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(2128) Sun 17 Oct 93 11:18 By: Thomas Kryston To: All Re: Federal Reserve St: 1855<>2129 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- @PID: QE 2.76- For all your information: Anyone ever hear about this? Anyone ever follow up? If you're interested, I'll follow up, but this seems to be a little weird. The following message regarding the END of the Federal Reserve was taken off the Internet on 10/10/93 ------------------------------------------------------ Msg#:39119 *alt/conspiracy* 10-09-93 19:40:47 From: NEWS To: ALL Subj: PLEASE READ: THE END OF FEDERAL RESER From: breinhar@access.digex.net (Robert B. Reinhardt) Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy Subject: PLEASE READ: The end of Federal Reserve, IRS, etc. Date: 10 Oct 1993 01:16:24 GMT Organization: Express Access Online Communications, Greenbelt, Maryland USA . On the recent question of the alleged 'scam' that asks U.S. citizens to file claim against a class-action suit against the U.S. Government...I have completed some detailed investigation. There is much more about this issue that I have heard that I am not willing to repeat in public (it's not my place to do so), however I will repeat or paraphrase directly from materials I have received from other sources (read--I did not originate this information). . ---------- DISCLAIMER ---------- . I do not express or imply any warranty in my statements, nor do I take any form of responsibility for actions you may take based on this information, however I do feel it fair that I share this with you. I probably only know about 50%-75% of what I need to know about this, meaning I can't vouch for the details of the impending actions, however I am personally convinved that these are valid arguments and therefore quite possibly valid circumstances. Also, please pardon the typo's and paraphrasing from time to time. I hope this sparks a vital discussion, but please don't contact me for additional information, see the contact information given below. . ------------- . I have retyped below the first page of a press release by the Federal United States District Courthouse in Denver, Colorado. I won't attempt to type the whole document for you as this and the supporting documentation is appx. 8-9 pages. I will try to summarize key points. QUOTE: "PRESS RELEASE" . Denver, Colorado Federal United States District Courthouse . "This press conference is being held by the receivers Scott Hildebrand and Darrell Sturgess. The following statement is in effect by order of the U.S. District Court in Denver, Colorado, under Case Number CV-92-1781, that the entire Farm Credit System. Federal Land Bank, Production Credit Association, Farmers Home Administration, National Banking Associations, the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, and the County of Larimer Colorado are hereby placed into receivership by order of the U.S. District Court of Denver, Colorado. Darrell Sturgess and I, Scott Hildebrand, are activating the National Guard to ensure National Security. These Entities are hereby placed on notice that the assets of those placed in receivership are to be turned over to the receivers Darrell Sturgess and Scott Hildebrand immediately to be recorded with the Court and be disbursed against the Affidavits of Damages submitted to the receivers. These assets include but are not limited to the assets of the agents, officers, directors, and employees, of the above mentioned entities for Civil Rights violations and fraud which they were a part of and/or perpetrated." Two examples of the fraud committed is as follows: 1. The Farm Credit System, Federal Land Bank, Production Credit Association, Farmers Home Administration, and the National Banking Associations were never properly registered in the States as a lending institution to do business. 2. Because they were never a legal entity, they had no standing in the Courts of which they have used to seek remedy and relief from the people. The National Banking Associations will be closed and their affairs wound up for their non-compliance with the National Bank Act and their failure to comply with various State Laws. The National Guard is hereby notified and given the authority to assist in arresting the perpetrators of fraud as specified in the arrest warrants which were filed with the U.S. District Court of Denver, Colorado, under Case number(s): CV-920C-1781 because the Federal Marshals have failed to perform their sworn duties to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. Any individual having a claim will be informed of those procedures in a subsequent press conference. The specific details and an example of a standard claim will be outlined at that time. What we have been assigned and designated to do, is to clean up the largest perpetration of fraud ever committed on the American Public." ------- END QUOTE Secondly, on the previous reported matter of 10 or so farmers and Mr. Roy E. Schwasinger, my information has it that the government attempted to shut them up via federal indictments as a response to jurisdicational cases they brought against certain judges. My info. also has it that those indictments have been dropped and the judges removed themselves from the cases. Also, the cases were moved to the Federal District Court of Denver, Colorado, where they were found to be valid cases and are being kept secret. It is also my understanding that Mr. Schwasinger is currently under a gag order. The information I have is from another source who has been separately (yet together) working on this case for some time. As I am not directly involved with any of this, I will provide contact information later in this message, if you want more information or assistance in filing a claim (time to re-read my disclaimer above). From Johnny Johnston's UNITED SOVERIGNS OF AMERICA meeting in Garland, Texas on August 31, 1993: . -- Attorney Jerry Wilkins from Dallas area has been recruited to assist with Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado legal problems. -- Roy S. and 40 others are under a "GAG ORDER" and cannot speak, so Johnny and a few others are out "spreading the word." -- The following five Entities are reported to have been taken over by the U.S. Treasury: -- Federal Reserve -- IRS -- FDIC -- FSLIC -- RTC -- As of 8/31/93, 1,573 banks (plus all of their branches) have conformed to the new U.S. Treasury Banking Code. [ for those of you who have not been following this issue, this will be news to you soon as well ] -- The new U.S. Treasury MONEY will not be issued until the country goes back on the GOLD Standard. [ My information has it that this is expected between now and 12/31/93 ] -- The Baskerville/Foster Colorado case is at this time waiting an appelate judge's review in the 10th Circuit Court in Denver, Co. The amount of the suit is one half trillion ($500B) and all persons who have submitted claims will, as a bonus, receive a portion of aforesaid $500B settlement money. The judge is supposed to make a ruling in the next 2 to 3 weeks. [ My current information has it that the settlement date has been set for October 21, 1993, and that all claims as part of this particular settlement must be submitted by October 18, 1993. ] -- At such time as claims are paid [ my info. says this will happen after the banks switch to the new currency, repeated from above, by 12/31/93. ] -- claimants will have a number of options: -- can be taken in gold and silver -- can be taken all in cash -- can be taken in U.S. Treasury bonds -- May be left in the new "U.S.A. Bank" in Denver in an account in the claimants name. (or any combination of the above) -- Johnny does not know exactly when the claims will be paid! ------------------- CONTACT INFORMATION ------------------- American Freedom Resources 24 hour info/fax (303) 337-0798 9-4pm 337-0880 3000 So. Jamaica Court Suite 300 City of Aurora Republic of Colorado --------------------------------------------- MORE INFORMATION/STATEMENTS I HAVE SEEN/HEARD --------------------------------------------- Each and every American may file a claim and ask for compensation for lossed in property, crops, income, loss of education, medical expenses, stress, business or investment failure, etc. Recently, while the economy was muddling along, several very dedicated individuals from all walks of life have filed, perfected, and set precedent. [Baskerville and Foster, 1988, 10 District Court Denver, Colorado ] Resulting in a process that has been established for filing claims, which include an Executive Order by President George Bush, #12278, October 23,1991. [ Ref: Federal register Vol.56 No.207, Friday, October 25, 1991, Pg. 55195 ] Now comes a Minute Order, the Order entered & granted by Magistrate Judge Bruce D. Pringle, to have a Settlement Conference on October 21, 1993. On or before Oct. 18th 1993 each party shall submit Settlement Claims. [ United Stated District Court, District of Colorado Civil Action No.93-C-1281, September 2, 1993. ] ------------------------- OTHER BITS OF INFORMATION ------------------------- - HR-1214 defines *NEW* U.S. Banking System - It is reported that Alan Greenspan died (apparently of suicide) about 2 1/2 months ago. [ Reported that in recent Banking Commission Meeting of which Chairman of Federal Reserve is one of seven seats, Paul Volcker attended as Federal Reserve Chairman. ] - On December 25, 1992 President Bush was to sign an Executive Order allowing the banks to close forcing us into economic chaos. He would sign another order and then put us into the "Constitution" and the One World Order. - Janet Reno is cooperating fully with the investigation/resolution of this case and will soon be announcing that 'all corporations' are null and void. - The original 13th amendment will be announced and reinstated publicly [already secretly reinstated by the Supreme Court]. At that time all elected an appointed officals who are lawyers will be sent home except those that will be tried for treason [I believe there will be many]. This includes President Clinton and all past living Presidents. - Work to solve this fraud case has been ongoing for over 18 years, involving many people from many walks of life. - Delta Force [ self-explanatory ] has already confiscated the assets of everyone [ in the world ] who owned stock in the Federal Reserve, foreign countries, the IMF, and the World Bank. This was done under a Supreme Court Order. They went into foreign countries and brought it all back [ with the cooperation of those countries for relief of all debt owed to the U.S. ]. These assets have been placed into a special account that these claims will be paid out of. Over 600 trillion dollars [ people are now saying 800 trillion...this has got to be a typo :-) geesh ]. It is deposited in various places all over the country. - Cosmos, a former CIA organization, broke banking codes and rerouted transfers to bring money back into the continental United States. - Less than 1 year ago the Joint Chiefs of Staff met with President Bush and told him they had signed an order given to them by President Franklin in 1933. Giving them the power to invoke marshall law in an economic emergency. [Stopping Bush from going ahead with his December surprise which would have in effect turned over the entire U.S. totally to the Trilateral Commission]. They didn't use the order, just threatened him with it. - Joseph Byden and Sam Nunn are 2 of the 12 members of Congress who are not lawyers, and by Constitution (the original 13th amendment that you haven't seen yet) lawyers cannot be elected or appointed officials. - The national debt will no longer exist (actually does not exist now, but you haven't heard that yet either). - THERE'S MORE (of course), and I have paraphrased the above (re-read my disclaimer at the beginning of this message one more time). --- Blue Wave/QBBS v2.10 [NR] # Origin: Gun Control = Criminals & Police vs. the Unarmed. (1:231/110.0) * Origin: SearchNet --> FidoNet EchoGate! (114:1/0.0) @GPTH: 231/110 374/14 330/201 @GATE: 114:1/0.0@SearchNet 2cc54ab3 @PATH: 1/0


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