20--ST. EICHATADT: blood ritual using a male or female with the drinking of human blood for strength and homage to demons. **March 20--FEAST DAY: orgies for the Spring Equinox. **April 19-26--Preparation for the Sacrifice to come. Ed. Note: May include the recruitment and preparation of a ritual human sacrifice victim. **April 26 (or to April 30, Ed. Note)- -GRAND CLIMAX: Da Meur-type ritual using Dorpus de Baahl, oral/anal/vaginal sex with female age 1 to 25. (Ed. Note: April 30 is Beltane or Walpurgisnacht or May Eve, generally held to be the second highest date on the ritual calendar, second only to Halloween. Human sacrifices are anticipated.) Ed can be contacted at the Pierce CSO, 930 Tacoma Ave., S., Tacoma, WA., 98402, 206-591-7420. 15. FINAL QUESTION. The phrase "Yankee Rose" appears on the last page of LaVey's SATANIC BIBLE, it was the name of a song by David Lee Roth about a hooker, and it was recently written on the body of a male murder victim with lipstick. What is the significance of "Yankee Rose?" 10 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * [DETACH AND Mail to C.C.I.N., Inc., 222 N. Latah St., Boise, Idaho 83706] PLEASE ADD MY NAME TO THE FILE 18 NEWSLETTER MAILING LIST: ---- -- ---------- NAME___________________________________ AGENCY__________________________________ STREET_________________________________ CITY______________ STATE_______________ ZIP_______________________ [ ] Suggested Subscription is $15.00/yr. [ ] Enclosed, [ ] Later $_______ [ ] Ft. Collins "Emergence of Ritualized Crime" Notes, 48 pgs. @ $4.00 _______ [ ] Packet of back issues of FILE 18 NEWSLETTER @ $5.00 _______ [ ] "Cults, Sects, Deviant Movements" Notes from I.P.T.M. @ $2.00 _______ [ ] C.C.I.N., Inc. Mailing List (Feb. '88), NO CHARGE. Total Enclosed= $ =======


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