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Coven of the Bright Star/O.A.D. P.O Box 1193 Wilmington, NC 28402-1193 (910)686-9644 - Voice (910)686-4932 - Our Support BBS (Caer Dawnsinger) Internet - ======================================================================== <-What is the Feather-Wing Tradition? The Feather-Wing Tradition is the type of Celtic Witchcraft practiced by the Coven of the Bright Star and the Celtic Covens of the Feather-Wing Clan. <-How many people encompass the Feather-Wing Clan? We are still trying to detirmine that very fact. I am guessing some where in the area of around 100 people, which is not much compared to the number of Gardnerians or such, but compared to other family based traditions we are rather large. <-Are there any groups that are head points for the Feather-Wing Clan? There were 3 main ones, now there are only two. The Coven of the Bright Star and Ordo Argentum Draconis. (OAD) <-What is the Coven of the Bright Star? This is the Celtic/Traditional coven of the Feather-Wing Clan. But because of RavenWind's Dianic training it also has Dianic ideas. It follows the charter of the Feather-Wing Clan but initates in a Alexandrian/Gardnerian tradition, our own tradition, as well as Dianic. <-What is Ordo Argentum Draconis? This is the Egyptian/Magickal group of the Feather-Wing Clan. As the CotBS is in charge of teaching the craft of the wise, the OAD is in charge of teaching sorcery, magick, and so called "Egyptian Witchcraft". <-There is also a school part of the Clan, isn't there? Two actually. The Moonlight School in NC, and the Circle of Light in CA. The Moonlight also offers Corespondance courses for your ease. <-Druids too? The Clan will also be adding a Druidic Order, and we are looking for Neopagan Druids to hold it. If you are located in the South-East it would make it SOOO much easier. Thank ye! :) <- How can we reach you? THE FEATHER-WING CLAN (for Clan info) THE COVEN OF THE BRIGHT STAR (church/school info) ORDO ARGENTUMD DRACONIS (sorcery/magick/school info) send to: The address above... P.O BOX 1193 WILMINGTON, NC 28402 (or send internet mail to our internet account) May the Hawk of Heaven Carry your Spirit, Lord RavenWind of Feather-Wing, HP Lady MoonStar of Feather-Wing, HPs Master MoonFire of Feather-Wing, P Mistress Wulfrene of Feather-Wing, Ps


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