This funeral rite is to be performed for members of the Order of Teutonic Knights. PRAEPAR

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This funeral rite is to be performed for members of the Order of Teutonic Knights. PRAEPARATIO DE MORTUUS For the most part, modern day burials are for the living. They are done for purposes which are thoroughly selfish, and the dignity of the deceased is sometimes overlooked. This is terribly wrong. Death is the Great Initiation, and the living must insure that the traveler is properly and respectfully prepared to embark on the greatest quest; that of death and rebirth. It might be difficult for those who wish to use this procedure to find undertakers who are compassionate to their wishes, but in cases such as this much creativity is usually aroused by a dedicated few. 1) The body must not be disturbed, disfigured, or in anyway altered as by such practices as autopsy, blood removal, or embalming. 2) Fresh flowers and fruits must be brought to the body as soon as possible. A bowl of water with a pinch of salt, and incense must be put in the same room. 3) The body must be dressed in FULL REGALIA. This means at least: White Robe, Sword, Liber Al, Holy Books of Thelema. If regalia is inaccessible then a white robe will do. 4) He/she should be placed in the center of a small wooden boat. Flowers, fruit, incense, and essential oils should be placed around the body. The body should be saturated in a scentless flammable liquid. 5) The body should be ignited and set to sea at sunset. Some one should read chapter I of Liber Al. 6) Later, a big feast is to take place in honor for the deceased. This is not a time to grieve, but a time of great happiness, where the deceased is remembered and spoken about only as though he/she have gone on a trip, and the choice to go had been theirs. 7) The deceased must be remembered and mentioned in the Collects of The Eclesia Gnostica Catholica or an equivalent ceremony.


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