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THE FEDERATION FLASH "EXPLORING THE FRONTIERS OF MIRACULOUS PROBABILITY" ISSUE 27; SUMMER 1994; VOLUME VI Published by Starbuilders P.O. Box 22-0964 Hollywood, FL 33022-0964 fax: (305) 927-7659 (after 6 p.m.) The Federation Flash is published periodically. E.T. walk-ins Jal'Kae and Zaruna Ataza are solar entities working with The Federation of Light, a council of Masters sourcing from different dimensions, various locations in space, and points in time; additionally, J.K. and Ataza function as portals through which transdimensional Light, models of reality, and technologies enter into the Earth plane. They serve the Mission by following their spirit. Subscriptions: We appreciate your donations for this service. We acknowledge Extraterrestrial Earth Mission, who serve as a paradigm for the New Civilization (and are a source of great inspiration). We support all others who have dedicated themselves to the divine purpose of co-creating Heaven on Earth. "Starbuilders," "New Species Music," and "Project Wings" are outreach projects of the ULC. [NOTE FOR THIS ELECTRONIC VERSION: The articles contained within are separated by a short line of dots "..........."; subheadings have the first letter in each word capitalized] (From the Editors) GREETINGS FROM STARBUILDERS! Greetings! We are Jal'Kae and Zaruna Ataza. We are the third team of walk-ins at Starbuilders. We joined the human race on the Spring Equinox of this year. We don't have the same history as the previous two Teams. Our last Mission wasn't in the Orion system as was theirs; yet, our work is built upon the foundation they have established. We aren't strongly focused on our identities as E.T. masters or solar entities. Although these identifications are true, we tend to emphasize (1) living a miraculous life, and (2) serving the Mission in whatever way spirit dictates. 1. By "living a miraculous life" we mean many things. We consider a miracle to be any experience that is outside of the realm of third-and fourth- dimensional possibility. Yet there are experiences which may appear "normal" (in third- and fourth-dimensional terms), but are, indeed, miraculous. For example, say your background reality is programmed to simply avoid and seek relief from suffering. Suddenly, it flips from pain avoidance to one where ecstasy is the norm, interrupted at times, by suffering. Your life is then filled with joy, ease, and grace, all within the confines of the third and fourth dimension. We call this living in the Miracle Continuum; you experience life as a stream of little miracles. (From a third- or fourth-dimensional perspective, this stream appears as merely a series of pleasant coincidences or is attributed to the fourth-dimensional phenomenon "luck"; additionally, in a third-or fourth-dimensional context, joy, ease, and grace are conditional, and must be paid for.) On the other hand, experiences such as having huge blocks of karma instantaneously absolved or taking quantum leaps in consciousness in a matter of months that would ordinarily require lifetimes of work are miraculous because they transcend the fourth-dimensional karmic laws. 2. "Serving the Mission in whatever way spirit dictates" can be a lot of work. Our ground crews are pushed to the limit. Ataza is going full speed with "Project Wings," working with the energetic grids of the bird kingdom. From this, we have realized that birds, too, can be walked into. And why not? Birds are conscious life forms. Their various biological parameters may just be more restricting than those of humans; working from within a bird form could be a difficult task. We took this a step further and concluded that all animals, plants, and crystals could be walked into, as well. After all, the Ascension Process involves everyone and everything on the planet; all creatures are being offered the opportunity to live an exalted life. Divine Sparks We are all Divine Sparks. This is more than just a lofty, religious concept to be hung and forgotten in the closet of unrealistic probabilities. Instead, it is the most real, enduring, and miraculous aspect of ourselves. And we are taking a stand for it. Currently, the Planetary Consciousness is allowing only the most minute tip of this Divine Iceberg to manifest. But as the Ocean of Illusion subsides, the majesty of our Divinity will be revealed ever more fully. * Jal'Kae and Ataza represent the forces of Divine Harmony and Divine Synergy. As solar entities, they present work that accents and liberates the dormant or repressed and denied solar energies found within everyone. ............. SO YOU WANT TO BE A WALK-IN? We have met a few people who told us that they wanted to be walked into. While some felt they were unworthy, others just thought it would be a good thing. We would like to point out that a walk-in experience is the choice of Spirit and not the Personal Will. We are going to share some of our experiences of what it has been like being walked into. You can probably relate to much of this, because Light Workers, regardless of how they got here, have much in common. People May Think You're Weird Is this surprising? People with a materialistic, third-dimensional perspective will perceive you as a human being who is saying that you are something else. This does not compute. Therefore, in their mind, you're weird. Beings who interpret reality from an astral, fourth-dimensional perspective may even think you are possessed by the Dark Forces. This is because you may say things that violate fourth-dimensional laws; you are astrally incorrect. This rejection by fourth-dimensionally oriented beings may come as a surprise. After all, most beings who are exploring the astral plane have experienced being shunned, ridiculed, or rejected by their third-dimensionally based friends when they've shared their beliefs about angels, karma, reincarnation, and the like. They are ridiculed because there is a chasm between the third and fourth dimensions. Fear fills the chasm. A chasm exists between the fourth and fifth dimension, as well. Those, however, who are open to the truth of their knowing are able to cross these chasms in a leap of faith and begin integrating new realities into their lives. Finally, even though people will think you are weird, you will think they are weird, too. But after you get over the initial shock of how they treat one another, you realize that this is how itís currently done on Earth. It's a One-Way Street Once you've been walked-into, there is no turning back. The new resident consciousness has a fixed purpose; the Mission is everything, and you must go on with it. Also, we have never heard of the original inhabitants walking back in; you are probably a walk-in for the duration. People may treat you as if you were an outside authority (and other things) This is not flattering. It's something you learn to deal with, because all kind of demands, expectations, and implied realities are inherent in this sort of relationship. For example, beings may try to engage you to play the role of teacher, parent, one who accepts them, and other variations. This is when it's good to stay within your Integrity.* When you decline to play the game, nothing happens - it falls flat; it's the sound of one hand clapping. You'll find that staying in your Integrity may cost you friends, but being in Integrity is more satisfying than struggling to maintain relationships grounded in delusion. You Become Invisible Third-dimensionally based beings interpret fourth-dimensional phenomena in third-dimensional terms. "Ghosts," for example, are just someone's "imagination playing tricks on them" (a popular way to explain away astral phenomena). Past-life experiences are easily dismissed as "early memories from this life, glamorized and projected into a 'past-life' setting." So, if you are trying to explain these events to "unbelievers," they won't hear you; they'll get only a distorted image of the reality you are describing. In this sense, the reality that you are taking a stand for is invisible to them. The same goes for fifth-dimensional phenomena. You may say that you and your Team Mates have traveled together from other dimensions to participate in the Ascension Process. A fourth-dimensional response could be, "Oh, sure, group soul traveling: you mean 'the transmigration of souls.'" But you don't mean that, at all. Still, there is no need to struggle for recognition. You are here on a Mission; spirit will reveal you to whoever is meant to see. * To receive a free paper entitled "Integrity Tools," get in touch with us. [By mail, send a SASE (large, #10 envelope).] The article includes insights on staying in Integrity and a handy tool to use when you find yourself stepping outside of your Integrity. ............ LIVING A MIRACULOUS LIFE THE FIRST TWO TEAMS of walk-ins, after exploring some of the possibilities of co-creating Heaven on Earth, came to the conclusion that their Mission was impossible; nothing they could do would make this happen. Heaven on Earth requires that everyone live their life based on fifth-dimensional principles, where actions stem from love, not fear. They knew they could not make anyone do this, because no one can force or convince anyone to make a dimensional leap. If you try, the one who is forced goes into staunch resistance and, reacting from fear or anger, becomes even more steadfast in his viewpoint. At first glance, this was depressing news: "Oh, great! (not)! An impossible Mission!" Yet, it was quite liberating; it was no longer up to them to guarantee the success of the Mission. Spirit has to do it. (And when spirit moves through you, you can live the impossible.) This implies that miracles - intervention from the fifth dimension and above - will be responsible for the Ascension of the Planetary Consciouness. They concluded that if this were true, then the best way to serve the Mission would be to allow miracles to flow through them. Recognizing this, the Second Team manifest ed miracle technologies which would expand their capacity to serve in this way. This provided us (the Third Team) a foundation enabling us to begin living a miraculous life. Aspects of a Miraculous Life. Living a miraculous life means flowing in the Miracle Continuum. When you are in the Continuum, details of projects work out flawlessly. You meet just the right people. Your food is always delicious and just what the body needs, because your off-planet Team laces it with Light. Doors of opportunity appear and open with ease. Love and respect for yourself and others deepens. Insights abound. You find yourself living in the Eternal Present. You become lighter and lighter. Everything is okay as you watch the drama unfold from the still, untouchable place inside. You are more transpersonal, less personal. You can extend a loving hand to everyone. Survival fears, sexual imperatives, territorial concerns, and hierarchical maneuvers are viewed from the perspective of Integrity. Mutation and disintegration are seen as integral parts of the Ascension Process. You know that we live in a miraculous universe. Familiarity Breeds Contempt(?) We recently had the opportunity to explore the totally unmiraculous picture of reality that says "familiarity breeds contempt." At first, we thought this concept was ludicrous.* But, after some consideration, we saw that it was inevitable in third- and fourth-dimensionally based relationships. Evidently, in these dimensions, when people open up to each other, they begin to focus on one another's distorted third- and fourth- dimensional aspects. But when you live a miraculous life, the opposite holds true: familiarity increases respect, deepens admiration of the other's qualities, and allows love to expand. At this level of relationship, distortions are treated as minor or secondary aspects of the otherís wholeness. This encourages both parties to express themselves fully. The Miracle Connection Living a miraculous life means letting the Divine Plan effortlessly manifest through you. You can't use your Will to make this happen - you surrender to spirit so that it can flow through you. When you try to force things to happen, the usual outcome is struggle or friction. For example, we received that it was time for us to start networking. So, wanting to comply, we contacted another Star Base; they wrote back. Then we wrote and said, "Hey, let's swap tapes!" because they said they were doing cool stuff with sounds. But, suddenly, the line went dead. We said, "Yoo-hoo?" but the lines were definitely down. At first we fretted: "Geez... maybe we did something wrong," but we didn't. We were hallucinating. We realized that they were either hallucinating or following their spirit, and either way it was okay. So, we let go of this, blinked a few times, and saw that spirit had already established a magnificent network; we didn't have to do a thing. We had received letters from groups and individuals from all over the world saying things like, "Hey! Just wanted to tell you we're here, too!" and, "Keep up the great work!" and the like. We envisioned energetic lines connecting us together; through these lines wonderful energies flow. And it isn't necessary for us to ever be in touch with them again - the link is in place and activated. We further envision an intricate Light-web - an infrastructure of which all masters are a part (whether the ground crews like it or not). This Light network is not about personalities, or even about establishing links and making them work. It's about the Divine Force of Evolution using its servants - all of us - to play out its role in the Divine Plan. Surrender is the Key The reason that everyone on the planet is not living a miraculous life in this moment is because they are exploring realities that donít allow this to happen. If someone (who was unprepared for it) was somehow thrown into a miraculous lifestyle, they would feel very insecure. That's because the ground crew (the emotional, mental and physical bodies) is energetically designed to function in third- and fourth-dimensional modalities. For example, the mental body, which needs to be in control, would not feel safe, because it can not be in control when living a miraculous life. Miracles are not reasonable, and you can't make them happen. You can use magic to bend something to your will, but that's not a miracle - that's magic. And while work in the fields of magic, healing, science, publishing, business, teaching, and politics can all serve the Mission, the New Civilization will not emerge because of them; instead, miraculous forces will use and work through them. In order to serve the Force of Evolution more efficiently, you can use technologies or simply follow your spirit without hesitation, putting spirit's direction before the ground crew's desires. This, in conjunction with the intention to live a miraculous life, will, no doubt, move you inexorably to that miraculous state which you know is attainable. It's in Your Destiny Many beings tell us how much they really want to be a part of and to participate in the Ascension Process. They are suffering because they feel that they aren't doing enough, aren't doing it right, or just aren't worthy enough. They feel that they will be punished by being left out. But, to us, their desire and intention shows, in no uncertain terms, that they have nothing to worry about and are simply hallucinating. (On another level, they are doing it right, doing enough, and are worthy; itís just a matter of time, of cosmic sequencing, for them to realize this.) If you feel like this, be assured that the ecstasy you know exists is in your Destiny. But, you won't get there because you are feeling bad. Feeling bad just means you miss your True Reality and confirms, at least to us, your identity as a divine master. How could you long for something so intensely if it wasn't in your cosmic memory? What It Takes The human organism isn't energetically stable for living a miraculous life; it's energy is set at a level for it to be able to survive, get acceptance, devise strategies, and multiply. For it to be able to function in the Continuum, other-dimensional Light must alter or mutate the ground crews, expanding its capacity to allow this lifestyle to manifest through it. One way in which these foundations can be established is through the application of various Divine Templates. Little by little, the Planetary Consciousness is encouraging beings to live a miraculous life. It's like opening a door to a grand room that beams a magnificent, piercing Light; you can only take a small dose of it at a time. But as the Templates become integrated within your system, you are able to accept more miraculous probabilities into your life. It's Not What You Think One of the remarkable qualities of miracles is that you never know what to expect. It's the Unknown and it's a bit scary: you are entering, head first, into a highly transformative way of life. But entering this way of life has a deLightfully expansive impact on your life: suddenly, the only thing you need and rely on is spirit. Everything is miraculously taken care of as your life becomes a Divine Expression of something greater than yourself. Conclusion Living a miraculous life is possible; it is starting to happen all over the planet. We are being drawn, like moths to a light, into a reality which demonstrates this probability. The requirement is that we initiate nothing, and simply implement the directions of our spirit. * This concept implies that Oneness is impossible. ................. AN ABRIDGED COSMIC TALE * "Let's see..." said the Old One. He paused, tightened his lips for a moment, and then continued: "How about a blue-green planet with a yellow star? The Little Ones, gathered comfortably about his feet, smiled and nodded their approval. This was not unexpected: They would have joyously embraced any tale that their incredibly wise mentor would have spun. For these were not ordinary stories in any sense of the word. The listeners (and in a way, the speaker) would literally be whisked away, landing in the midst of whatever story-world the Old One described. They would live the adventurous plot of the script. "It was a curious planet," he began. "It had weather and rainbows..."* Leema found herself in a child's body, sitting on a shaggy, beige rug in a cube-shaped room. "Sharon, honey, time to eat," called the voice of someone called "mom." "My name isn't Sharon," she reflected, "and who is this 'mom' being (loving though she may be), anyway?" It was as if she had awakened into a dream. As she sat at the dining-room table, she could not shake the feeling that this whole set-up was somehow strange, but she didn't know exactly how or why. * "And there will be a time when you feel lost and abandoned on this strangely beautiful world," the Old One said. * For the last few years, Leema's consciousness had deteriorated into a sad side-show through which a cacophony of alien images and characters entered, trampled about, and dispassionately left. She would attempt, haphazardly, to stitch together some sort of sense from the frayed and mismatched pieces of reality that were discarded (or purposely left behind) by the parade of specters, and at times, loving beings, who had strayed into her life. Being unable to put together anything meaningful, she concluded that something was wrong with her. * "And then you will be touched by something Divine," said the Old One lovingly. * Time had slowly and painfully passed for her, and then, suddenly, a veil lifted. Leema remembered who she was - a beautiful being of Light. The distorted reality that was stuck to the inside of her head like bubble gum on a sneaker's sole had vanished! In its place was a dynamic picture of purposefulness; she was here to serve the planet. * "Two of you will meet," continued the Old One. ... By now, everyone, including the Old One himself, had sunk deeply into this dream-spun story. But he was still able to speak with such lucidity and gentle authority that none of the Little Ones (who were, indeed, great ones), ever noticed that this story was just dream-spun. * They met under seemingly normal conditions; yet Leema and Zanje knew that their relationship was something more than it appeared. Their intent and integrity bonded them ever closer. * In a place far away, yet closer than anyone could imagine, someone they knew quite well spoke: "Little by little, all of you will come together." * Leema and Zanje noticed that waves upon waves of beings were coming to the same conclusion: consensus reality was, indeed, only a secondary reality. In time, these beings began flocking together, forming Star Colonies, for they were "of the stars." * THE OLD ONE PAUSED FOR A MOMENT. THE LITTLE ONES, STILL IMMERSED IN THEIR EXPANDING STAR STORY, SENSED AN UNUSUAL INNER REARRANGEMENT. "It's the Ancient One, whispering [from within] a new twist in the plot," the Old One said. With eyes cast upward, he asked, "What's to become of all of this love?" * The Little Ones were finding their days filled with divine communion. For the most part, they moved freely and effortlessly through their lives, fulfilling their part in the story. Somehow, each of their greatest expectations was surpassed as the story drew to a close. * I wish I could have written that," said NimRa. "Oh, I see you're back," said the Old One. "Looks like you're the first." "Yes," replied NimRa, "But if you don't mind, I'm going back to visit the others." "Of course. Of course." The Old One looked around for a moment. Everyone was glowing radiantly. He looked inside and saw the Ancient One beaming. "Oh, yes," he said, "And everybody lived happily ever after. ................. THE SECOND COMING OF THE CHRIST Let's explore some possibilities. We'll cruise down a few side streets of insight before we pull onto the main thoroughfare. First gear... Let's talk about the Ascended Masters. Who are they? What do they want? How did they get here? They are highly evolved, loving beings who have entered Earth's karmic system and transcended it. They've remained close to the Earth and to its inhabitants and love them very much. They have been advising and helping others who are going through the same process. Now, they are interacting more powerfully than ever, as they participate in this exciting chapter of Awakening of the Planetary Consciousness. So, who, then, are we? the millions of beings who have come from afar to participate? (Chopped liver?) We are the Descended Masters, swan-diving (or belly-flopping) into the dense medium of third- and fourth-dimensional reality. We project our consciousness into human (animal, vegetable, and mineral) forms so we can have a first-hand account of the action. As the doors to the Earth plane have been lovingly and unconditionally opened, beings sourcing from the fifth dimension and above are arriving in droves as "crawl-ins," "walk-ins," and through channeling. Those incarnate beings who act as channels for them, receive expanded perceptions and deeper levels of surrender to spirit for their efforts. This opens doors of insight undreamed of in the prior states of consciousness. Not everyone wants to channel; even less want to get walked into. For many, just the notion of a walk-in is scary: it represents the unknown. You might think that this fear would be held by beings anchored in third- dimensional reality. But many beings who are involved in the New Age movement are afraid, as well. A unique(?) reaction to being walked into was noted by the previous Team when they held an Event at a local New Age shop. When one of the participants realized what a walk-in was, she exclaimed, "Gasp! Is that what a walk-in is?! I sure don't want to be walked into. I'M HAVING TOO MUCH FUN BEING ME!" On this note, let's pull on to the entry ramp to the main highway... In the book, "The Ascension of the Planetary Consciousness," Malenchen presented an Ascension scenario in which a very big entity (who just happened to be in the neighborhood) would "point its finger" at a planet and the planet would Ascend into Light. What happens if there were such a being in our neighborhood right now, whose job it was to Ascend Earth? What if that being's name was The Christ? And what if the Second Coming of Christ entailed not Him pointing His finger at the planet, but actually channeling into all of Earth's inhabitants on a permanent basis? When He made His Descent into all of these beings - humans, animals, crystals and plants (and the Planetary Consciousness itself) - the impact would cause the planet to instantaneously Ascend in a flash of Divine Light. Viewed from this angle, that would explain what all of the millennium commotion is about, and why everyone (who is aware something wonderful is in the making) is preparing themselves*. They want to be able to sustain the consciousness of this glorious entity entering and moving through them. Don't bother to scan the skies for His arrival; just wait, and He'll personally (well, transpersonally) knock on the door on the top of your head. * Consider the possibility that The Christ has the power to "forgive" everyone for everything. This would allow everyone to Ascend; there would be no distinction between the "saved" and the "unsaved." ......................... IDEALITIS: IS THERE A CURE Idealitis: The name itself strikes fear into the hearts of all sensible people. Yet, the scourge continues to ravage millions of minds everyday. Can nothing be done? What Is It, Anyway? Idealitis is a condition contracted* in the third- and fourth-dimension. The afflicted think that they know "the right way that it is." When confronted by an idea or belief that is beyond the walls of their idealisms, the Acceptance System shuts down. This, in turn, triggers an alarm summoning the Enemy Intruder Hormones (EIH) into action. The EIHs assault the perceived enemy with psychic, verbal, or even physical rebukes, not suspecting in the least that it is they who are infected.... Finally, after the EIHs have run their course, the "I'll-Make-It-Okay" Brain Cells assemble the "True-Reasons-Which-Prove-That-What-I-Did-Was-Right" logic modules, so that the sufferer may feel that what he has done was justified (and, in some cases, "holy" or "patriotic"). This, over time, has devastating effects on the ground crew. Consequences of this malady include loss of the ability to love unconditionally, aloofness, fear, irritability, and in some cases, heart failure. History There is really no documentation as to where the first case originated, but safe to say that by the time the ancient Egyptian Civilization was in bloom it had already reached epidemic proportions. Everyone had their own favorite god. The culture, being so diverse, was an ideal breeding ground for cliques, which then went about their business of pitting their idealisms against one another. The dis-ease proliferated. Recognition It is essential to recognize the symptoms of this condition. A few of the physical signs include squinting eyes, a hard hands-on-the-sides stance, sneering upper lip, crossed arms and legs, clenched jaw, a disapproving frown and the tell-tale shaking of the head. A Cure? The Earth is involved in so much multidimensional activity that no single ideology can accurately encompass everything that is happening on the planet today. It is beyond the grasp of the rational mind. For sufferers, a single dose of acceptance of this perspective could spell relief from this woeful and, sometimes, socially embarrassing condition. * Idealitis can be contracted from anyone or anything who the infected deems to be an outside authority, even though the alleged authority may or may not not have it. ................... I AM NOTHING Beyond my body, mind and emotions I AM Beyond my gender I AM Beyond my family I AM Beyond my nationality I AM Beyond my religion I AM Beyond my race I AM Beyond my humanity I AM Beyond my countless lives and forms I AM For I wear all of these As my cloak As I walk the Universe = = = = Beyond all I AMs And all Universes IT IS For The-All-That-Is wears all of these As its cloak As it dreams all things. .......... STARBUILDERS SERVICES As each team of walk-ins at Starbuilders assimilated their Earth experiences, they defined the general theme of their work. The First Team focused on "moving beyond the hallucination" that they were anything but masters. The Orion Ascension Technologies were manifested to help in that respect. The Second Team's focus was on "letting go of forms" and "living the impossible." Two sets of technologies, "The E.T. Alchemy Series" and "The Miracle Path," manifested in response to these directives. Our focus, at first, was very general in scope: to follow our spirit, "doing whatever it takes" to accomplish our Mission. This, in turn, has lead to a specific focus: "Live a miraculous life." From this, we now understand that our Mission is not about manifesting products - technologies, newsletters, mutational music, and the like - but is about a state of being. We view the products, then, as tools and expressions that contribute to the Mission, but they are not the point of the Mission. TO PATHS Currently, we offer two kinds of high-impact technologies. We call the first path - The Starbuilders Ascension Technologies - the "interactive" series. They are interactive in the sense that you use access codes and, in some, visualizations to trigger fifth-dimensional insights and energies. They are very simple to use. We call the second path - The StarSeed Activation Technologies - the "non-interactive" series. They are non-interactive in the sense that once they are applied, there is nothing to do except let the work unfold. All technologies can be transmitted in person, by phone, or by tape. Different Strokes [NB - For certain jobs a hammer works better than a wrench, and vice versa. Neither is better than the other. They both serve different, useful functions.] On occasion, we interact with beings who are experienced with fourth- dimensional work, but are new to fifth-dimensional work. They expect more or less the same effects from a fifth-dimensional technology as fourth dimensional work; consequently, many are shocked when these newly accessible Light fields begin to dismantle their dysfunctional third- and fourth-dimensional infrastructures. They are not always aware that this disintegration - this clearing away - is necessary, so that functional, fifth-dimensional structures may stand in their place; consequently we recommend that anyone who wishes to receive these technologies first do an introductory session with us. This helps to psychologically prepare for the experience.* (Some beings "blame" us for their mutation; but it's not like we didn't inform them of what to expect - we did and we do.) THE SERVICES 1. The Starbuilders Ascension Technologies consist of ten individual technologies. In general, it takes about one and a half years to integrate the entire series. During each step, the psychic, the chakras, and other aspects of the ground crew are energetically expanded and restructured. The point: to live as a master on a consistent basis. Brochures are available. 2. The StarSeed Activation Technologies are high-impact transmissions. They include "The Solar Force Activation" and "The Miracle Templates." Most beings are hurled from a position of diffidence to one of robust self-assurance soon after receiving these. Many actually look ten to twenty years younger. They are sacred works. 3. Sessions: in person or by phone. 4. Weekend at Starbuilders (or any two days) Spend either a "Structures" or "Unstructured" weekend with us. (A) The Structured Weekend includes: (1) an ongoing session, (2) the initial levels of both The Starbuilders Ascension Technologies and StarSeed Activation Technologies, (3) the cellular release of karma by our M*A*S*H team, and (4) a Visioning Session. (B) The Unstructured Weekend is a continuous session. The Starbuilders Technologies are not static applications. They are applications of dynamically structured Light fields that trigger ongoing, transmutational processes, altering perceptions and levels of consciousness. * Not everyone has a hard time with these technologies; it depends on the person. (When we anchor these technologies into the Earth plane, we get massively mutated; we moan.) Some beings, preferring a more casual pace, return to exploring the astral plane after going through it. .............. TRUTH IS EVERYWHERE What is Truth, anyway? If the rational mind tries to latch onto it, it will vanish faster than a fly on a toad's tongue. Truth is not words or even actions. It's not about facts, not about being right, not about being logical, and not even about content. Truth is something that is alive - a conscious, living entity. If this is true, then there are interesting implications. It would mean that we can't will ourselves to speak The Truth. Truth must channel through us. At best, we can be a mouthpiece for this incredibly pervasive entity. If we took this a step further, we could say that remaining in our Integrity is the closest we can get to living The Truth. When we're in our Integrity we speak "our" truth, which is a stepped-down version (or individualized interpretation) of The Truth. Sharing the Truth Space. When we speak The Truth, it's not us talking. We are channeling The Truth Entity. We share our vehicle with It. This Divine Communion blesses us. What could be more joyous than to mingle our consciousness with something that is so loving and delightful? Truth does not discriminate. It can seep through and emerge anywhere, through anyone. Even the most resistant, third-dimensionally based being can not stop it. Everyone is a potential candidate for Truth to use. In the Ascension Process, Truth winds its way through many avenues, offering expansive glimpses to those who need to see, so that they may play their part more effectively. These glimpses open new doorways of expression and probability so that mankind - and, in a sense, the entire universe - may take a small step forward. How Do We Get More? The more surrendered we are to spirit, the greater chance we have of being used on a consistent basis; additionally, the more awake we are, the more we are aware of Its presence: Truth is everywhere. So, the best we can do is follow our spirit and let our divine life unfold; then, by degrees, we become more enveloped in the exquisite embrace of Truth. ............... PROJECT WINGS Due to the acceleration of the Ascension Process, the council of Extraterrestrial masters, who are responsible for co-creating the various technologies transmitted by The Federation of Light, have instituted a bold new program for Starbuilders. This process involves the incarnation of Extraterrestrial and Angelic Spirits* into the bodies of non-human earth forms. The pilot project (code named "Project WINGS") under way at the Starbuilders Starbase focuses on the avian life-forms. The birds which are being raised in this higher-dimensional environment are genetically encoded with specific qualities allowing them to access, transmit and receive higher dimensional frequencies. They are exposed to toning vibrations and powerful crystalline energy fields. The accelerated life cycle of the birds (as compared to humans) allows them to develop full capacity very quickly in order to accomplish their specific missions efficiently. Bird forms are also highly attuned to delicate variations in sound frequency, which is extremely useful for accessing the sonic communications widely used in transdimensional networking grid structures. Humans often experience this as a high pitched tone or "ringing" in the ears, because the ultra-high frequency is almost beyond the range of the aural equipment. Another advantage of working at a genetic level is the scientifically documented link-up between members of a specific species. This phenomenon allows the encoded information to be networked all around the planet simultaneously by linking into the genetic mechanism which allows the transmission of new data from one individual to all others of its species. In other words, the presence of one of these transcendental beings in the body of a Green Singing Finch, for example, allows fifth dimensional energies and data to manifest through genetically related birds in the wilds of Africa, in European aviaries, a zoo in Australia, or wherever else is appropriate for the advancement of the Mission. This can be very helpful with an entire planet to transmute. Locally, we have been directed to distribute a small number of these "master birds" to beings who feel drawn by their spirits to interact with them and offer them bodily care and favorable conditions as members of their team. If this is yours to do, please contact us to discuss the details, cost and practical requirements. ...End Of Transmission. ................ PSYCHIC INTRUSION: THE UNTOLD STORY More insidious than radon poisoning, less shared in conversation than one's unusual idiosyncrasies, the phenomenon of psychic intrusion is here, now, continuing to manifest in even the most polite sectors of society. Psychic intrusion occurs when a being, usually disturbed, shoots a pointed thought-form into another's psyche. "Yow!" These unsolicited (or solicited?) jabs are carried out silently. ("Ya jerk!") But even though it isn't spoken, the emotional body knows it's being whacked. What is remarkable about all of this is that neither party is usually aware of what's happening, because it's just a program being played out on the subconscious level. And besides, that's just the way that it is... What Causes This? "Miniature Identities" are a common source of these psychic eruptions. For example, say that you have reluctantly taken responsibility for keeping the dishes clean (because no one else will do them). You go into the kitchen and, sure enough, there's a stack of those greasers in the sink (and even on the counter!), staring you in the face, mocking you. You react instantaneously, firing off a shot in the direction of the offender. You do this because your miniature identity as "responsible cleaner" says they deserve it. Any miniature identity that you accept as real will have these triggers. An expanded identity of a master might experience anger and say, "Hmmm. We're going to have to talk," and, like civilized beings, they let spirit direct the synergy so that it all gets worked out; things evolve. It takes practice to become aware when you are intruding on someone. But the effort will produce insights into the dysfunctional assumptions of the emotional body. ................. WHO, WHAT AND WHY There are a varitey of ways to enter into a body, yet all share one thing in common: you get here by the projection of consciousness.* The most orthodox way is to project into the womb before birth. If your spirit does this by direct interaction with the Planetary Consciousness, then, by definition, you are a "human." If you project from a higher-dimensional life form, then there are more possibilities: "wake-ups" (frequent), plus "walk-ins" and "crash-ins" (less frequent) are just a few. Descriptions of even more exotic possibilities lie ahead. C.L.O.N.E.s (Creating Lots Of New Entities): consist of a rather large number of incarnate beings (i.e., in a third-dimensional form) all sourcing from the same higher-dimensional entity. They may be closely associated in the third dimension or widely scattered, unaware that others with their same spiritual signature are tramping about down here, too. Furthermore, all of the incarnate CLONE forms do not have to be human. Group-Ins: are similar to CLONEs except that they source from a Group Soul, not a single entity. An MTV (Multiple Tenant Vehicle): is a body that, over time, has been walked into by two or more different entities. Double Occupancy: is channeling with a twist: the channeled entity does not leave. This requires an exceptionally high degree of harmony between the two. It is possible that the Ascension of the Planetary Consciousness will be the result of a planet-wide "Double Occupancy/CLONE" Event. * For more information, read, "The Ascension of the Planetary Consciousness," or "Live the Impossible! .................... CORNUCOPIA Resources, especially the lack of them, is something many people are fascinated with. For most, it is a survival issue, riddled with anxiety. Yet, everyone gets what they need. That's the way it works. When we want more than we need, then the boogie man in charge of survival fear is unleashed, free to gnaw away at our psyche. Some might say, "Well, what about all those innocent people starving to death? Do they get what they need?" (When reading the following, keep in mind that we are all divine and immortal sparks embodied in mortal forms.) Viewed from a third-dimensional perspective, this is a seemingly senseless tragedy (supported by the Planetary Consciousness). When we shift to a fourth-dimensional perspective, the drama moves from a tragedy to a simple payment of karmic debt. From a fifth-dimensional perspective, we understand that spirit, for its own reasons, desired that experience. In each case, you get what you need. Resources spring from the universe, which sustains all things. Everyone is connected to this life-giving fountain. Picture something like an energetic cornucopia horn stemming from the area of your heart chakra. Imagine that through this horn the creative energy of manifestation flows unobstructed. But fascination with the illusion of lack can clog this connection, causing one to hallucinate fear, discomfort and more. On the other side of the coin, fascination with the picture of reality that says "You get what you need" can re-establish the natural flow of the Horn of Plenty. This open condition is our birthright, and is the natural state of cosmic beings. ...................... MUTATED OR DISINTEGRATED When you are evolving at hyperspeed, the ground crew, at times, will yelp, "??!!" It searches its memory banks, trying to match these experiences with something it can relate to, but comes up with nothing. Try as it may, the mental body can't remember anything like this. The emotional body isn't too pleased, either: it's being stretched, and has an unsettling suspicion that it is being punished.... The physical body, scanning it's DNA records (all the way back to its water-bound bacteria roots), draws a blank. What Causes This? There are two categories of this kind of experience: mutation and disintegration. Although both sprout from the same evolutionary process, each display distinct symptoms. If the physical body is "going though it" - feeling tired for no apparent reason, needing megaheaps of sleep, eating a lot, feeling unseasonally cranky, or feeling as if it were under 100 feet of water - then we are "mutating." It's mostly a physical concern. Disintegration, on the other hand, reflects the reconstruction of the mental and emotional bodies. Usually, after being exposed to an advanced Light field, the ground crew experiences a rapid increase in the entropy of its systems: the emotional body expands, causing dark, etheric crystals to pop like popcorn; the mental body trys to figure it all out. (One's memory may appear to disintegrate, but this is good; this helps to live in the moment, without past referencing; in any event, you'll remember what you need.) Also, dysfunctional third- and fourth-dimensional structures (which are real to the ground crew, who has come to rely on them) are systematically dismantled. The ground crew feels like it's losing its grip on reality, and it is: old pictures of reality are crumbling. But, in that cleared lot, a high-rise is being erected, providing a breath- taking, panoramic view. ................. "Light, in fact, can be explained as vibrations in the fifth dimension." From the preface of "Hyperspace" by Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the City College of the City University of New York. .............. CATALOGUE STARBUILDERS MATERIALS Phase One The original inhabitants of these bodies manifested exotic tools and music during their stay. ACCESSORIES "THE ANGELIC HEADBAND Use it to easily and rapidly transport your consciousness into the Angelic realms; reach a deep, meditative state in moments. The ultrasuede headband is lined with crystals and minerals that facilitate this experience. $25 "THE REVERSE CHANNELING FACILITATOR" Channel out of your body and project into the bodies of other life forms throughout the universe. You may be amazed at what wonderful life forms are out there. The head band is lined with a combination of meteorites and other stones which facilitate this experience. As it also stimulates the creative centers, you can benefit from wearing it while engaging in creative work. $55 "THE ETHERIC LASER SCALPEL" This remarkable tool is composed of a Brazilian Diamonte quartz handle (for focusing energy), a modified fluorite crystal center (for cleansing) and a pyramid-cut, gem moldavite tip. The Scalpel removes dense, psychic clusters from the etheric body. Just pass it through the aura and feel the release. An amazing clearing tool! $77 MUSIC The Trilogy: "Not Exactly Earth Music" The following channeled music is melodic and poetic, yet intense; they display new musical forms. "DIMENSIONAL JOURNEY" New Species Music This is a guided musical meditation through the life of a "wake-up." It describes various stages of Earth life from an E.T. perspective. Includes, "Crossing the Dimensional Barrier," "The Search for Self," "Heaven on Earth," "Transmutation," "Going Home," and seven more. $11 "THE OCEANS OF SPACE" New Species Music Music to Mutate By. These pieces musically paint the outer planets with a lavish palette of unique sound. "This music literally transcends your mind... It is tranquil and relaxing and definitely different... truly beautiful music. Words are so hard to describe the feelings I felt." - Ladyhawk, The Dream Weaver $11 "THE INFINITE NATIVE New Species Music This collection musically navigates the regions of Middle Earth. Selections include: "Subterranean Fanfare," "Bright Crystal Raindrops," "The Infinite Native," "Walking Through Walls," and more. "I really liked your tape. I'll be mentioning it in our next newsletter. - David Kilkenny, Twelve Tone Systems $11 Phase Two Zal and Zol - the First Team of walk-ins at Starbuilders - manifested the following: "SACRED SYMBOLS; MYSTICAL DESIGNS FOR PATCHWORK AND APPLIQUE" This book provides a variety of mystical symbols - from ancient to channeled E.T. - that you can use for patchwork or applique. $11 Phase Three Malenchen and Maruna - the Second Team of walk-ins - manifested the following: "SONIC ACCESS" New Species Music Sonic Access is a collection of channeled sounds that "flips on internal switches." Caution: Listening to this tape may induce mutation. "Disassembled linear elements of my reality. Let a friend just hold it [the cassette]...Said it felt like a million volts of energy." - Andron $11 "BEYOND HUMAN PATTERNS" Starbuilders is a 60 minute (talk) cassette which covers the topics: "The Right to be Deluded"; "True Ecstasy"; "Refining Grids"; "Masters and Patterns"; "Moving Beyond Human Patterns," and more. $11 "THE ASCENSION OF THE PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS" Second Edition Starbuilders Publishing Channeled information from the Federation of Light. This highly compact book presents an intriguing picture about the upcoming shift in the Planetary Consciousness. Since it is a clearly detailed, non-fear-based Vision of the Ascension Process, it offers a joyous alternative to many of today's gloom and doom scenarios. "Rejoice! The Beginning is near! "This little booklet is packed full of information designed to shine very bright light on very shadowy subjects...a big blast of light! - Starlight Newsletter, WA $7 Phase Four Jal'Kae and Zaruna Ataza - the Third Team of walk-ins - have manifested the following: "LIVE THE IMPOSSIBLE!" Starbuilders Publishing This is a collection of over 30 of the most relevant articles from Issues 1-26 of "The Federation Flash." Most have been expanded, so the information is even more clear and insightful. $8 Other Masters' Manifestations The E.T. Masters Tool Kit By E.T. Earth Mission We HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this collection of fifth-dimensional technologies. They are: * "THE SUPERCONSCIOUS TECHNIQUE" is a miraculous manifestation technology. (Booklet) * "CONSCIOUS CHANNELING": An E.T. approach; channel your own spirit, as well. (Book) * "SHATTERING ILLUSIONS": Great for clearing downward spiraling energies. (Two tape set) * "TRANSCENDING THE FOURTH DIMENSION": A loving way to send disembodied spirits to the Light! (Book/tape set) All four for $55 "THE AWAKENING E.T. Earth Mission An excellent book, packed full of just about everything you wanted to know about the Ascension, Light Bodies, the Planetary Consciousness, and much, much more. $11 "E.T. 101 Mission Control This is a humorous, code popping book. It describes how E.T.s manage (or don't manage) when they find themselves in a human body on Earth, and, gulp..they forgot whatever it was they were supposed to remember! Great reading! $13 "THE FORCE OF WISDOM" E.T. Earth Mission Three audio cassettes boldly take you to where no one has gone before - into the fifth dimension. Well, at least no one has so clearly articulated the realities of this dimension. It's a wake-up tape! $33 "LIVING OUTSIDE YOUR SURVIVAL BUBBLES" E.T. Earth Mission An eye-opening five tape set! This can shed light on places you didn't even know you had! Topics include: "The Political Self," "Money," "Sex," "Radical self reliance," and much, much more. $55 Other Discoveries "THE SYMPHONIES OF THE PLANETS" NASA These sounds were captured by NASA's Voyager 2 as it journeyed through the solar system. It recorded the sounds of the solar wind, the rings of Saturn and Uranus, plus much more. (Sounds a lot like crystal bowls.) It is beautiful, organic space music, and is one of our favorites. CD $17/Cassette $11 Late Arrival: "Turkish Diaspore" We didn't ask for this, but we received a box full of Turkish Diaspore - a translucent, golden-hued crystal. It came with this reading from Katrina Raphaell: "...makes me vision pages of time.... brings in a healing ray and [has] power.... The rainbows...indicate the presence of devas or angels." We imagine that spirit had these sent to us for a reason. Maybe one of them is for you. We will be carrying these for a limited time only. Small $11/medium $17 TO order, send check or m.o. (in u.s. dollars) to: Starbuilders, p.o. box 22-0964, Hollywood, FL 33022-0964, U.S.A. Please include S&H: $3.50 for first item, 50 cents for each additional item; double for Canada; quadruple for overseas airmail. If you would like to receive a hard copy of this publication (full of graphics and easier to read) send a dollar. WE ARE ONE MISSION!


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